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Chopsuey Cafe presents a collage of fond food memories inspired by the many good times abroad spent in Chinese restaurants. They offer Chinese food the way it is prepared in the United States and also bring together fresh produce, bold flavours, traditional profiles and inspired combinations. 繼續閱讀
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Chopsuey Crispy Crackly Organic Egg Mud Crab Fried Rice
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等級4 2016-03-30
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Pictures are @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/03/chopsuey-cafe.htmlAs oxymoronic as it sounds, Chopsuey Cafe is as authentically bastardised as it gets. So judge it on its own, as a commingling of American culture and Chinese cuisine, and temper your expectations of Chinese food as you know it.Service was faultless: upbeat, efficient, and sincere. And knowledgeable about the menu enough to make excellent recommendations.We had:1) Crispy Duck Pow Pockets ($17): pillowy-soft steamed white buns jammed with sliced duck confit, pulled roasted duck, julienned vegetables, and drizzled with a tangy-sweet bean sauce: a must-try.2) Szechuan Pepper Chilli Tofu ($18): a vegetarian variant of kungpow chicken, comprised beancurd squares wok-fried with blackened dried chillis, garlic flower, pickled radish & ginger, mushrooms, long beans, and cashews in a peppery szechuan sauce. Skip this, it was middling and forgettable.3) Crispy Crackly Organic Egg with King Prawns ($18): a fuyong omelette of sorts, was laced with holy basil and chilli for a subtle heat, and drizzled with honeyed soy for extra oomph. Lovely, albeit a little oily.4) Honey Ginger Chicken ($24): ginger-marinated chicken wok-crisped and then tossed with honey, ginger root, sesame seeds, and curry leaves; reminiscent of sweet & sour pork. I can see why a Caucasian palate would like this.5) Chopsuey Chopsuey ($16): a medley of seasonal organic baby vegetables sauteed with holy basil. The smoky char was evident, as was the delectable crunch.6) Wok Breath Rice Noodles with Snapper ($26): fish hor fan dotted with silver sprouts and spinach, and drenched in a rich oyster sauce gravy. It's not the memorable hor fan I've ever had, but I liked the smoky char coming through every bite, and appreciated that the sprouts were relieved of their heads and tails properly.7) Vodka Cheng Tng Cocktail ($19): didn't like it. The sticky sweetness of the cheng tng only exacerbated the bitter edge of the vodka, instead of balancing it. 繼續閱讀
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To read my full review of Chopsuey with pictures please visit: http://www.supermommy.com.sg/chopsuey-dempsey-review/Chopsuey Café recently opened up in Dempsey Hill. Being a big fan of “PS. Café”, the brainchild behind Chopsuey, my friends and I decided we had to check it out on our Mom’s Night Out.Type of Cuisine: Chinese Fusion (Chinese with a western touch). Atmosphere: Chopsuey is located in a black & white house in Dempsey Hill. The set-up is very similar to PS. Café Harding, but only half the size. It has both outdoor and indoor seating. Since it was night time we decided to get a table outdoors. We went on the eve of a public holiday, so the restaurant was quite full. There is also a sizable outdoor smoking area with a long sofa and tables.Food: Chopsuey serves a variety of Chinese dishes. We ordered a few different dishes to share. When the food came to our table it not only looked appetizing, but it also smelled really good. Almost everything we ordered was delicious, the only dishes I wouldn’t recommend would be the sweet & sour pork (the taste was off) and the dim sum basket (not worth the money). Maybe it was our Expat taste buds, but we all thought that the food was delicious (unlike what the other reviewers online say). Chopsuey also serves a lot of specialty cocktails, we found the list to be impressive, but the taste of the cocktails was average. As for the desserts, nothing on the menu looked appetizing so after we were done with dinner we decided to find another place in Dempsey Hill for dessert. Chopsuey did give each of us a complimentary “fortune cookie” at the end of the meal – I just love reading fortune cookies! My Chopsuey fortune was “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Beautiful.” 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-04-03
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I have always kept a special lookout for PS Group's projects as they prove the point that concept alone can draw business. In Singapore, at the very least. While the flagship at Paragon kept up their dish standards during their infancy years, the group has never been known for their food offerings. But it's celebrated for the experience - which is usually 80% ambience, 20% food. Judging by that formula, Chop Suey offers a great experience. Its cool, colonial style is just like the Tiffin room (at Raffles Hotel) with a dash of casual chic, perhaps in part because of the greens outside. Or maybe it's the superbly casual American-Chinese style dishes served up in silverware that takes away the potential formality.While the first 20 minutes will have you steeped in awe - it's akin to being transported to a scene in VS Naipaul's novel - your expectations start dipping when the dishes arrive. Strips of beef with orange? We know that Chop Suey is the American interpretation of Chinese cuisine; we respect cross pollination of cultures. But it's the delivery - the technique of ensuring that the pieces of beef arrive hardened and overkilled - that raises the question of how much ambience is worth. The roughly hewn dim sum sets the alarm bells ringing. Some saving graces: homemade soy milk tofu, our lemongrass-ginger cooler and of course, the rather decent desserts (our custard bruleed tart was pleasant enough).So is the ambience worth the price tag (that a kind friend generously picked up). The good ambience was paired with good company, which equated to good times. Everyone wants to have a good experience again; but the good times did not have anything to do with the food. So here's my verdict: Of course I will return - but only between 4-6pm - for decent dessert and a cuppa tea. You can go very right with that. 繼續閱讀
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