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Butler's Steakbar以Butler's Steak,一道以扁鐵烤製的黑安格斯牛排為招牌菜。 繼續閱讀
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扁鐵黑安格斯牛排 Bao Makers x Butler’s拼盤 是拉差烤豬肉漢堡 柑橘焦糖布丁
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Butler’s Steakbar is the newest kid on the block here at Keong Saik, co-sharing the space with The Bao Makers which had recently made their move to Jiak Chuan Road from their former premises at Horne Road at Jalan Besar. Sharing the space with The Bao Makers, The Bao Makers operates in the day, while Butler’s Steakbar takes over its operations at night. The Bao Makers and Butler’s Steakbar takes over the former premises of Phat Cat Laundry at Jiak Chuan Road; a rather spacious unit that had been totally renovated to suit the new tenant. The interior of The Bao Makers/Butler’s Steakbar is clean, minimalistic and chic; generally white with cemented flooring and gold touches for the fixtures.The Butler Steak ($25++) is a Black Angus Flat Iron Steak that is served in limited portions daily. The Black Angus Flat Iron Steak also comes with a side of a salad. We specified for our the Butler Steak to be done medium-rare; it arrived with a pinkish centre. While the beef is relatively tender, there were a few veiny bits that caused the beef to be chewy. It also lacked crustiness on the exterior. We did appreciate the fact that salt was being served on the side to enhance the flavours of the beef.Going for one of the burgers available on the menu, we picked the Roasted Sriracha Pork ($17++); slow-roasted sriracha pork with char-grilled fresh pineapple, bacon, lettuce in between brioche buns. The entire burger comes in a rather generous portion, with thick slabs of pork stuffed in between with a thick slice of pineapple as well. The slow-roasted sriracha pork is not particularly porky with the meat being on the leaner side while coming with a tinge of spiciness that comes rather unexpected for how it creeps up unnoticeable until pretty much halfway with its fiery kick. The bacon strips were also pretty crisp and savoury, while the buns were light and fluffy. We were however not too big a fan of the slice of pineapple that came between the buns; the char-grilled pineapple was juicy, perhaps a little too thick and juicy that it injects too much liquid into the burger if eaten together. The Roasted Sriracha Pork burger also comes with the same salad on the side that came with the Butler Steak as well.Read the full story about Butler's Steakbar on jiaksimipng here:  https://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2017/11/27/butlers-steak-jiak-chuan-road/ 繼續閱讀
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