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Roast Meat
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等級4 2016-07-30
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Located in the middle stretch of the hawker center is this roast duck stall that you cannot miss. The queue is always there but the queue time is usually 20-30 mins.The roasted duck neck is sold at just 50 cents for this portion. The roast duck skin is simply crispy and pretty much sat soft any roasted cravings you might have. The sweetness of the sauce is also just right. If anything, drink up the sweet corn soup for added sweetnessAt just $3 for a plate of char Siew and roasted pork. This is extremely value for money and the roasted pork skin is as crispy as a graham cracker. The roasted pork isn't too fatty and pretty much melts in your mouth. The char Siew is decent too! Overall, great value and high satisfaction guaranteed! Checkout the texture of the roasted pork skin! All the good food here cost a total of $6.50! Talk about feeding the family on a budget ! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-08-15
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This is one of the stalls in this food centre with a constant queue during lunch and weekends. Long queue is usually a good indication for good foods, or for cheap foods or for both. As for this stall, it is for cheap pricing foods. For a packet of good portion of roasted meat & char siew rice is only $2.50 and only $2.00 for char siew rice. If you are a lover of achar then you would be glad to know they substitute the cucumber with achar. This might not be the best roasted meat and char siew around but it is definitely acceptable for such value for money pricing. Recommended. 繼續閱讀
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