Arriving by public bus: #302/307( Bus stop number 45321- Yew Tee Station) Arriving by Train: Yew Tee MRT Nearest Car Park: Multi Storey Carpark at CKCKM 2 繼續閱讀
The stall serves Japanese food at Koufu in Yew Tee Point 繼續閱讀
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
Salmon Teriyaki Set Teriyaki Set
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等級4 2014-01-31
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If you are looking for food that is served quickly, avoid this store as the kitchen crew takes REALLY long to cook up a meal.Tempura Udon-SGD6.90The udon was not so delicious.. it tasted like the one I buy from NTUC packet and cook at home myself. The tempura prawns on the other hand, was quite big in portion and a little too oily. Add $1.50 and you get this delicious Chawanmushi! I really love how smooth it was.. and there was a few bits of chicken meat at the bottom.. felt like treasure hunt!Thankfully there was an egg accompanying the udon, which felt really strange to me because it tasted more like chinese cuisine instead of jaapnese. Chicken with Calamari Rings- SGD5.50Priced reasonably, this set was quite average and at a hawker's standard. The service was really slow though. The calamari was deep fried thoroughly and quite oily, and the portion of the rice, I'd say, would only be fitting for a kid's stomach. Thankfully the ingredients and watermelon filled me up !Love how the calamari rings looked golden-brown.. they placed it very neatly too.Close-up of Chicken.Look at how evenly cooked this is. The skin and flour actually sticks to the chicken. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-22
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Thinking to have Ramen as my lunch again, I decided on Fuji Nihon Ryori stall. Offering various Japanese cuisines, Menu was on the board. The foodcourt was new renovated, the stall looked clean and neat. There was no queue thus the waiting was short, my order served within 5 minutes.Normally I will opt for typical milky tonkotsu soup, but not for this time. Having Japanese style hot and spicy Ramen, it enlightened my taste buds immediately. Entire was thick and heavily flavoured, but it never overly salty. Noodles were springy, straight and easy to pull. The soup was cooked along with assorted seafood, portion was generous. Pipping hot while it served, each spoon was super savoury. Price at $5.50, I rated it as reasonable. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-27
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The bentos are on promotion here at this Japanese Stall. Two for $9.90. you get to choose from four of their choices. My sister and I both chose the same one which was the Teriyaki Chicken and Fish Bento. The chicken was deep fried then drizzled with teriyaki sauce. I found the chicken a little dry probably due to the deep frying. The skin was crispy but the meat was a little tough. There was a fish fillet. It was deep fried till pretty crispy, but unfortunately the fish too was a little dry and hard. they provided some mayo for you to dip the fried food. I found the rice a little dry to eat as there was no sauce to go along with it. the teriyaki sauce was only drizzled on the chicken so there was not enough to go with the rice. I ended up adding miso soup to the rice to make it less dry. Even though I finished everything up, but I still don't feel satisfied with the meal. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-03-19
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The Japanese food at yew tee's koufu is really yummy. I ordered the Japanese chicken Katsu curry. They were quite generous with curry portion. It came with a soup as well. Unlike some Japanese stall, this stall gave a slice of potato instead of the usual mashed potato. I would prefer mashed potato to potato slice. The chicken was very crispy. Not bad. 繼續閱讀
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