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Ajisen Ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968 and now has expanded with more than 700 shops worldwide. Famous for its rich Tonkotsu soup (pork broth) which captures the essence after hours of boiling, Ajisen offers a wide variety of ramen which caters to customers of all ages. 繼續閱讀
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11:30 - 22:00
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等級4 2014-02-22
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The ramen here is served in pretty big portion and it was worth the price! Ordered pork kimchi ramen everytime I visit this place and I love the taste of the kimchi that matches well with the soup and pork! The egg was a bit overcooked this time though. You can order a full set with side dish and drink too! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-11-24
162 瀏覽
I like their seafood ramen.. milky base and not too salty. Their cha siew ramen is too salty and the cha siew is too lean. Instead I like the soup of their seafood ramen, but sadly there is no prawns in it. The crayfish ramen taste rich, but quite oily. I like the side too, the fresh and crunchy prawn, though it is quite small. Service wise is reasonable. I still prefer marutama ramen that the noodles is springy and nice. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-05
104 瀏覽
France and Spain was wonderful for our holidays but I was craving asian food soooo much. More like cooked food coz I realised caucasians seem to eat alot of cold food–salads, saucisson, cold bbq meat. I really miss hot stir fries and soups!It wasn’t the best choice at Ajisen for ramen but i rather liked the chinese styled bentos. I think I ordered the same stuff before as well. Lol. But it did helped to satisfy our asian food craving. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-12-31
77 瀏覽
I am having my dinner at Ajisen Ramen, Plaza Singapura last Saturday. Without thinking too much, we decided eat Ramen in the first place then headed our way to Ajisen.Once we stepped in and sat down, we were served by a polite waitress. It attracted us when we were looking at the menu. A Ramen Set comes with a main dish (any ramen on the page), a side dish (for selected Ala-carte) and a complimentary drink (Lemon Tea or Green Tea). The price was reasonable which ranged from $13.90 to $18.90. I ordered CrayFish Ramen ($16.90 per set). Maybe my expectation too high, I would not say it was fantastic, but the soup was all right, plain and simple. CrayFish was fresh and Ramen itself was tender and smooth.I tried Paiku Ramen ($14.90 per set) as well. The pork was acceptable for me, but I would prefer my choice, CrayFish.Overall, Ajisen Ramen was awesome. We can find our satisfaction for our order. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-11-30
78 瀏覽
Value for money - this is how I would describe the set meal from Ajisen. For a mere $13.90, you can get a set meal which consists of a ramen (serving is quite big), side dish (in which there is a huge variety) and a drink. Ordered the spicy cha shu ramen which I will recommend to those who love spicy food. The chili goes very well with the thick soup base which is kinda flavourful. The noodle is kinda chewy and the cha shu (i.e. pork slice) is lean and tasty. As for the side dish, I choose the fried prawn which I feel is slightly oily. The chef should have drained the oil before the prawns to the customers. Nevertheless, the food in general tastes good. 繼續閱讀
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