Arriving by Bus: #123/143/587/590/598, Bustop Name: Orchard Plaza, Bustop No.: 08137. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: Orchard Central 繼續閱讀
Sarang, or Love in Korean, delivers an authentic gastronomical experience that is enhanced with current, mainstream Korean pop music and Urban Culture in a vibrant setting. Sitting on the 7th floor of Orchard Central, the view of Singapore's downtown cityscape completes a memorable dining experience. 繼續閱讀
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Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) Carbonara Tteokboki Saengseon Jeon
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等級3 2014-03-11
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Good:- Located on the 7th storey of Orchard Central mall, the alfresco dining style creates a nice and chilling ambience. In addition, the decorations makes one feel as if he is dining in a garden.- Staff service is great.Not-so-good:- The food tastes average at best. Ordered bimbimbap but it tastes different from others that i have eaten outside. Not as fragrant and delicious, in my opinion. Also ordered the grilled pork but they taste too dry and hard. Overall:Will probably not return again as there are many better ones out there. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-03
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As much as I love Japanese Korean cuisines, it had always been regret for not visiting Sarang Korean Bistro. I decided to have my dinner over there, with my beloved. Served up Tapas in their Menu, it was fresh new dining experience with nicely customized food creations. Located at Level 7 of Orchard Central, the restaurant was not too crowded. Definitely a stylish modern and exciting environment, interior was very clean cut without complicated decors. At one glance, its patrons were mostly young adults. Firstly, I tasted their pork belly, it was wine-marinated. Grilled and served with Kimchi on sizzling hotplate, pork was flavourful and aromatic. Next was boneless beef, a mess of mouth-watering plate. Savour the succulent Korean Beef, platter was sweet and delectable. Texture was chewy-soft delightful, mashed potato and broccoli was served aside. We sharing these dishes, portion were rather huge. Price wise, I would say it was not cheap yet value for money indeed. Ended our dinner, overall was satisfied with impressive service too. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-11-30
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Went to this Korean place despite hearing bad comments from my friends before only because of the Groupon discount and my liking for Korean food. Thus I thought yeah why not give the place a try then I think I will jump to the conclusion now that the standard here is really way below my expectations. I would never visit the place again. The only commendable point is just that the place has good ambiance at the alfresco seating area.Had Beef Japchae ($8) and Scallion pancake ($8.50). The former was 95% glass noodles with shreds of capsicum with only a few pathetic beef shreds. The latter was worse, just pancake dough and perhaps some bacon strips could be seen.Ordered the Army Stew ($32), Bibimbap ($14), Yuzu Chic ($20) as our mains. The stew was alright. Bibimbap was not served in a stone pot and it was cold by the time everything was mixed together. The Yuzu Chicken could not be worse as the chunks of meat were near to tasteless. Side dishes was pathetically limited with only three sides. There were four of us and the only serving given was surprisingly small that I mistakenly assumed initially that everyone was supposed to have their own set of side dishes separately.My conclusion, as mentioned, the place has poor standards. Seriously wonder how this place could have survived still so far till now. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-17
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Had visited them for a few times using Groupon. Prices would be expensive without using GrouponThe ginseng chicken soup, is quite expensive and small portion (enough for 1 to 2 person), cost $29. The soup is quite little, but it taste quite good! I like it!The Spicy BBQ Chicken is just mild spicy, sweet and yummy! Their free sides, kimchi is very nice! We refill a few times. Definitely will patronise again when there are groupon promotion again! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-09-29
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Not the first time there and brought friends there for a belated birthday celebration.Coming into this restaurant feels like stepping into Korea. Real Korean servers welcome you, Korean music blasting and authentic Korean food served onto the table.The seafood army stew's broth is not too spicy and best of all, it is not oily and does not give a jelak feel unlike the one I have tasted at bibigo. Only disappointment is that the portion is not very big and honestly as a Korean soup lover I would really wish for more broth to be serve for tis dish.Seafood pancakes taste best when it is combined with the sauce. Totally not oily at all and I am sure it will please any healthy conscious people as well.Ja Jung Myun serve there is not too sweet and goes really well with the noodle. Personally I am not a sweet tooth and this dish is my favourite from this restaurant. With a lot of onion bits and (I suppose Chicken Meat) bits and pieces of meat that complement perfectly with the noodle and black sauce. I am no gourmet expert but with this dish? I am sold. 繼續閱讀
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