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Lunch and dinner at Careshop de Café offers local delights as well as rustic European fare. 繼續閱讀
11:30 - 22:00
11:30 - 22:00
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Seafood Puttanesca Spicy BB-Wings
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等級1 2014-08-31
104 瀏覽
this is the classic cheese cake that has been offered in store. Have been looking for sweet treats in this area after having bah kut teh @ ya di bah kut teh. So found this place, when we walked in, was told by e service staff that only ramen, desserts and beverage were available. After looking through the menu and wanted to order dessert, was told again that as the pastry chef is on leave, only cakes on the display shelves is available. Real disappointment comes in when our orders came in. Our orders were: Banana Chocolate Smoothie, Classic Cheese Cake, Hazelnut Latte and Ice Chocolate.Banana Chocolate Smoothie tasted more like Banana Milkshake, whole mouthful of banana taste;without an taste of chocolate.Ice Chocolate tasted more like Ice Fresh Milk; not even a hint of taste of chocolate.Classic Cheese Cake; as shown in the picture attached. Flakey base, Buttery hard cheese layer and Discoloured strawberry garnish decoration. Obvious that they had taken a slice which is not from the shelf and it is not fresh.Overall, the only 'normal' food is Hazelnut Latte... Conclusion, will not step into this place again... 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-01
32 瀏覽
Talking about cafes in neighborhood, it has been quite awhile I visited one, ever since Shoney Cafe at Balestier closed down eons ago. But to support a buddy, and curious about their food, I decided to give it a shot. Careshop de Cafe is a quaint little chilling hideout tucked away at 70 Bendemeer Road #01-05 Luzerne, Singapore 339940 (Tel: 6294 9298).I like the white, sparkly exterior of this place, hidden away amongst the heartland and industrial office buildings - eye catching, warm and almost elegant even. The interior was rather tacky in comparison though, with a theme more targeted at relaxation and simplicity I guess - think folding chairs, wooden tables and a pool table for winding down.Besides serving a rather wide variety of food, Careshop de Cafe is also a very environmental friendly company which uses, supports and cares about the environment. Yes, a cafe that goes green and supports environmental causes through practices and contributions.I had a hard time debating between the Soft Shell Crab Bento Set or Spicy Pork Belly with Rice - eventually I stuck with the latter one. Crunchy and spicy, thin slices of pork belly were stir-fried to tender perfection; eaten with rice and a fried egg, this dish notably nutritious in a way. . There was strong hints of Kimchi for the pork belly. Tasty as it was, we were rather put off by the hard circles of "soft bones" embedded within the meat (inevitable, yes), these hard circles were rather disturbing and caused hindrance to enjoyment of the dish in its entirety.The poached peach slice made up for the hard circles of soft bones though...Never mind, the Chicken Chop was sumptuous - the tender chicken was well prepared and came with the explosive flavor of Hollandaise Sauce - sweet with sour overtures. The wedges were very crispy on the outside but the inside was stuffed with soft, mashed potato flesh instead of flour. This was a winner in any case.For more detailed information ahd photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/dinner-at-careshop-de-cafe.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-01-27
36 瀏覽
i felt like eating cheese cake againi asked my friend to accompany me to this shop once againwe ordered 2 cheese cake.. 1 was the normal cheese cake and another 1 was the blueberries cheese cake =)both were really soft and very nice! the plain cheese cake had icing sugar on top.. while the other had thick and much more blueberries on top =) 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2010-11-30
21 瀏覽
Sourcing for a place for your lazy afternoon ? Or a meal that can be on the go ? Careshop de Cafe is the place to visit! Situated @ Bendemeer Road, the cafe faces the main road and any one that pass by will take a stare or two to see its prominent sign-age. Upon entry into the cafe, you will be greeted by a huge wall painting of children faces bearing this slogan "HELP US BRING SMILES TO EVERYONE" which is their social communal focus where they do contribute back to the society.Thought the size of the cafe is relatively small, it does boast a strong extensive array of food selection that consist set meals that will make any glutton bun drooling. A way to contribute back to society and bring a smile to all?! Visit Careshop de Cafe! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-10-15
27 瀏覽
Careshop de Cafe (CDC) is a cafe cum a retail store for care products. You can purchase health products here ( a little weird though). The cafe offers light meals such as sandwiches, coffee , salads..etc which is an ideal place for the office workers to grab something light here.The cafe looks simple and neat. You would have to order & pay @ the counter & wait for your food to be served.They offer light salads, sandwiches, pastas, mains , bento sets and desserts. The pastas & sandwiches are popular here ( according to the waiter ) .The Caesar ($3.50+) I requested for less croutons and they kindly separated the garlic croutons & dressing . Salads are supposed to be healthy but this salad seemed to be loaded with loads of cheese ! Grilled Chicken chop, brown sauce, garlic mash & veggies ($11.90+) The Grilled chicken chop was recommended by the waiter as one of the popular dish here. Well, the portion was HUGE! It was a bit of a challenge for me to finish this up & somehow I regretted ordering the Caesar salad in the first place.Seriously, the chicken chop was tasteless even though it was seasoned with black pepper. The meat taste like frozen chicken meat which I could easily make out. The brown sauce was slightly coagulated and starch granules could be seen … . The chicken skin was also slightly rubbery (like eating chewing gum). The only thing that I like is the greens served by the sides. Verdict : I happened to be in the vicinity to visit my friend & try out this Cafe but was disappointed with the food. Thankfully, I didn’t come all the way here from the West & left unsatisfied. 繼續閱讀
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