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Enjoy the lively ambience of this bright, new, modern all-day dining restaurant. Indulge in an extensive buffet that offers international fare alongside signature local dishes such as the famous Singapore chilli crab and laksa. Live cooking stations ensure there’s always a fresh selection of specialty dishes, while a dedicated kids’ buffet counter offers yummy meals designed specially for the little ones. An all-day à la carte menu is also available, along with an extensive list of beer and wine. Kids eat for free! 繼續閱讀
LOCAL-LICIOUS LONG午餐 每個成人SGD38++ | 每星期六和日,12.00pm至4.30pm 週末燒烤自助晚餐 每個成人SGD55++ | 星期五,六&日,6.30pm至10.30pm 著裝要求:時尚休閒
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Penang Laksa Mussel Otah-Otah Asam Fish Chilli Cray Fish Satay with Hazelnut Dip Kueh Pie Tee
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This year, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) collaborates with some renowned chefs to start a culinary journey of specially crafted creations for diners around Asia.These specialties by IHG Ambassadors will be featured at all intercontinental and Crowne Plaza Hotels/resorts in Asia, Middle East and Africa.In Singapore, diners whose interested in this culinary journey have a choice of 2 courses meal at S$35++ or 3 courses meal at $45++ per pax. If you like some alcohol to go along with your meals, you could order chef's favourite cocktails at S$15 each or selected wines at S$15 a glass/ S$80 a bottle. It's my honour to enjoy the 3 courses meal at Hotel Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium along Outram road. We chose Chef Vikas Khanna's Indian cuisine and Chef Sam Leong's Chinese cuisine.Chef Vikas Khanna creations:Appetizers(1) Tandoori Malai Chicken- Chicken were prepared in small chunks, about 2" each piece and torched on the surface to get that additional char, smokey taste. Meat was well marinated with tandoori but texture abit dry, maybe because it's breast meat. Take the chicken with the mint chutney and pickled onions, not only it helped to reduce some of the dryness, it also brings your tongue to another level of your palate.Main(2) Chicken Tikka Masala- Personally, I love Indian dishes. I love how the many different spices were prepared to create a curry dish that carries a strong taste and delightful aroma. But this chicken tikka masala dish we had smells fragrant yet taste wasn't what I expected. Presence of masala and turmeric was strong and distinctive but this dish lacks spiciness. There wasn't any naan or prata to go with also. The oven baked vine tomatoes paired with this masala chicken were so sweet, overall causes this dish to taste sweet rather than savoury. This dish wasn't bad after all but still I preferred a spicier version to this.Dessert(3) Masala Chai Brulee- Creme brulee I tried a lot but with indian spices, this was the first. The appearance was ordinary and without torching on the surface therefore not impressed. It was served cold, with cracklines, seemed to be fridged for too long, not freshly made. Texture was slight coarse, not smooth nor creamy. Chai taste was mild and had a peppery aftertaste after consuming. Felt weird on my tastebuds but it was a new experience.Chef Sam Leong creations:Appetizers(1) Signature Wasabi Prawns- Whole prawns were de-shelled and deep fried to golden brown, then tossed with creamy wasabi mayo sauce. The batter coating the prawns was very crispy, prawns were flesh and crunchy. Wasabi ratio was little therefore didn't make me tear. The mango salsa that came with this dish tasted like Thai sweet chilli dip. Slight spicy and zesty, together with the sweet mango cubes, it was awesome.Main(2) Pan-seared Lamb Chop- Marinated with lemongrass, the natural citrus flavour was cleverly used in this dish to cover the lamb stench that I hated most. Meat was well marinated, tender and pan seared to perfection. No complains, we really enjoyed this course.Dessert(3) Mango Pudding- Served chilled from a jar, it looked rather unprofessional for a dessert by renowned chef. Texture was firm, like those Japanese konnyaku jelly and mango taste not distinctive. Overall tasted more milky than fruity. Mixed berries were laid on top of dessert but I felt that it would be more appropriate if fresh mango fruits were used.Verdict: Overall dining experience at this IHG Culinary Journey was pleasant. If I were to compare between the two chefs, my personal opinions were Chef Sam Leong's dishes flares better than Chef Vikas Khanna's Indian recipes. I'm more impressed with the chinese cuisine. And priced at $45 per pax for a 3 course meal, it's was quite affordable too.As for the service at Atrium restaurant, it was good too. All staff on duty were very polite and attentive. Atrium restaurant do serves ala carte dishes and bbq buffet on weekends, do try them out. 繼續閱讀
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My warm evening spent at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium to enjoy a delightful buffet dinner at Atrium Restaurant. To satisfy a perfect taste of local craving at elegant ambiance, the new look of Atrium Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore welcomed new Executive Chef Chua Yew Hock who has enhanced the restaurant’s offerings to include his signature dishes, Mussel Otah- Otah, Curry Laksa, Asam Fish and Chilli Crab. A brief introduction of Atrium Restaurant One of the highlight dishes’ Laksa was well-prepared and recommended by Chef Chua complimentary with chef signature savory sauces. Beside a bowl of delectable Laksa, Chef Chua Signature Chilli Crab is my favourite dish of the night at Atrium Restaurant. Distinctive secret recipe sauces International seafood at Atrium Restaurant 繼續閱讀
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