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Ikan Parang Raw Fish Salad Portugese & Hainanese Chicken Cutlet
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等級1 2020-01-10
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This place is a typical local hole-in-wall place but lunch was packed, seatings next to each other. We ordered a chicken rice set to share but it is actually very small size, the tofu with crab meat is good but I think Singapore likes its dishes very ‘starchy’ as the gravy is very thick. The prices are not very cheap for the kind of venue.... 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-09-08
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There's two Chuen Chuen in Bugis area, we went to the one at Tan Quee Lan St. The place is always crowded at lunch, and their specialty is the chicken rice so most of us had that. They had additional service where u could request for certain parts of the chicken. Their specialty didn't disappoint us, the chicken's tender and rice is fragrant. Most of us agreed we would come back again for that. I also tried the curry chicken noodles, it was just normal. We also ordered the cereal tofu to share, that was awesome. It was fried till crispy on the outside, but the tofu was still soft and silken inside. The cereal tastes like those you get in cereal prawns. That has to be my favourite dish in this restaurant, definitely must try! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-03-27
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A shopping day with mummy at bugis junction and bugis street It was an enjoyable day and well-spent. Waiting for my dad to end his work, we wondered alr the bugis and decided to proceed to Chuen Chuen Cafe. It was around 5.30pm where there are not muany customers. We ordered Asam Fish Head, Hotplate Tofu and two lime juices and 2 plates of rices to be shared among the three of us. We waited for about 15 minutes before all the dishes are on our table. The Asam Fish Head was very delicious and tasty, there are lady fingers, tofu, different kinds of vegetables and of course the main ingredient FISH. The hotplate tofu was also one of my favourite which consists of prawns, mushrooms, tofu and eggs. Their dishes were all well prepared and we eat it with our mouth wide open ((: I will definetely introduce my friends to try it . 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-02-10
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My dinner for the last day of the Chinese New Year which is also the Chinese Valentine's Day. When boyfriend told me he wanted to bring me to eat Chicken Rice, the image of a chicken rice stall in a coffee shop comes to my mind. Thus, this is a memorable dining moment for me because, the place was not as I've imagine it to be. It was a small and cozy air-conditioned cafe. One thing to note when ordering is to let the waiter knows your preference of rice as they have both Chicken Rice and normal White Rice. We did specify for Chicken Rice but in the end they still serve us normal white rice. Luckily, their steamed chicken drumstick and rear is so nice that it goes well with white rice too. The meat is so smooth and tender. Had a craving for lady finger and asked the assistant whether do they have a dish for lady finger. He said no and recommended us this dish called Four Heavenly Kings cooked in sambal chili. It's a mixture of four different types of vegetable and lady finger was included. The sambal chili is not too spicy.Normally, we had fired cereal prawns but they have fried cereal tofu. The tofu is piping hot and beneath the fried cereal coated skin is the soft and silky tofu. Yummy.They emphasis alot on how their mango pomelo sago uses real mango fruits and not some mango syrup. It's sweet and refreshing. However, one minus point on their service again when they serve this dessert at the same time as the main course. It's only right to serve dessert after the meal but they serve it together and it was melting. 繼續閱讀
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