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Al Hamra is an award-winning Lebanese & Middle Eastern restaurant. The interior is decorated to resemble pre-war Palestine. Al Hamra places a lot of emphasis on the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. They have a vegetarian menu as well. 繼續閱讀
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Fool Medames Grilled Halloumi Hommos Beyrouty
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Established by the same owners behind Chutney Mary, Al-Hamra is a Lebanese, Middle Eastern / Mediterranean restaurant that has been in operation within Holland Village for over 10 years. Having outlasted many of the other restaurants in the area, Al-Hamra is still quietly plodding along, serving up tasty, authentic Lebanese cuisine.Ambience at Al-Hamra is elegant, with a primarily Middle Eastern / Mediterranean theme. Paintings of buildings with Islamic architecture, the use of ornate framed mirrors, comfortable dark coloured furniture with plush embroidered cushions, earth coloured mosiac floor tiles, and the faux flame torch lighting overhead all contribute to the magical feeling of being whisked away on a magic carpet, to a setting straight out of Arabian nights. Really traditional!Service at Al-Hamra is attentive and professional. Staff are polite and courteous, attending quickly to guests. I also commend their menu product knowledge, they're able to make astute recommendations, as well as introduce and describe each dish. Thumbs up for their proactiveness in clearing empty / dirty plates, and offering to change plates as well.Food at Al-Hamra is distinctly Middle Eastern / Mediterranean, with a focus on Lebanese cuisine, which is very similar to Turkish cuisine, just with different names for dishes. Generally, I find their food to be of acceptable standard in taste, though it's much better when eaten immediately upon serving, when it's hot and fresh. Portions are designed for communal dining, and I recommend a minimum of at least 3 - 4 diners for it to be value for money. Prices are typical of most other lower-end fine dining Middle Eastern / Mediterranean restaurants, budget about SGD $32 ++ per person for a meal here.The Manakish Bi Zaatar / Zatar Bread (SGD $6.50) is an aromatic bread, fragrant with earthy, floral, spice notes, with a taste that is fresh and savoury sweet. Texture is chewy and crunchy, rather appealing. Closely resembles a pizza, good!The Moutabbal / Moutabal (SGD $12), known as Mashed Eggplant Salad, is a simpler version of the classic chilled Baba Ghanoush dish served in Turkish, Lebanese, and Egyptian cuisine. Eggplant is baked till the pulp is soft, gaining a savoury smoky taste, then mashed with a blend of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic, sesame paste, cumin, and chili powder, then garnished with pomegranate seeds. No other vegetables are used in this dish. It has a savoury, smoky, slightly zesty, slightly sweet flavour, with a thick, creamy texture. Good!The Falafel (SGD $14) is a classic Middle Eastern / Mediterranean hot appetizer, a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas, broad beans, onions, garlic, coriander, and cumin. Texture is semi-crumbly, grainy, and chewy within, with a slightly crisp, golden brown exterior. Love how tightly packed this is! Taste is savoury and earthy, with a slight hint of floral spices. Excellent, highly recommended!The Lamb Cous Cous / Lamb Tajine With Cashew Nut & Raisin Couscous (SGD $29) is worth ordering. A warm, hearty, lamb stew, featuring tender, boneless lamb chunks and potatoes, served in a savoury sweet but thin tomato stew, presented in a beautiful traditional tajine pot. The couscous is nice, with a fragrant aroma and a range of textures; soft, chewy, crunchy. While each component is good on its own, it's excellent when paired, as the couscous helps to absorb and hold the thin tomato stew gravy. Highly recommended!Absolutely loved the Muhallabia / Muhallebi (SGD $6), which is a chilled almond cream pudding sweet dessert served in Turkish, Lebanese, and Egyptian cuisine. Made with rice flour, almond milk / full cream milk, sugar, ground almonds, and rose water, then topped with crushed pistachio nuts (a distinctly Lebanese topping) and maraschino cherry. Sweet, fragrant, smooth, creamy, luscious, decadent... excellent! Highly recommended!Full Al-Hamra review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/10/al-hamra-tasting-session.html 繼續閱讀
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Al Hamra is an award-winning Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurant in existence for around a decade, situated at none other than Holland Village - chillout and food haven.The ambience is dim and intimate, with authentic decor that thrusts one into an exotic, Middle-Eastern realm. Faux-flaming lamps hang from the ceiling, and the walls are adorned with exquisite Middle Eastern antiques and artifacts (ancient Shisha pipes and compasses, etc), and there's a mural depicting a beautiful city wall set in the earlier eras. This place is set to enchant.I enjoyed the Chicken Shawarma (SGD$25.00) - sliced chicken marinated with vinegar, sesame paste, cardamom powder and Lebanese spices served in a boat-shaped Lebanese bread. This was another flavourful dish that tasted best when served piping hot - chicken tender and redolent of the spices that it was cooked with.Lamb Cous Cous (SGD$29.00) was up next, comprising boneless lamb chunks cooked with vegetables and tomato stew, served in a pretty Tajine. The stew was thick and tasty, luscious with the slightest hint of tartiness - appetite whetting for sure.Al Hamza Mixed Grill (SGD$35.00) made its way to our table, consisting of grilled lamb cubes, minced lamb kebab and grilled chicken cubes. The meat was smokey but tender; the lamb cubes held a gamey whiff but meat was sufficiently moistened.Umali (SGD$7.50), also spelt as "Oum Ali" in some instances - a soft puff pastry dessert served warm (more commonly bread pudding), with milk, cream and nuts. I enjoyed the subtle aroma and creaminess of this dessert; feeling the fluffiness of the puff pastry gradually melting lusciously upon the tongue.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/10/media-invite-dinner-at-al-hamra-at.html  繼續閱讀
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Today we're in for trying something new, fresh and special. At this unique and cool restaurant, we ordered according to what the polite server introduced as I’m not familiar with middle eastern cuisine.The Hommos Beyrouty is a thick creamy paste, is a very delicious dipping for the crispy Spinach Fatayer and flat breads. Ryash Ghanam , their lamb chop is perfectly marinated and well cooked with abit of charred taste.It’s not something I would eat overall on a regular basis as I’m more of a local based / asian palate. Overall it’s a new experience and would recommend anyone to check it out. 繼續閱讀
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photos and more: http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/al-hamra-holland-village/great – and almost definitely one of the best places locally – middle-eastern/lebanese food in the expatriate haven of holland village. the food is great, and while expensive, it’s more than good enough for me to return.the dishes were well-done, and portions generous: the za’atar flatbread warm and fluffy; hummus on the tangy-sour side but very appetising ; and our grilled half chicken came surprisingly in a wrap of naan-type bread, moist and well-seasoned. our fattoush was refreshing with the heavier flavours.I really liked this meal – we were lucky to have one of those deal vouchers which brought the meal from expensive to reasonable. we couldn’t finish our za’atar bread at the end – we kept trying because it was so good, but it was just too much. decently attentive service, and an open design letting in lots of sunlight, this looks set to be a regular weekend hangout. 繼續閱讀
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