Arriving by Bus: #61/166/167/196/197, Bustop Name: Blk 3, Bustop No.: 10021. Arriving by Train: Outram Park MRT. Nearest carpark: Car Park No. BMEPM 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2015-12-24
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The Stall have been located in Everton place for at least 5 Years. It is run Chef Sebastian and occasionally his father or father in law rope to help during peak hour in weekdays.Now to the Foo1.) Chicken Curlet Curry RiceBreaded chicken breast wrapped with chesse deep fried to golden brown. When serve hot, cheese will melt in your mouth. Taste Fresh and crunchy as well. The Curry abit too little for me. Rice potion just nice. Service i give a 2 stars not because is bad but chef serve his buddy friends first instead of by order sequences. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-31
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We were attracted by this colourful banner and the logo of a chef wearing spectacles.. only to realise that there is a live form of this logo walking around! Intrigued by their funny sense of humour, my friend and I decided to try this outlet.Japanese Curry Chicken Rice - SGD4.80My friend ordered this and I tried a little bit of his.. it was chunky and fresh, almost tasted like the one that I ate from Japanese restaurants. However, this store sells a fusion of different types of cuisine, hence it was quite strange that they didn't use japanese rice when the chicken was done in a japanese way!Blackened Cajun Chicken with Salsa Rice -SGD5.80i was really upset that i have been deceived. apparently the salsa referred to mango salsa, and i am not a fan of mangoes. it tasted like it was from the can, the syrup was sweet and i felt it was really weird to accompany the rice.. in fact, mango chicken wasn't to my liking. this may be bias because like i said, i don't really like mangoes!If i were to recommend you what to choose, i would say go with the japanese curry chicken rice! the service was average.. not too fast but not so slow either! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-30
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You've got to give credit to a chef who has a stall sign of his own namesake.Psychedelic lines inspired by the colored parallels from paul smith,flanked by a logo of his own caricature.Wasabi prawns.The sauce could be tweaked.Taste of wasabi was not evident.Perhaps wasabi powder/ paste instead of what's currently used?And i even know what goes into the batter. A tad salty but still a good choice while waiting for the mains to arrive. ;)Now this, was a culinary genius in fusion cuisine.Prawn and lala vongole.Who needs mussels.Honestly.These clams were small yet plentiful. A couple of prawns.But the best was yet to be.-The broth-It was simply lipsmackingly delicious.Thick with clam juice.The taste of the sea never was so satisfying.Spiced with the addition of chilli flakes,This was a dangerous appetite opener.Tread with caution.But heck,It's a selfish dish.Don't bother sharing.Slurp it all up anyway.Beef and mushroom stroganoff with japanese rice.The addition of white and black roasted sesame seeds was subtle yet spoke volumes of a fusion menu.The sauce was a good balance of savoury thickened with cream.Additions of capsicums and mixed mushroomscountered the heaviness of red meat with cream.Ample strips of striploin were used for this dish. (pun totally intended )And i could finish up the entire portion of rice.Thanks or no thanks, really, to the sauce.And just on a side note,He had an experimental day of wagyu beef (marbling score of 4/5) with rice.6 slabs of meat all sold out in a day.That's an affirmative definitely to be tested on the repeat.And I'm sure he'd oblige if you made an advanced request. The steady stream of customers till closing was heartening.And pretty impressive especially since there was a western stall just a couple of stores away.Then again, if the food was good.Competition is always welcome. Don't mistake this for pride. It's Confidence.Tucked away in a coffeeshop on everton park.Drop in on the boss.He's quietly humble.And loves his food.If he says that the lala broth tastes like prawn soup, feel free to disagree.Tell him it tastes like clam broth! Or buy him prawn noodles.I'm doing that next time round.Try it for yourself. 繼續閱讀
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