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Wanton Mee
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For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comPopular 1.90 Joo Chiat Yun Tun Mian was being featured in local programs sometimes back under the "Lost & Found" Hawkers and in case you are looking for them, they are actually in Whampoa Makan Place now. It used to be sold at $1.90 per bowl during the old times in Joo Chiat. Unfortunately due to economy inflation, its hard to make ends meet selling at such prices, instead prices were changed to $2.50 for small and $3.00 for the bigger bowl, following the market's practice.Chilli Version of Wanton Mee spelt out the differences between Ah Gao's and the usual bowls I had. The level of spiciness was good enough to give the kick and not overpowering, coating the strands of springy egg noodles.Char Siew on the other hand was lean and easy to chew on, sliced into good cuts and not too fatty.Wantons were relatively decent with minced meat wrapped, however the skin gave the kind of soggy feel and was not too smooth as expected.Overall, the blend of chilli and the noodles may be the highlight but this style doesn't really fit me. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-20
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When it comes to finding the right bowl of wanton noodles that satisfied my palate, it is surely quite a tough task since living in the Hong Kong for a period of time had honed both my judging and expectations.With a history dating more than three decades back, the owners had been humbly serving their wanton noodles. Be advised to take note of your table number as the lady would need it to serve the noodles over.The portion size for S$3/- was surely value for money and in this case, calories worthy too! I usually do not expect the char siew to be the highlight and while the char siew served was not the best, it was the right cut with the right amount of lean meat complemented by a moist and sinful marbling of fats.What nailed it for me was that perfectly cooked egg noodles which was springy and al dente. It still maintained just the perfect level of 'hardness' to the noodles and tossing it with the chilli at the base of the bowl made it a very delectable main. For that added tang, be sure to enjoy it together with the sliced green chillies.I would have preferred it better if there was not as much of the broth inside the bowl, which somewhat diluted the homemade chilli. While the wantons or dumplings were not the most perfectly wrapped, you cannot quite ask for more at such prices with four wantons to spare. It contained a small pocket of minced pork which was juicy but I could feel a strong punch of MSG hitting me as soon as I bit through that dumpling. I am not a huge fan when it comes to additives as such so that made the overall dish drop some points.I would however gladly return in future just for that superb bowl of wanton noodles and char siew. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-31
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This wanton mee is one of the reasons that i frequent this food centre. I always ordered the big portion that came with extra noodle, extra char siew and extra wantons. I asked for the extra chilli too. Their level of spiciness for the chilli can be quite intense. They used the egg noodle and cooked it well to give it the springiness. Their char siew tasted great too though a bit sweet in taste. Their tasty wantons have always been the star of their wanton mee. When mixed it well, a bowl of near perfect wanton mee awaits! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-05-08
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This stall's wanton mee used to be selling for $1.90 which explains the stall name. With inflation, it is quite hard to sell it at such a price, so they have since increased the prices. I ordered the $2.50 portion. What I like about this wan ton mee is the noodles. It is particularly springy and the noodles are tossed with a little oil and sauce to ensure they do not become lumpy and stick together. I also like the wantons which are tasty and not too saltish. The only not so good part is its char siew since it is not really exciting and are quite bland, otherwise, everything else is good. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-08-17
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It was featured in the 'Our Makan Places Lost & Found' TV programme once. And, this is how i managed to find this stall and have eaten here a few times since then. It used to sell $1.90 at Joo Chiat and that is how they have gotten their stall name. Even though the price has increased but they still retained their stall name. There are selling their wanton mee at $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 now.I asked for $3.00 portion with extra chilli. It was delivered by the nice auntie to my table. The chilli is one of the factors that make this a different wanton mee from its competitors. It has a nice level of spiciness, good enough to give it a oomph factor. When i tossed it well with the springy egg noodle, it is a bowl of delicious wanton mee just exactly how i liked it. The slices of char siew were tasty and tender. A bowl of hot soup with 4 tasty wanton mee served along with the wanton mee. If you like your wanton mee with an extra punch of spiciness then you should give this a try. Strongly recommended. 繼續閱讀
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