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等級4 2016-05-24
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Balmoral Bakery is one of the old school bakeries that we look upon to as every visit here bring us good flashbacks to our younger times when having such simple stuff on earth makes our day. In the current environment that we are in, it is less often that we will come across such down to earth design of the cakes.With many bakeries keeping up with the modern equipment and modern look in their shop, this facade of the Balmoral bakery remains humble with red bricks by the side of the walls. Walking into the shop is like a walking back into the past with the time machine.Made up of Multi layers crispy "biscuits" with the top as chocolate and icing. In its buttery fragrance and the flaky thin layers, one tends to get addicted over it.The nostalgic feeling when you saw the blueberry puree topped the cake with a cream layer in between. To be frank, I was never a fan of blueberry cake when I was young as many of my birthday cakes were all covered with similar blueberries. However, it brought back a lot of good memories with cake having a old school taste!The traditional flavour that I love most is perhaps this Swiss roll that topped with peanut chunks and sugar. I always find this special somehow as compared to the usual Swiss Rolls cradling the creams.There are quite a few flavours of Swiss Roll to choose from like Pandan, Vanilla and Chocolate. These little Swiss Rolls were being shrink wrapped and placed in the chiller to maintain the moist. We had the most basic flavour of all.Besides selling cakes, they have pastries like Beef and chicken pie. I will be back again for other items. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-27
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I love visiting old school bakeries and have been wanting to check out Balmoral Bakery, which I finally had an opportunity to do so before class starts! Takeaway 2 chicken pies, a slice of carrot cake, butterfly cupcake and the custard puff. During my break, I couldn't resist trying their famed chicken pies and took out 1 to eat! It is generously filled and would be more shiok if it's eaten warm! The butterfly cupcake is my favourite out of the three and I was quite excited to try it as this is my first time tasting the traditional cupcake! I find that the combination of cream, icing sugar and moist buttery sponge cake to be perfect! However, the custard puff and carrot cake is just so-so only. I will be back again to try the beef pie and their many other pastries! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-26
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I saw on Mediacorp Channel 8 recommended this bakery at Sunset Way for their swiss roll. Hence, I went over to the bakery to have a try. Their swiss rolls were all chilled in fridge, many flavours were available, such as chocolate, kaya, strawberry, etc. I bought the Chocolate Swiss Roll at $5. From the appearance, the chocolate swiss roll had generous amount of chocolate cream as thick as the cake layer. The chocolate swiss roll had soft and fluffy cake layer. The chocolate cream did not taste like cream, having smooth thicken jam liked texture, it tasted more like rich chocolate custard. Overall, the chocolate swiss roll was delicious, both the cake layer and the custard complement each other. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-01
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Balmoral bakery is really old school. All the snacks here are really old fashioned and taste old fashioned too. Unfortunately I did not really enjoy the apple pie that I bought. The crust was not crunchy and it was not flavourful enough tasting too bland The apple filling was pretty good though, tasting like mcdonald apple pie filling. Price was okay at about $1.30. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-08-19
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When to buy some old days tea time dessert from this stall after notice that the newspaper has a recommendation article for this shop. This bakery shop actually sells old days tea time dessert from mini cakes, puff, tarts to whole cakes. One of my favourite dessert would be the carrot cake, kaya roll and their chicken puff. Firstly, their carrot cake has a moist and soft texture, a slight cinnamon taste and contains slices of carrot. As for the kaya roll, it is actually quite different from the normal swiss roll. The kaya roll actually has a dense cake spread with the thick layer of the kaya mousse. Sweetness wise is not too sweet and is a great combination. Lastly, the chicken puff pastry is well made, has a crispy pastry with a light buttery taste. Sufficient chicken fillings is added in the puff with sufficient seasoning in it. Overall, quite a great old day time dessert and would definetely recommend this to my friends and price wise is quite reasonable. 繼續閱讀
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