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Dough Culture brings forth the resurgence of the dying tradition of creating traditional food snacks. In aligning with the current lifestyle of healthy living, products from Dough Culture are cooked in non-hydrogenated oil. 繼續閱讀
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Butterfly Bun You Tiao
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等級4 2015-05-01
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Located near the NTUC hypermart is this kiosk selling all sorts of local fried goodies!It is common to see a queue forming but do not be afraid. It moves quickt as each customer just grabs a snack and the queue goes along!There are several outlets scattered across SingaporeThey are well known for their fried you tiao and this batch was just taken straight out of the deep fryer.For $1, you get a much longer you tiao compared to the ones you get for 70cents at the local hawker or market. And this one starts fresh and crisp for quite a while too! my FAVOURITE snack when eating this with local home made bak kuh Teh 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-05-28
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Dough Culture stall sells many kinds of savory and sweet local snacks, but its specialty is you tiao or Chinese fried crullers. In Indonesia, people call you tiao as 'cakwe'. Anyway, I'm sorry for uploading pictures taken in my bedroom instead of on-the-spot pictures.You Tiao - $0.90. Pretty cheap, the you tiao can be split into two, haha. I like this you tiao. Crispy outside, fluffy inside, the saltiness was just right. It's not oily though.Butterfly Bun - $0.90. The appearance resembles its name, 'butterfly'. Covered with sesame seeds, this one's also fluffy, kinda sweet. Best served warm, since it will crust as it becomes cold. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-02
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I wanted something extra after lunch. My attention was caught by this stall that offers different types of fried items like the traditional salted buns, butterfly buns, sesame balls, you tiao, curry puffs, spring rolls as well as fried carrot cake. All these are vegetarian.I wanted a piece of fried carrot cake for only $1 to go. There is chilli sauce for self-service but i decided to go without it.If you buy more, you tend to save more. If you buy 3 to 5 pieces, there will be less 20 cents. If it is 6 to 9 pieces then it will be less 0.50 cents. If 10 pieces, it will be $1.00. If 20 pieces or more then it will be $2.00. Apparently, the fried carrot cake tasted quite average. It did not have any bits of carrot in it though it still retained a slight crispiness on its surface. It tasted similar to those old school fried carrot cake that usually available in those kueh stalls. My grandpa would probably like it. I might be interested to try others but will definitely skip the fried carrot cake. 繼續閱讀
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