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Duck Rice
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等級4 2013-11-10
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My favourite duck rice for lunch at the clementi food market after shopping at the nearby clementi shopping mall. This food market actually offers a wide range of food ranging from hokkien noodles, to satay, bak kwa, fish soup noodle, prawn noodles and many others more. After walking around the food market, I found several customers queuing at this duck rice stall and decided to join in the queue and have a try on their duck rice. First and foremost, the presentation of this plate of duck rice is quite well done. As for the duck meat, it has a slightly softer and tender texture as compared to other duck rice stall. And the gravy that comes with the duck meat is also less salty. The soup wise is quite tasty as well and has a light taste of the various spices used. Lastly, their chili sauce is also very tasty and goes well with the duck meat and the rice. Price wise is reasonable and will recommend to others as well.   繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-11
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This Braised Duck stall had appeared on Channel 8 food show recently. Though I always dine in Clementi Food Centre, I never thought of trying this stall since it always had long queue and soldout before lunch time.Hence I woke up early and went to queue at this Braised Duck stall. I ordered a two person set.The two person set consisted of braised duck meat, peanuts, beancurd and egg. The braised duck skin was very braised and flavourful with a little fats under the skin. The duck meat was tender and slightly sweet, not bland like other stalls.The other braised items tasted average though, not braised enough.The dry noodles was a disappointment. There was only a sprinkle of oil, no other sauce was given. Overall, I think the braised duck meat was good and it would be better to eat with rice than noodles. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-05-20
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This was a pretty disappointed choice, very little duck meat but more of the braised tau kwa with half a braised egg and a few slices of cucumber.It tasted rather average too with absolutely no surprise, left me with nothing much to write about. Other than the few pieces of tau kwa given in a generous portion, the rice too, was rather generous as well. The chilli was not too bad though but not good enough to make up the disappointment. Apparently, this might be another one time off experience. 繼續閱讀
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