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Braised Duck Kway Chap
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等級4 2016-08-23
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http://www.umakemehungry.com/2016/08/boon-tong-kee-kway-chap.htmlHeading to Zion Riverside Food Centre, we decided to give the usual Char Kway Teow Stall a miss and go for something different. Reading the Signboard twice to confirm what I had misread during my first glimpse as I had associated the name with Boon Tiong Kee, the famous chicken rice restaurant. There is a few Kway Chap stall but being the typical Singaporean, we joined the stall with the queue as compare to the other which had none.A good wait for about 20 minutes in the queue before we got our set of Kway Chap for 2 pax at $10. Portion of the set looks appetizing with big bowls of Kway in brown soup and ingredients being stacked up nicely with 2 kinds of chilli provided. Portion was worth $10 indeed.Kway Chap Set for 2 - $10No pork belly and no skin in the platter and in fact the interesting find in the platter was pork trotter meat which was so tender and served in smashed form among the savoury sweet braised sauce. Braised eggs, tender duck meat, intestines and Tau Gua was provided. I would say that I'm rather impress by the stack of food which was neatly placed in a sequence besides having a well prepared portion of innards without leaving any trace of smell.I love the Kway for its soup has a slight taste of the herbs and not salty. Portion is definitely not for baby's stomach .It will be good to drop by again and have a taste of its competing stall right on the left side. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-11-20
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value for $usually calls for a long q.. we were there rather early and so no q...This is a set which sets u bk by $4. but very complete... the rice is flavoured - nice, comes with salted vege (v soft), duck, egg, bean curd.. u have the options of adding other ingredients (gizzards, intestines, etc).The bean curd is very well marinated.. all the way to the inner portions..I love their soup .. very strong flavoured herbal soup!! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-11-17
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I had this a few years back and remember it to be pretty good, so I had this again when I was in the vicinity.This time I felt like it's not as nice as it used to be. The rice was a little hard and the braised sauce and the duck, pig's intestines etc wasn't as fragrant as I hoped it'll be. There also wasn't any pork or pig's skin included in the set. I still prefer the kway chap from ABC food centre. 繼續閱讀
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This stall is the best kway chup that I ever tried. At first hearing their name,i thought it was boon tong kee chicken rice but after that then realize there's no link at all. Their kway chup is cheap and nice, like this only cost $3.50. The soup have a mild herbal taste, then their 3 layer meat was very soft and tender, I like it with their thick sauce. This stall always very long queue, so waiting time sometimes can take about 30mins long. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-01
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This stall always has long queues. Question is whether it is worth queuing and my opinion is that it's a resounding yes! Obviously, one must try the kway chap. The tau kwa is soft and the pig innards are fresh. The sauce is somewhat sweet and very fragrant. The meats are all well executed and there are always celebrities visiting the stall. So visit them and perhaps you can catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity. Prices are certainly affordable at around $3.80 per person per serving. 繼續閱讀
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