Arriving by public bus: #32,100,105,111,145,147,196,198,642,97,NR5(BUS STOP NUMBER B11161- Commonwealth Stn) Arriving by Train: Exit A, 5 mins walk- (EW20 Commonwealth MRT) Nearest Carpark: Beside Tanglin Halt food Centre 繼續閱讀
The stall is located at Tanglin Halt Food Centre 繼續閱讀
10:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 20:00
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This has been my regular stall to go to, as I lived close by and would like to have something healthy for lunch.Thunder Tea Rice is a Hakka dish, where you have white or brown rice and its topped with 4 to 5 types of vegetables/ tofu and peanuts.It comes with a bowl of puree/ grinded vegetables (including parsley). You can choose to add hot water to the puree, effectively getting a soup. or you can add this puree to your rice and mix it all up.The stall also sells Yong Tau Foo. They have a variety of yong tau foo that are home-made: Brinjal, bittergourd, tau gwa, chilli, mushroom. These are sold ala carte and can be added to your thunder tea rice.They also have braised pig trotters on offer.The stall's offerings used to taste better. But their standard seems to have dropped in my last visit. In my most recent visit, I had fried anchioves on top ogf my rice, which I find a little strange, as other stalls did not have this at all. Will give them a shot in future to see if standards are up again. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2014-02-09
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The presentation and aroma is very pleasant, I ordered the brown rice, the boss didn't add the hot water into the tea paste when I was away to buy dessert next door, when I returned, then he added the hot water to make the tea soup for me to ensure hotness and freshness. The boss is very thoughtful, I have to say after eating it, it is one of the best thunder tea I've tried. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-31
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The Making of ThunderTea was troublesome and fussy, a lot of veggies need to get prepared. The important thing was the soup, combination of spices and mint leaves and it was effectively to cure flu. The stall was opened since long time ago, famous about Hakka dishes. Queue was for sure during lunch hours. Except ThunderTea, boss was also selling Yong Tau Foo and Ban Mian. The stall was relatively bigger than others, clean and neat.Followed my colleague came here once, I missed their food again. Looking at the rice, it was so appetizing although most the ingredients were veggies. But trust me, it was gonna be the great mix of rice ever. I prefer to eat mine separately with soup, one by one. I stirred up the rice evenly and started eating, it was delicious. Hot hearty soup was good to consume afterwards, filling and satisfying meal for $4.50. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-12
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I didn't like it with my first experience eating thunder rice a few years ago but eventually I fell in love with it and now I will even have cravings for it. Thankfully now there is this stall at my neighourhood and this husband and wife team are very friendly people and take customer's comment well. Their portion is good and the vegetables are crunchy and tasty. Must try their Hakka Yong Tau Fo, they are spread with minced meat and fish paste and really delicious and per piece at 60 cents. 繼續閱讀
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