Arriving by Bus: #57, 100, 107, 961, 980.Bus-Stop No. 014621 Bus-Stop Name; Nopp Shaw Tower Nearest Train Station; Bugis Station 繼續閱讀
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Jai Thai offers authentic Thai food at a pocket-friendly price. 繼續閱讀
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Prawn Cake Tom Yum Seafood
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等級3 2013-08-03
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Whenever I have craving for thai food, I will visit Jai Thai because of its reasonable and authentic thai food. As I would like to try out few of their dishes, I ordered their pineapple rice set meal which consist of pineapple rice and 4 sides, drinks and dessert of the day. The 4 sides include Spring Roll, green curry chicken, fish with chilli sauce and pandan chicken. Their pineapple rice was tasty and fragrant and along with the green curry was even better. However, it would have been better if the pandan chicken have a stronger pandan flavour. Lastly, it only cost $9.80 for set, thus it is definitely worth it. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-19
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This establishment is known for cheap and good Thai food! The food here is really yummy with everything I have tried being good. One dish that I really enjoy is the spring rolls. These rolls are fried to perfection and are very crispy and yummy. The filling is flavoursome, and the outside is really crunchy complementing the soft interiors. They are also not expensive costing about $5/plate. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-17
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Jai Thai is affordable Thai food in the heart of the city, only costing $6.50 for the green curry set, they also include drinks (ice-lemon tea or lime juice) as well as a dessert of the day. that day, i had a little slice of mango pudding. the dessert wasn't nice, but the main course was real authentic Thai food. the service crew was Thai, and i assumed that the chef must have been Thai too because it tasted exactly the way Thais would cook it, sour, and not modified recipes! i love the abundance of chickens that they gave as well. I love Thai food because of this restaurant, would definitely come back again! 繼續閱讀
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Hidden among shophouses is a place that serves authentic thai food! Nice attitude from the staffs, and food are being served timely too... Mixed Platters ($7.00) consists of Fish cake, Prawn cake, Thai Spring Rolls, and Deep Fried Beancurd. It's actually a mixture of all their appetizers. Nothing special, but it's still nicely fried Fried Kailan Chinese Mushroom ($5.00) that has crunchy vegetables, but not so flavory.Pandan Chicken ($4.00 for 2 pieces) is quite oily, but put aside the overcooked corners, it's yummy!Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil ($6.00). Sweet with a little spicy sauce is drenched over chicken basil and the soft, bouncy tofu.Deep fried fish with pepper and garlic ($6.00). Came in small chunk size, but meat is soft, making it easy to chew. Great for kids!Pineapple rice ($4.00). Rice is quite mushy, and topped with what I think is chicken floss? Not sure if the mushy-ness is supposed to their style, but I quite like it.Green Curry Chicken ($5.00). Curry is thick and sweet, and suitable to go with rice.Overall their food are quite delicious, and with its reasonably priced food, it does save several degree burns off your pocket! For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/05/jai-thai-restaurant.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-25
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The crowds at this laid back and unpretentious Thai cafe attest to its popularity. Jai Thai has a reputation of serving affordably priced & fairly authentic Thai food for the masses. It serves set meals priced at $6.80+ or $8.80+ which offers a choice of beverages together with a piece of Thai dessert. The $6.80 sets are usually a noodle dish or plain rice served with either green curry or tom yum soup. The $8.80 set comprises either pineapple rice or olive rice served with four side dishes.I opted for the olive rice which was served with thai style crispy fish, green curry with fried taukwa,mango salad and sauteed thai kailan. This set is good for solo diners who can try a few dishes from the a la carte menu at a price that is very easy on the pocket, with change left for $10. The olive rice was a little too mushy and bland for my liking, but scooping some of the green curry gravy over it enhanced the taste but made the rice even mushier. The thai style crispy fish was only mildly spicy, but the shredded mango salad packed a punch. The green curry lifted the fried taukwa chunks which would otherwise e a run off the mill dish. 繼續閱讀
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