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Saizeriya is a casual Italian restaurant dedicated to providing quality everyday dining at affordable prices, with no GST and service charge. 繼續閱讀
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Cheese Hamburger Steak Chicken Doria
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等級3 2014-03-18
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We were around the Bukit Timah area and decided to have our lunch at Saizeriya. As far as I could remember, the food are cheap and the quality is good for the price.Genovese spaghetti ($5.9)The spaghetti was done al-Dante, paired with fresh basil sauce, olive oil and cheese. The sauce was on the oily side but was rather fragrant. Look at the color! It looked so green that I wondered if they had added any coloring. Spaghetti chicken bolognese ($3.9)This tomato sauce was light and sweet, the perfect taste to entertain kids. The serving was just right, enough to make you feel full but still leaving spaces for sides or desserts.Pork with black pepper chicken steak ($8.9)If you can't decide whether you want to have pork or chicken, don't need to crack your head over it, this dish offered you both. The meat was fine, just like how it is expected from food court, nothing fancy but nothing screwed up either. We liked it that the black pepper sauce was served separately and not poured on the meat, so that we can enjoy the dipping games .Seafood chowder ($3.4)There were clams, and some vegetables in this creamy soup. At this price, I have tasted many worst off version. I was actually quite surprise that this one turned out fine. It was above my expectation given the price paid.Butter corn ($2.9)It was ... buttery! The corn was slightly overcooked though.Focaccia with garlic butter ($2.2)Actually it looked more like naan. The bread was rather chewy and we had it last. Just chew on and on .... while waiting for the rest to finish their food.Chicken wing ($3.95)We ordered the 4-piece set. The chicken wings were crispy, but not burnt, while the meat was juicy and tender. I can't find fault with this one at all, this is something that I will come back for.For additional $3.9, you get to complete your meal with a small salad and get drink bar free refill. If you are not keen for the salad, you can just pay $2.8 for the drink bar free refill. Overall, the food here wasn't great, it was kind of sub standard but certainly worth the price you paid for. As long as you adjust your expectation accordingly you will be pleasantly surprised. For us, we enjoyed our meals and we love the wide variety of food offered here.   繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-11-03
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Definitely one of the restaurants that I will always go back to! Saizeriya serves very affordable italian food and they have their restaurants around Singapore. Even though the portion size is not alot, I would always order a few dishes to share with my family or friends. My personal favourite dishes are the salmon pizza, salmon baked rice, agolio olio and of course the escargots. I like the escargots buttery and not too much garlic and the ones in Saizeriya fits exactly what I want. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-28
87 瀏覽
If you are looking for an Italian restaurant that sells affordable food, then Saizeriya is the place you are looking for. And the prices are all nett!I've tried most of the items on the menu but I am sharing those I feel is definitely worth ordering! Foccacia with Garlic Butter (SGD2.20 nett)This is super yummy if you love garlic!I loveeee garlic!! It is super fragrant and it was served hot so it was very fresh in a sense!!It was a little oily though!Oven Grilled Escargots (SGD5.90 nett)Had this both times I went Saizeriya and the first time I had it, it was freaking dope!!!The garlic was crispy and the escargots were coated thickly in them!!And where else can you find escargots at such a low price!Genovese Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)I love the sauce but this is best eaten when hot! Look at the price, $5.90 nett. Squid Ink Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)Yummy with the al-dente spaghetti and I certainly believe that you can't find squid ink pasta that's any cheaper than this anywhere around!Tiramisu Cake (SGD4.90 nett)You can taste the rum and it was moist enough! Panna Cotta (SGD4.90 nett)It has this milky eggy taste.Chocolate Lava (SGD5.90)No lava one lehhhh, and the vanilla icecream was already melting when it was served to me.I guess dark chocolate lovers will enjoy this since it's kind of bitter? I love it but I wish the lava was more molten!Free flow drinks with every meal purchased at SGD2.80 nett if I didn't remember wrongly.They have a drinks station with so many kind of drinks, hot or cold!Everything about here is good. 繼續閱讀
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This branch is quieter than the one in Liang Court. The staff are very friendly and helpful, the only issue is, when the crowd comes, they do get understaffed! Was here to do some grocery shopping and decide to enter to fill my stomach. We ordered the Salmon Pizza, Chicken Gratin and Squid Ink Pasta.Salmon Pizza: A first time for me because I've never had "fish" with pizza. It was a little weird combination but the taste was okay, it'll take time for me to accept. Squid Ink Pasta: Tasty and fun to eat because it makes your teeth all black which makes it great for taking funny photos. Chicken Gratin: Creamy and rich to eat. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-10-15
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It is my first time trying out saizeriya despite hearing so much from others before about this restaurant. The prices of the food at saizeriya is really cheap and the portion of their food is also quite big! I decided to order the bacon pasta and it was quite cheap as it was only around $6 plus for that. Saw from the menu that their recommended side dish is the chicken wings and decided to try that as well. The chicken wings did not disappoint as it was quite nice actually. The pasta was really a big portion and i could not even finish it. Overall for the price that we are paying, i would say that it is indeed worth it. Service was also great as the person serving us is always smiling and have a great attitude too! 繼續閱讀
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