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Carl's Jr. has long been known as the place to go for juicy, premium quality charbroiled burgers with more than a thousand outlets worldwide. Carl's Jr. is well known for bringing innovative ideas to the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Carl's Jr. is the first to charbroil over an open flame, which sears the juices and flavor into our great tasting burgers and chicken sandwiches. 繼續閱讀
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培根香脆雞肉三文治 炭火烤雞肉三文治 鱷梨醬培根芝士漢堡包 巨型漢堡包 西方培根芝士漢堡包
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等級3 2014-12-13
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Had the western bacon combo with cafe latte for $11.50. The burger is basically cheeseburger with bacon and onion ring. The onion ring was already soggy as it was sandwiched between the burger buns and ingredients. The beef patty had a nice smoky flavour. The cafe latte tasted average and the fries were not bad and weren't too oily. It's quite expensive for a fast food meal though. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-31
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Consistently improved overall, it became more and more famous in Fast Food Chain. Carl’s Jr tried their best to understand customers and provided a wide range of Western Delights. Self-service basis, we have to queue, order, pay then sit down to enjoy.Carl’s Jr for my tea snack, do you believe it? It supposed to be a proper meal yet I treated it as a finger food. I am not really fancy about beef, yet I gave it a try. The two layers of meat was scrumptious, both juicy tender. Fries were chunky as usual. The portion was absolutely filling in fact, I completely full after taking that. Like the cheesy beef combination, not too expensive. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-14
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There was a new chicken menu with Carls Jr. It was Chicken Tenders Sandwich.The Chicken Tenders Sandwich looked bigger than any Chicken Burger sold by any fastfood restaurant.There was bacon inside the Chicken Sandwich. The bacon tasted fatty and juicy, not as cripsy and dry like the Burger King ones.The Chicken Tender in the sandwich looked like those Chicken Nuggets and it even taste like Chicken Nuggets.Overall, the taste was average with this combination. I would prefer they used grilled chicken meat. 繼續閱讀
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Carl's JR is well-known for its' free refill for drinks, and also gigantic humongous burgers at pricey levels. If you just wanna bask in the sunlight of Jurong Point (where the glass windows allows full 100% sunlight to illuminate the restaurant), and enjoy both suntanning yet not getting sunburned at the same time, head over to Carl's JR JP's branch! My bro ordered Carl's Catch, and i thought it was an ingenious name.. simple yet catchy. It's a huge risk because McDonalds' Fillet-o-Fish (I'm sorry, i can only compare fish burgers to macs because MoS burger is relatively different and burger king will never cut it) only costs $3.30. So Carl's Catch is almost double the price! Look at how it doesn't even fit wholly on the muffin bread. Anyway I was caught on surprise because indeed, Carl's Catch is really much more delicious, fresh and real than fillet-o-fish! It's definitely worth the price and the sacrifice of suntanning myself.We also had crisscut fries.. $3.90 for less than 15 pieces. I was quite disappointed, but do you know you can get free flow of sauces from the counter?Try out their 'ranch' and 'honey mustard'... 'ranch' really shocked me! but you'll have fun mixing 繼續閱讀
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Western Bacon Thick Burger Sandwich Meal set costs S$14.50, love the idea of having a fried to golden perfection onion ring below the yammy charboiled beef patty. Yums! Well liked by all for it's enormous size, I have my lion's share with my friend due to my hunger. Waiting time was about 15 minutes and is definitely worth the wait for the juicy mouth watering beef patty. Potatoes skins can be seen on the fries. Of quality goodness, best to be served with the salsa sauce.Apart from the unlimited flow of drinks, customers are able to self help with the salsa toppings from the salsa bar. Love it lots!Service was abit lacking due to emptied trays left over by customers, leaving incoming customers to wipe and clear the tables ourselves. Luckily a box of serviettes are provided on every table which makes it easier and reachable for us to wipe the tables ourselves.Although the pricing maybe steeper than the usual fast food restaurants, they portion and quality is worth what we are paying for. For such a big portion, I can actually share a meal with my friend walking out of the restaurant with a "full" stomach. 繼續閱讀
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