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Sun Ray Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe offering Western food and specialty coffee roasted in-house by certified baristas with a cosy, welcoming and intimate ambience. 繼續閱讀
09:30 - 22:00
09:30 - 22:00
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Situated 2 doors down from "The Coffee Daily", is Sun Ray Cafe, you can find parallel parking HDB spot right in front of it, on a monday night at 8pm, there was parking, the cafe had 4 other tables occupied and an owner brought a dog too which made me somewhat excited to see dogs and their owners dining in the same restaurant. Maybe I'll bring my dog here too next time!So considering "The Coffee Daily"'s infamous rainbow cake priced at $10 nett usually gets sold out in the afternoon, and it was indeed sold out when I got there at 8pm, the Sun Ray Cafe also sells rainbow cake! Rainbow cake - $8+So this is probably not their best selling point, but hey! if you are craving a rainbow cake at $8+, it will satisfy your cravings, the cake was pretty much frozen when we got it, we cam whored with it for a bit while waiting for it to melt. The butter cream was not too sweet.Chocolate banana cake - $8+At $8+, it wasn't too bad, but it was very solid and jerlat too. The chocolate was very dense and I could sense "heaty-ness" in my throat, since I wasn't willing to run the extra km on the treadmill I shoved it to my guy friend to finish it up.Fish and Chips- $12+The truffle chips was the best part about this dish, you could smell the flavourful truffle oil, the second they placed the dish on the table. The fish itself was quite oily to be honest, the wasabi mayo was a nice change from the normal mayo.All in all, a decent cafe in the serangoon gardens area, but I wouldn't travel all the way there, if I wasn't in the area. But if you have pets, you might want to try and take them here, they sell pet cafe food too 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-03-14
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Sun Ray Cafe is a cafe whereby pet owners are allowed to bring their furry friends into the cafe while sipping a cup of cuppa.They also serve a wide range of mains, sides and desserts!They were having a 1-for-1 Set Lunch promotion, and my friend and I got the set lunch, which entitles us to 2 Soup of the Day, 2 Main Courses of Our Choice (priced less than $16 in the menu) and 2 non-alcoholic drinks.Soup of the Day was Cream of Asparagus. The soup was pretty hot when served so be careful not to scald your tongue should you order their soups. Asparagus taste was quite mild, and the soup itself was not exceptionally outstanding. It tasted average.Moving on to the mains, I got myself the Carbonara. It's a creamy pasta served with crispy bacon and well-serenaded with a raw egg yolk. The thought of eating raw egg yolk gave me chills because getting Salmonellosis isn't very pleasant. However, the carbonara was a delight. I found myself enjoying the dish, although it got cold pretty fast. Bacon wasn't exactly crispy, but the portobello mushrooms in it were juicy and tasty! I liked the portobello mushrooms a lot. Noodles were al dente and there's nothing much to fault on this dish. Even the presentation was stunning! Looking forward to try their other pastas too.The honey lemon drink was done pretty good! However, my friend told me that her iced lemon tea tasted like peach tea. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-03-14
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At this cafe there are 2 sections- pet and non-pet.We sat at the non-pet section and got the 1-for-1 Set Lunch which consist of 2 soups of the day, 2 Main Courses (each $16 or below) and 2 Drinks. From opening till 3pm at $25+You can request to have your drink before or after the meal. I ordered Iced Lemon Tea and somehow it tasted like peach tea. The honey lemon was nice, the honey had a nice sweetness and lemon was mild.The soup of the day was cream of asparagus. It did not really taste like asparagus. But still it tasted quite nice.Order the dory which consist of truffle fries, wasabi mayo and a fillet of fried dory. The truffle fries was nice, could taste the truffle oil. The wasabi mayo was interesting. Tasted exactly like wasabi and mayo mixed together. It goes nicely with the fries. Help add some creaminess to the fries. Fish was normal. Batter was crispy. Coeslaw was refershing. Instead of mayo dressing I think they used vinegar. Overall I really like it.My friend ordered Cabonara- Tagliatelle, bacon, portobello mushroom and arugula. On the side was cream and egg yolk. Taste was average but nice plating.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-09
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Started my first day of 2014 with brunch at Sun Ray Cafe with some of my friends. Been wanting to come here for a long time and i was also following them on Instagram. It's a pet friendly so great for pet lovers if you love to bring your pets along with you. They have 2 different section and i opt for the non-pet area. The waiting time for food took quite a while but no big issues on that. Now let's focus on the food.For sharing, truffle fries $8 was the obvious choice. Came looking really nice and hot so we ate immediately as most of us are hungry already. Good choice and i don't mind ordering this again for my next visit.For my drink i opt for Iced Shaken Mocha $7 and this is good! Strongly recommend this. Well balanced taste in a pretty good serving. Personally i find the amount just nice for me.For my main, i was having a hard time deciding. Partly because i'm hungry and there was quite a few items that caught my eye. Haha! But my final choice went to a brunch item and i chose the American breakfast set $20 and i opt for scrambled eggs. Initially i thought the portion wasn't big but i changed my mind as i start eating. Quite a interesting mixture of everything. The size of the bread was pretty cute in my opinion. Interesting mushroom as it comes in one whole piece and i forgot to ask what kind of mushroom was it. The rest of the items was good and i really enjoyed my meal. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-11-18
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The crew knows much about coffee, specifically the drip kind (i think). While the coffee pales in comparison to Habitat, the food was just..delectable. I don't think I've ever tasted a more perfect lambshank. The matcha tiramisu is also in a class of its own. Most tiramisus come in a solid cake or a cup. This one arrives multi-layered, dripping in matcha goodness, with a strawberry on the top. Also, they change their menu once every so often. The lamb is now..lamb ossobucco. Yes ossobucco. In the heart of Serangoon Gardens - if this isn't a hidden find, I don't know what is.This joint is neighbours with Daily Coffee (creamier coffee), and Stormville.Our tip for having a really chill weekend? Drop doggy off for grooming at Stormville, grab a coffee at Daily coffee, take a walk, pick up doggy, then head over to Sun Ray for the set dinner. 繼續閱讀
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