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Mexout was inspired by the healthy varieties of Mexican food. It is a chipotle-style, fast and casual eatery. Patrons can choose from a burrito, taco, rice or salad bowl meal and then select their choice of fillings, sides and homemade salsas. 繼續閱讀
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First time trying Mexican food and my friend suggested MexOut. Went there after office hours, place is inaccessible but very happening cause of happy hours. The restaurant has a very cozy feeling, with indoor seating and al fresco. I had the normal taco with beef, while my friend had the corn taco with pork. We also ordered a nachos with pork to share. The smell of the food was mouth-watering, and the taste certainly did not disappoint. Would recommend the corn taco, it brings much more taste to the taco. We added guacamole to our tacos, which made it more delicious. I felt that the pork was a better choice than beef, as the pork was softer and juicier. The nachos is unlike those we get at the cinemas, it's thinner and crispier, and the juicy pork made it more yummy. Definitely a must try! Would love to go back this Mexican restaurant to try their other food! 繼續閱讀
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If your impression of mouth-watering Mexican food is that of Burritos and Tacos topped with over-flowing goodness, you probably need to check MEXOUT, out. MEXOUT prides itself as one of the very, very few Mexican food bistros in Singapore. And to add to that, it is one which serves good Mexican food at very reasonable prices.Hidden in Far East Square amidst rows of cafes and bistros, its exterior does not actually scream Mexico as much as its food does. Its interior, modeled after a basement, is cozily decorated and furnished with well-adorned shelves, sofas and candle-lit tables. And this is where the fun begins.FLEXI: Having no fixed menu, MEXOUT forces the cravings out of you by allowing you to design your own Burrito, or Taco, according to how you would best like it made. Although I was a little overwhelmed initially at its variety of ingredients (which is arguably a good thing), I was able to successfully customize my own personal Burrito and Taco in just 6 short steps. You can make it a meal deal, which comes with chips and a drink, at simply $6 more.EASY: MEXOUT mainly serves the lunchtime crowd, and its Burritos, conveniently wrapped in foil, provides a quick and easy fix for people who wants to avoid the “tissue-packet” apocalypse of hawker centers. Its owner, Australia-born Marcus Jilla stresses that the bistro boosts a completely different feel during lunch and dinner. With the lights dimmed, and happy hour ongoing from 6-8pm (alcoholic drinks start from a mere $7), it will be the place to hang out with your friends.MESSY: In my opinion, no Burrito or Taco can be considered good if the ingredients are not packed till they spill out of the wrap. And it is awesome that the people at Mexout are so generous with their portions.Chips ($5 with salsa / $6 with guacamole) & Nachos ($15): You may complement your main course with sides such as Chips & Guacamole or Nachos. The Nachos is large enough to be shared among a group of 4, and it comes topped with cheese, beans, rice, and your preferred choice of meat(s). If you would like some Mexican-styled spiciness for your Burritos, Tacos or Chips, do ask for a small plate of Salsa Picante sauce to excite your taste buds.Tacos (3 for $13): The choice of the day for me is undoubtedly the Cochinita Pibil Taco topped with Mango Pineapple Salsa dressing and Tasty Cheese. The main ingredient for this taco is Diced Pork Shoulder braised in orange juice, spices and banana leaves. And the chef has somehow managed to infuse and lock all the aromas of the spices into the pork, while still maintaining the meat’s tender chewiness. Every bite is thus a flavorful, juicy interplay with the sweet salsa sauce and cheese topping. The little amount of fats on the pork also came to accentuate the fragrance of the slow-cooked pork, making every mouthful of the taco a savory delight.Burrito (Regular, 12-inch) ($12): A Beef Barbacoa Burrito topped with Salsa Fresca dressing. The shredded beef brisket dry roasted with cumin, chili and beer went well with the slight spiciness, as well as sourness of this particular salsa sauce. We also had Char-Grilled Chicken Burrito topped with Salsa Verde dressing. The chicken was very fragrantly marinated with spices such as paprika and black pepper, but was a little dry for me however.Burrito (Mini, 8-inch) ($9): Coming in close with the above said dish of the day is the Char-Grilled Carne Asada Burrito topped with Mango Pineapple Salsa dressing and Sour Cream. We had this in mini sized (yes, Mexout provides this option for those of you just itching for a bite) and it did not disappoint. In fact, it is The Chosen Glutton’s favourite dish. Likewise, the air-flown New Zealand Flank Steak was extremely tender and well marinated in cilantro and paprika. There is also a very slight but satisfying beefy smell to the steak, and it contrasted well with the light sour cream topping.I say: Bring along a few friends if you do decide to visit Mexout. They have a nice ambience for chilling and talking, and you can make use of that opportunity to create a variety of Burritos and Tacos amongst your friends, so as to share and have a taste of all that Mexout has to offer. Be prepared also, to eat like Mexicans do, and get Mex-xy with salsa sauces dripping all over your bare hands.Yes, they provide serviettes.Note #1: Reservations are commonly only taken for groups of 6 or more.Note #2: They do delivery for the nearby offices as well. 繼續閱讀
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