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The recipe for PUTIEN is a combination of serving authentic dishes which feature quality seasonal ingredients and keeping prices affordable to everyone. Heavy emphasis is laid on drawing out the innate goodness of these ingredients by using a gentle and easy hand during the preparation process. 繼續閱讀
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Braised Homemade Bean Curd Deep Fried Bamboo Clams Iced Bitter Gourd PUTIEN Lor Mee
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等級4 2016-01-04
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For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comPutien has been around for quite sometimes and is among one of the top Chinese chain restaurants where family tends to gather around for meals. It was mum's birthday and nothing beats having a meal that reminds her of her dialect group, Xing Hua which Putien is absolutely known for.Interior decors flashed out a luxurious and modern Chinese restaurant with ample of seating.Family Set at $68 ++ for two was a fuss free option where you can enjoy a value meal with Starters, Main Course, side dishes, Dessert and Fruits.Starting with Seaweed with Mini Shrimps where by seaweed were tossed with their quality mini shrimps imported from the South China Sea region. The texture of the seaweed was very inviting and delighting, giving a refreshing kick off to the set of 2.Braised Bean Curd is one of Putien's specialties and was also a perfect choice for a start as it was soft and full of flavour. It tasted on a mixture of sweet and salty side, friendly to the gums of the folks.Out of the 4 main dishes, we had chosen Ma Zu Mee Sua. Symbolizing longevity, their long Mee Sua was handmade traditionally with their unique method. Premium quality ingredients were used in the production of Mee Sua thus even how moist the gravy was, it did not turn them into a soggy dish.Crispy pork ribs and water chestnuts had hit the right notes. They were coated with mouth watering sweet & sour sauce. I like it best especially when the chestnuts were so crunchy and pork ribs were notably tender.Beverages were only served halfway through our dinner. The homemade Barley's sweetness was mild even with winter-melon added. Instead of seeing the whole long pieces of winter melon in the drink, it was being cut into bits form easily for diners. Specially flew in from the habitat, the “100-Second” Stewed Yellow Croaker was stewed precisely at 100 seconds with ginger. It was a healthy dish in fact on top of being fresh and tender. For 2 pax meal, each of us was served with a fish in the claypot.Dessert of the day was fixed by the chef. However we asked if we could change to our choices and they had agreed.Hot Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts was served with the right level of sweetness. Smooth yam paste with a few gingko nuts and with coconut milk in the right amount.While I got myself a Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Fruits in which the lemon grass flavours was not too overpowering, in fact the scent was light with tiny bits of Fruits and wobbly jelly.Desserts did not mark an end to our meal but the fruit platter does. A platter with watermelon, dragon fruit and big grape was served chilled with ice by the side.Service as a whole was sincere and friendly. Staff were pretty on the ball and responsive. After taxes together with drinks included, it cost about $88 for 2 pax without the appetizers and wet towel. I don't mind returning to Putien for her food again for occasion. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-11
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Putien is a good choice for good quality Chinese food and it is suitable for family gathering. The Putien chilli sauce is tasty and goes well with the Heng Hwa beehoon. It is available for purchase off the counter. Heng Hwa Beehoon (M) portion was good for three people. Honest cooking, good prices, decent portions and highly consistent standards even across outlets – and I have a soft spot for regional chinese cooking (much of what we have locally is more generally cantonese than anything else). The staff was polite and cheerful. Service was pretty good except they forgot about the fish broth and served it after we finished our food. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-04
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The white bee hoon at putien is a must order when you are there. their white noodles is really unique. it was not a dry bee hoon but it had some gravy. the gravy had natural sweetness from the seafood that they cooked with. there were prawns, clams in the gravy and all were very fresh. the bee hoon is in fact the ultra thin kind. it was very chewy somemore. some bee hoon tends to taste very soft cos it was overcooked but it was not the case for this bee hoon. 繼續閱讀
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I treated my family including my girlfriend to Putien for a meal. There were 5 people and we ordered a Set Meal for 4 (Set Meal A- $108++). They did not have any Set Meal for 5 people and we were worried that the four person set meal may not be enough but the waitress assured us that it would be more than enough.One thing to note is that for this branch of Putien, they have really nice seatings. They gave us a huge table for 8 people. On the table there was also a lazy suzie (the spin around glass). I recommend this place for large family gathering as they have big tables. While waiting for the food to be served, there are pickled dishes for you to whet your appetite. I must say it did help to build my appetite. The pickled cucumber was very crunchy. But i preferred the pickled pineapple carrot raddish dish, the acidity in this dish really evoke your hunger and make you ready for the mains.They started off with cold dish after which this delicious toufu dish was served. I could hardly find such dishes elsewhere. In this toufu dish, there were plenty of cabbages. The cabbages were braised till very soft, it releases all the sweetness into the soup. There are also a lot of seafood in the soup too, they too contribute sweetness to the soup due to their freshness. The next dish was their steam fish. It is not the normal steam fish. They actually steamed the fish with chilli so the dish is on the spicy side. Their chilli is the hot and sour kind, it goes really well with very fresh fish as the fish has its own natural sweetness. The fish was pretty large in size too.Another thing great about this place is their service. The waitresses are very attentive and one even gave us an additional dessert for free. Their dessert only have 4 portions since it is a set meal for four, but the kind waitress offered us an extra bowl and did not charge us. It is such good service that really makes your day.The dessert is some sort of jelly with fresh fruit toppings. My mother said the jelly was ice jelly. The jelly itself was not too sweet, tasted kind of light in fact. It is a great way to end a very filling dinner and the four person share is indeed enough for five people. We all left with bursting stomachs. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-07
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The line of people that queued in front of the shop had caught my attraction when i was shopping at Jurong Point with my friends. and we actually ordered one of the side dishes, that is the sweet and sour pork. It was actually cooked with fresh pineapple and tomato sauce. The sweet smell from this dish is seriously irresistible that you could hardly ignore it.. the porks was yummy and the crispiness is still there. 繼續閱讀
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