Forty Hands is named after the fact that an approximate of 40 hands are required to produce coffee from planting to cupping. 40 Hands aims to support and promote a sustainable coffee economy where growers are paid a fair and decent price for their coffee. Their beans are sourced from a variety of award-winning roasters. 繼續閱讀
12:00 - 22:00
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Tau Sar Pau Carrot Cake Espresso Macchiato
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Visited the restaurant for brunch, it was crowded but we don't have to wait for our table. Overall service was good.We ordered Asian slider with braised pork, Egg Benedict bacon and roasted potatoes, and infamous Tau Sar Bao. Our food was tasty even the restaurant was busy however coffee was okay but not great as it was bitter. Recommend this place if you want savory brunch. 繼續閱讀
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40 Hands is a long-time player in the local cafe scene, located right in the heart of the bustling clave of cafes that is Tiong Bahru. You will find Forty Hands often busy because of its popularity, so it may not be the most conducive for chats. In our case, we found it quitehard to hear each other over the surrounding bustle and overlappingconversations. Still, the hustle and bustle of the cafe makes it a warm place to be if you enjoy the cosy atmosphere. The menu includes the standard brunch items such as the all-encompassing Big Breakfast and French Toast, as well as also cafe favourites like truffle fries. The full menu, revamped occasionally, can be found online. FFT Dou Sar Pau40 Hands Red Bean Paste Bun Tau Sar Pau ($2)For anybody who likes Tau Sar Pau (chinese red bean paste bun) even a little, this is a MUST.The version at 40 Hands is about 1.5 times bigger than the usual size we see in other places, so it justifies slightly the more expensive price ($2). What really makes it amazing is the smoothness of the filling that isn't too sweet. At the same time, thebun itself is fluffy soft to a right. I dare say this is one of the best redbean paste buns in Singapore. A must for me whenever I visit 40 Hands.40 Hands CubanosAnyone who has watched the movie Chef(like me) willwant to have a taste of the decadent Cuban sandwich that was featured prominently. 40 Hands' version comes with pork slices, ham, pickles and melted cheese sandwiched inbetween two toasted panini slices slathered with mustard and mayonnaise. Thereis a side salad served along. The portion was quite large for one.I had to takeaway the other half of the sandwich. Overall, the combination waspretty good and the bread toasted crisp, just the way I liked it. For a fan, thisdefinitely satisfied the craving to try.Eggs CocotteHard to go wrong on this one. The eggs were up toexpectations with the yolk flowing out nicely and runny when cut. However, we felt thatthe taste was a little flat - just poached eggs paired withtoast. Perhaps the eggs/greens could be seasoned more. CoffeeYou can almost always count on 40 Hands to deliver a good cup of coffee, as this is what they pride themselves on. The latte art was very well done for my cup of Flat White. However, note that the coffee here is more for those who prefer it acidic.Complete review on http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2015/12/forty-hands-review-tiong-bahru.html  繼續閱讀
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As I am in the area, I decide to drop by for breakfast. Brunch is served daily from 8am to 4pm. The air-con dine in area is quite packed and so I decide to go to the backyard to dine after paying for my order at the counter. I am given a wooden number tag where food will be served to me at the table.The backyard is non aircon and is a bit quite warm with the spot lights shining down.On every tables, tissue is available in a paper bag, with packets of sugar in a paper cup. Cute isn't it.Flat White ($5/ regular)For a simple cup of coffee, it tastes strong and comes with a beautiful latte art on top.Eggs Benedict served with Juicy steak with side of spicy roasted potatoes ($17)The egg is done just nice for one with its runny yolk, but a bit raw for the other egg. One can see the yolk flowing out like lava.The steak is meaty and juicy.The spicy roasted potatoes is more like cubes of roasted potatoes in tomato paste, with no hint of spiciness.Overall it is a very filling and yummy meal. Food is served quite fast. The place is quite relaxing with its dim lights around. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-20
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This is another idiosyncratic cafe with basic, casual designs and an ambience that screams "make yourselves right at home". One can choose to sit in the comfortable couch seats or perch on the high stools over coffee, chatter and catching up.The aroma of freshly brewing coffee filled the tiny cafe, and at all hours, the wooden seats are always filled up.I began with a good solid cup of Soy Mocha. This silky-smooth cup of coffee is neither too thick or thin, but the rich fragrance of coffee is prominent, infused with the "nutty" flavor of soy milk. The pretty coffee art was a bonus.Next, the Bitter Chocolate Tart - the crust is somewhat crunchy and tastes of the richness of dark chocolate flavor. The sticky ganache filling is another slice of heaven - clinging to the mouth and igniting the senses into a chocolatey awareness. The overall texture of crunchiness and sticky softness was awesome.And there's the slice of Lemon Cheesecake - a very refreshing delight. Fluffy stickiness of cheese cake, hints of saltishness paired with the citrusy frolick of lemon - and I loved the fine layer of biscuit base that supported the cake. This is an absolute slice of perfection to go with piping hot coffee.For more detailed information and photos, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/tea-break-at-forty-hands-coffee-cafe.html 繼續閱讀
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my cafe hopping partner and I went to Forty Hands because we heard that they serve awesome coffee so it was on our to-go cafes checklist. This hipster cafe gets really crowded during the weekends but luckily CC and I managed to get a table. There were 2 storeys and the place was quite cramped and it was as noisy as a local coffeeshop. It will not be an ideal place to chill because seatings are very cramp and you will feel pressurized to leave after finishing your food since there will always people waiting for seats during peak hours. They even serve tau sar pao, kong ba bao.etc which you would not imagine being available in a cafe. Cafe Latte & Flat WhiteThe coffees were aromatic with notes of bitterness that was appropriate for a perk-me-up. They certainly serve quality coffee - one of the best that I had tried.Big Boy Breakfast $18This is not your usual breakfast with sausages and scrambled eggs. The Big Boy Breakfast is served with spicy chipolate sausages, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, bacon, bolognese, flat bread with sour cream and scrambled eggs.The scrambled eggs were really soft, moist and slightly runny. The sausages had a piquant flavour which would be ideal for sharing. There were 2 flat bread but too little sour cream to go with. Nonetheless, this big boy made our tummies satisfied.Salmon Hash $16Salmon poached in creamy potato and mustard sauce, pan-fried onion, toast and fries. The amount of salmon did not really justify for the price. The creamy sauce complemented well with the toast while the skinny fries were slightly salty. Overall, it was a decent brunch with exceptional coffee and average service. 繼續閱讀
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