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Prata Wala aims to serve the most delicious North and South Indian food in a chic and casual ambience. 繼續閱讀
Chicken Biryani Tandoori Naan
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等級4 2013-08-25
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Long queues start at around 10pm, and sometimes you have to wait up to twenty minutes. The seating arrangement is extremely squeezy, and as expected there are a lot of Indians in the restaurant which makes the atmosphere rather interesting There is also a washing basin at the corner because usually the culture of Indians would require people not to eat with cutleries.We sat on stools instead of chairs for our back!Despite us being there at about 9pm, they still had an electronic device in which it will ring only after they have gotten the food ready. This proves that all the flour-based items are freshly made , and therefore it is WORTH the wait.Plain Naan ($2.90 ea)This large piece of prata is extremely worth it! Crispy and yet doughy, it is the kind of bread that even the Europeans may have difficulty trying to replicate. This takes some skill to make, seriously.Chicken Tikka ($6.80)The chicken tikka was delicious, and i felt they were a little stingy in their pieces... $6.80 for 7 pieces, its quite sad. But it went along well with my Naan.Green spinach curryThis curry goes along with the Chicken Tikka for free, and it tasted really exquisite! I really love it Look at how delicious it is...I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the service. LAST but not least,Paneer Butter cheese ($6.90)This is the best of yet. Maybe because I'm such a huge fan of cheese, and there are cottage cheese inside which made it so yummy!Cottage Cheese in Paneer ButterLook at the large cubes of cottage cheese. They were rather stingy with the amount though.. I think there were less than 6 pieces 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-20
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I accompanied a friend for a dinner, he was a vegan and told me that he likes to go Prata Wala. I never thought Prata Wala sold vegetarian food before, because it was famous about their prata with curry, Nasi Briyani with meat or Murtabak. It was a pure vegetarian platter. I was also surprise that Prata Wala was selling vegetarian food for vegan. Just like economy rice outside, you may pick whatever food you want, the price might varies depends on the dish. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-09
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I was here at Prata Wala to try out their prata and tandoori. It is located on the first floor of Jurong Point new extension, near one of the entrances.Ice Plum Limau - $3.20 sounds expensive but what you pay is what you get. Lime and plum tastes very distinct in the cup of ice water. Love it!Tandoori Nan Set - $11.50 was great! 2 pieces of grilled chicken orangey red in color placed on the shiny metallic plate. The aromatic grilled fragrance was irresistible. The set comes with a small cup of briyani rice and 3 types of sauces to paired with the set. Amongst the three different sauces available, I love the minty flavour sauce out of all. It is quite refreshing to be paired with the nan. The briyani rice are soft and sauce are warm. I had to skip the chilli sauce as it was simply too oily - thick layer of oil can be seen on top of the cup.Egg Onion Prata - $3 and Plaster Prata - $2.80Both prata are quite crispy in the center but had a tougher outer layer. I loves the 2 kinds of bites that this prata has. Even though the cup of gravy is too little for 2 big pratas, the pratas alone tastes great even without it!Service was still acceptable. However customers has to be patient, as the waiting time could be quite long. The drinks and food are served separately, therefore don't be surprised if the given buzzer alarmed a few times on your order. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-05
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If i ever remembered correctly.....prata used to cost way less than a dollar... Be it at any stall unless you are dining at Raffles Hotel then i would have nothing to say about it.... Nowadays, you cant say anything much... because what was simple at a normal coffee shop is now a restaurant... ok i get it... authentic singaporean food blah blah blah... but like really... just dont be so expensive... With a prata costing around say 1plus to 2 plus... cant remember the price as we ordered in bulk... i cant say how pathetic the quality might get sometimes... This place was ok only because i have tasted more awesome pratas else where... if you are thinking... "go other place and eat la.. complain so much" My response will be " every place deserves a comment" Anyways... i doubt il be heading back here to eat anymore... My thought was like wah so expensive... i better get gold out after i eat sia... 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-28
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I ordered two egg prata from prata wala. The prata is really large in size. I just finish one piece and my curry finished, the lady was nice to help me refill the curry. I like their curry a lot, it is not too spicy. I like those curries which are sourish, it goes really well with the prata. The curry is not too thick, more of the watery kind but the flavor is rich. I think the service here is really good. 繼續閱讀
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