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Match is a restaurant|bar concept offering modern American cuisine with a wide range of customization, from the choice of protein, to the preferred method of preparation, sauce, accessories and sides. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-27
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MATCH Restaurant & Lounge located at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore serve modern American cuisine with late night bar serving as well. The interior design gives a classy and contemporary chic feeling. The ambience of the restaurant gives a romantic feel for couples and also comfortable feel for group gathering events as well.My foodie partner and I decided to try out the foods here after seeing good reviews from social media. We started off with complimentary homemade walnut and raisin bread. The bread is soft and fluffy inside which we can't help having it more than one.Our choice of starter was Ceviche Barramundi S$17.00. Simply refreshing and fresh. Presented in a colourful servings left a deep impression. The diced seabass (barramundi) blends well with the assorted ingredients such as chilli and mint leaves.Slightly sweet twist and refreshing after taste.As for the mains, diners get to customize to your preferences. There are options for sauces for the meat and two sides to go with it. We had 250g striploin drizzled with shallot and red wine sauce and sauted mushrooms and onion tart as the sides S$45.00. Did I mentioned that you can get your preferred way of cooking as well? We chose char grilled and medium done for the beef. The beef texture was tender and juicy for my liking. I am already missing it while drafting the post now.Next, Pan Fried Atlantic Cod with Champagne Caviar Sauce with squid ink risotto and zucchini served as sides S$38.00. The cod fish was fresh, tender and soft. It's like melting into your mouth when you taste it.We also ordered Mac & Cheese S$10.00 which i think it's just taste normal. It's cheesy and filling given the portion and value. But I think it's not worth coming to Match to try this though. There are many others interesting dishes to try.Complimentary candy cotton served. Definitely a sweet treat!We ended the dinner with Ultimate Match Sundae Dessert S$21.00. It comes in a huge bowl with four big scoops of ice-cream choice of vanilla, chocolate, oreo and raspberry sorbet. Toppings include meringue, different types of fruits and biscuits. Combination of sweetness, crunchy bites when you have everything in one go. And of course the highlight of the dessert is the fireworks gimmick. Definitely gives a smile on the face!Wonderful dinner experience with good customer service. Although the prices are on higher side, I personally feel that it's worth with the foods quality and also the services. The staffs here are well-trained and knowledgeable on the foods serving.It's also a nice bar for chilling and relaxing. Those who wish to come for a drink who be enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant. We spent S$151.80 for the dinner. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-11-17
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The restaurant occupies the former hip club Royal Room and is the Prive’s Group latest dining concept, which is a one-stop spot for diners to eat and chill till late. It is a restaurant cum bar. What is unique about this restaurant is that it allows customers to customise their mains, by matching your own mains, sauce and side dishes. The restaurant is located just outside of the entrance of the hotel. The place is done up in a classy way with black, grey and white tones. There is cute drawings on the wall. There is also a nice looking bar counter in the restaurant area. Behind the restaurant, it links to the bar with the toilet in between.Tonight we are having its Restaurant Week Dinner Menu at $35++ per person. As we are early, we have a seat outside in outdoor dining area, while waiting for the restaurant to be ready. Seem like it has been an area for the smokers. From there, my impression of the restaurant starts to go down hill. As we are one of the earliest customers of the day, we are showed to a booth seat table. My dining mate find the table quite dirty and has to get the staff to give it a wipe. The cutlery is not too clean too. She also has an issue with the seat too.We start the meal some hot complimentary bread served on a board with some unsalted butter and sea salt.StarterPretzel-Crusted Blue Swimmer Crab & Prawn Cakes (usual $18)Shaved Fennel, Mango Mustard MayonnaiseThe cake is crispy on the outside and juicy with crabmeat inside.Ham Hock Croquette (usual $16)Garden Pea Puree, Jamon Iberico, Poached Quail's EggInside the crispy croquette, it is filled with soft mash and ham. The ham reminds me of chinese sausage with its taste. The quail's egg is nicely poached with lava like yolk inside.MainChar-Grilled 150-Day Grain-Finished Black Angus Skirt Steak (usual $29)Roasted Bone Marrow, Baby Carrots, Red Wine-Shallot SauceI have it ordered middle rare and it looks just nice. But the texture of the meat is too tough to be chewed, as it has a bit of too much veins in it (especially the centre part). It is my first time Pan-Roasted Striped Bass (usual $30)Sauteed Brocolinnis, Squid Ink Risotto Cake, Champagne-Caviar SauceThe fish looks a bit dry but it tastes alright. The risotto cake is a bit too salty.DessertWarm Pear & Pecan Brioche & Butter Pudding (usual $12)Salted Caramel & Pecan Ice CreamThe pudding is wrapped like a deep fried spring roll and served pipping hot. Crispy on the out side and wonderfully sweet and soft inside. Pairing with the ice cold ice cream, it is such a great combination. I think it is the best dish out of the whole meal.Brownie CheesecakePeanut Butter Crumble, Banana Toffee SauceThe cheesecake has an uneven texture, with the inside rather soft, while the outer is rather dry. The chopped banana has melt in the mouth texture. It is a nice combination, except for the char burnt honey comb which leaves a bitter aftertaste.Pecan Ice Cream ($3.50++)For a single scoop of ice cream, it is beautifully decorated in glass with burnt pear around. Inside the ice cream, there is a big piece of pecan nut. Quite nice and yummy.Overall the food still needs a lot of improvement, especially for the mains. The service is a bit uneven. The staff has mistakenly served our starters to the next table who arrive later than us, which another staff apologizes for it later. 繼續閱讀
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