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At Spice Sutra - North Indian Restaurant, you will be spoilt for choice by the wide ranging styles of dishes that have been cooked to perfection by our chefs. Their exemplary cooking techniques and knowledge of the spices will ensure a gastronomical experience for you and your loved ones. With a vast and exotic array of North Indian cuisine that will definitely tantalize your taste buds, Spice Sutra is the ultimate destination for North Indian foodies who only desire the best at an affordable price. To complete your dining experience with us, we also seek to serve our guests with the best of attitudes. 繼續閱讀
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Chicken Mansurian Fish Jhalfrezi
食評 (8)
等級4 2013-02-04
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Spice sutra was a nightmare. Literally. It was supposed to be a birthday dinner. But nope, doesn’t even come close to a celebration. It was just a realization. That this was terrible and no, we weren’t going back. First we had recommended starters of fried mushrooms. Like canned button mushrooms. You’re kidding right. Then there was our order of briyani. It was alright. But hardly had much taste. The naan was the ultimate last straw. My order of a Kashmiri Naan left me speechless. Dried maraschino cherries? I kid you not. And I wish I was kidding. It was terrible. Have they not seen Kashmiri before? It’s supposed to be dried fruit and nut friends. NOT preserved cherries. Needless to say, I won’t be there again. Their only saving grace was the attentive service. But given that we were the only diners there, who else could they put their attention on? 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-07-17
57 瀏覽
I still remember my first encounter with Spice Sutra a few years back. After reading good reviews about the restaurant on another website, my partner and I decide to check out the place. However we made a last minute U-turn at the restaurant's doorstep as there were hardly any customers. Thanks to Charlene from www.missuschewy.com asking me along for a food tasting session at Spice Sutra, I am able to judge for myself whether the reviews are truth.Spice Sutra serves Northern Indian cuisine and it has an extensive menu of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian starters and mains. In addition, you can also have Naan & Roti, Rice & Briyani, Kebab Roll, Soup and Dessert on their menu.The Mix Grill Hotplate ($31.90) came with an assortment of the chef's selection of meats marinated with oriental spices and grilled. A good starter where you get to try bits of everything that the restaurant offers.The Samosa Chaat ($5.90) is a best try. This is like an open faced version of the Samosa we usually have. It has chick peas, boiled potatoes, yogurt, ketchup, chopped onions, lime squeeze and spicy garnish. Don't be deceived by the greenish sauce, that is the highlight of this dish.Spice Sutra offers 6 types of Naan on their menu. We had the Butter Naan ($3.50) and Garlic Naan ($3.90) served in a nice basket and sliced into smaller pieces. The Naans were fluffy and not oily.To go with the Naan, we went for the Butter Chicken ($15.90) so that we can dip it into the gravy and scoop the tender boneless tandoori chicken.We also ordered the Mutton Masala ($15.90) which was very good. The mutton cubes cooked in spicy gravy was very soft and tender.The Prawn Biryani ($15.90) was the surprise for the night. The Basmati rice absorbed the aromatic flavours from the spices and retained the moisture making the rice very fragrant. Spice Sutra definitely is a place where spices and taste matters most.After all the savoury food, we decided to try the carrot dessert on the menu. It is a warm dessert with sweeten carrot strips. The taste and texture was rather unique to me, kind of like eating fruit cake. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-01-18
38 瀏覽
I personally love this place and my friend decided to bring me here since it was my birthday week! This restaurant is perfect for dates as it has a lovely romantic ambiance in the evenings. Another great benefit is that its hardly crowded on weekdays which makes you feel like you have the place to yourself. They often play good bollywood music which adds the perfect touch.My friend recommended the samosa chaat which fell under appetizers. I immediately fell in love with it after just one bite! the samosa was crispy and the filling in it; mostly potatoes and other ingredients tantalized my taste buds. There were also tomato and cucumber slices on the sides. It was really good and it's definitely something I would recommend!Next, we ordered a serving of vegetable biryani, vegetable jalfrezi (mixture of vegetables) as well as aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) and last but not least, butter naan's. The biryani was served piping hot and included mixed vegetables among other spices. The rice used was basmati (long grains of rice), which is said to be low in cholesterol. The vegetable jalfrezi was a little spicy but average on the whole as I've tasted better. However, they were generous with the vegetables in the dish and even included paneer (indian cheese). The Aloo gobi was good and had just the right amount of spiciness. It went perfectly with the soft butter naan's; I loved the texture of the naan's as it was so easy to tear them up into bite size pieces. I must say they were a little oily but they are butter naan's after all I ended the meal with a chilled cranberry juice!Overall, the meal was exquisite! Staff was very promt with water re-fills, the manager would come around every now and then to ask us how the food was and etc, the ambiance was delightful and best of all, we were the only customers around. It was a perfect birthday lunch! unfortunately, we were too stuffed for dessert! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-11-04
28 瀏覽
Northern Indian cuisine has never been cheap but they do taste good, well at least for some. Over at spice sutra some time back, I came for a day of buffet expecting not the best nor the worst.To begin with, the food spread was not much to begin with. Dessert took up just 2 slots, not too sure what they are but there's some soup dessert and some ball. It tasted gingerly sweet while the latter was way too sweet. Not my cup of tea.Choices of rice include the typical white and baspati rice. Neither were fragrant. The same goes for the naan.Other dishes included tandoori chicken, butter chicken curry, mutton curry, dhal.Nothing to shout about, service was only ok. However, the male boss here is very service oriented.All in all, a buffet you can miss. Maybe I'll try ala-carte the next time. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-09-06
39 瀏覽
Armed with some $60 off vouchers, our hungry party of 6 ordered our favorites from their every extensive menu. 1) Mixed Grill Set - served sizzling hot in a hot plate. All the meat were tender, well marinated and grilled. A good start to our meal. 2) Butter Chicken - very nice dish but us scrapping the last bit of gravy 3) 6 other assorted dishes of fish, prawn, mutton, chicken and Vege - all good tasting with their distinct flavour from the different spices! I must say the Spinach with Cheese dish was not that good. So skip that. It's a good enough makan place for north indian cuisine but I may not return as I don't stay in this area. From where I live, I personally find that Haveli (see my review on Haveli) serve just as good food, if not better. 繼續閱讀
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