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<br>BBQ Chicken is a franchise from South Korea and specialises in chicken. It has more than 2500 stores in South Korea and is the first franchise company to be listed as Korea's top 100 brands. It is also the creator of the Olive Luxury Chicken and the first to use pure olive oil to fry chicken. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-29
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It was lunch time at West Coast Plaza, I walk around and did not know what to eat. I walked pass BBQ Chicken and saw their lunch set menu looked cheap and appetising. Hence, I went in and order the K-Pop Grilled Boneless Thigh Set at $10.90. The K-Pop Grilled Boneless Thigh Set came with fried rice and a drink.The K-Pop Grilled Boneless Thigh arrived on my table with heavy aroma of grilled meat, it smelt so good. The grilled chicken meat was juicy and tender, especially the skin was marinated with bulgogi sauce. I liked the savoury, caramel kind of sweetness in the marinate sauce. However, the fried rice was slightly soggy and bland which I did not like. The salad was normal but I found it strange to eat salad with rice.Overall, I liked the K-Pop Grilled Boneless Thigh, next time I will order with french fries instead of fried rice. I was still puzzled why they named it as K-Pop. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-08-02
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Have always wanted to try this place & finally made our way their for lunch on Sunday.There were only about 2-3 other tables when we arrived. A sign of average/below average food ? Let's see.Ordered the following :Mushroom Cream Soup $4.50Served with a slice of baguette, this is so-so, in fact taste like those canned condensed soup.Golden Olive Chicken $15.902-piece fried chicken served with choice of 2 sides. Selected mashed potato & shrimp rice. Chicken did not look like those in the picture, is average tasting. Rice is bland.Jerk BBQ $17.90This is broiled chicken slathered with their BBQ sauce. Had olive rice & mashed potato as sides. Chicken is tasty due to the sauce, which is also average tasting. Olive rice is no different from the shrimp rice - minus the shrimp, & bland.Pan-seared escalope of SalmonWanted to try this, but it was not availablePomodoro Mare $14.90We requested for the  seafood tp be replaced with just prawns only, which they obliged. Tomato sauce is too tangy for my liking.Cookies & Cream Milkshake $5.90Perhaps cheap vanilla ice cream is used, so the cookies & cream milkshake is another average tasting beverage. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-07-27
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This is one of the restaurants that I have always wanted to try as it seems very unique. I didn't actually knew that it was a Korean restaurant, until I saw their menu! Another indication was that their TV was constantly playing Korean MVs Which I like a lot as it made my dining experience more enjoyable. Anyway I think their signature dish was probably their fried chicken as they emphasized that they used pure olive oil to fry all their chicken and all their chickens are 100% fresh. Not sure if it was true but I decided to give them the benefit of doubt since their fried chicken wings (they called it BB wings) did taste fresh indeed. It was also crispy and juicy! I like their marination for the wings as it made them very tasty. We also ordered a cheese fondue pizza and a mushroom soup to share. The cheese fondue pizza was average and nothing too special about it. The mushroom soup was normal and I think the serving was too small!!! Overall, the meal was quite filling for 2 of us and we did enjoyed dining here while watching the MVs The restaurant was also quite spacious and not very crowded so we had quite a peaceful dinner here Price wise, the pizza costs $14 while the chicken wings cost $9. Their prices are quite standard like all other typical restaurants. Think i might come here again for their fried chicken and maybe try some other new things on the menu which looked kinda yummy. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-12-27
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I had ordered a meal for 4. Thought that it is not enough in the first place. But it is actually a filling meal. Seems like this place is under staff, it takes quite sometimes to get someone to take our order. Perhaps it's during lunch time.This is the coleslaw as the appetizer.A plate of grilled meat to be shared among 4 of us. Chicken is actually juicy and tender. It may seems oily, however they claimed that they are using extra virgin olive oil to grilled the chicken meat. Therefore it is suppose to be healthy choice! It may be the reason why BBQ chicken's chicken tastes different from other eateries.The cheese fries portion is acceptable.2 pieces of chicken tigh to be shared. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-07-04
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My friends and I went to BBQ chicken for dinner last week. Was not bad! Their menu looked great and so was the food served. However I thought there could be abit more BBQ flavour to it, since it specialised in BBQ Chicken. Overall, the food was considered good for the price we paid. Staff were friendly, not bad a place for dinner 繼續閱讀
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