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<BR>Sweet Talk started out many years ago during the bubble tea craze. It sells a large variety of bubble tea, such as peach milk tea, passionfruit green tea, regular red tea. 繼續閱讀
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
Honeydew Sago Passionfruit Red Tea Peach Milk Tea
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The weather has been pretty hot lately and it is one of days when we are so glad for bubble tea shops like Sweet Talk in the heartlands!This is just a small, nondescript shop located next to a coffee shop but they have the usual bubble tea series of Green or Red Tea, Milk Tea and Ice Blended in a variety of flavours like Strawberry, Banana, Caramel and so on. There are also bubble tea versions of Desserts like Mango Sago ($1.60) and Chendol ($1.60). People wanting a respite from the hot weather can also consider the series of Fresh Juices like Watermelon Juice ($1.80) or Traditional Beverages like Bandung ($1.20) and Chin Chow ($1.00). Prices are mostly $2.00 and below here, and additional toppings like Aloe Vera, Black Pearls, Green Apple Jelly and so on is just an additional $0.30 per topping. I think they really give the coffee shop beverage stall next door a run for their money! Chendol ($1.60)Local dessert in a cup! This is quite milky and sweet. We enjoy the taste of Chendol in this refreshing drink. There is a fair amount of tasty ingredients like jelly and red bean included at the bottom and it is also quite filling for a drink. Blue Coral Ice Blended ($1.50)Like the Chendol, this is equally refreshing. It is also fairly milky but is a little too sweet for my taste. We love the shade of blue with the frothy ice on top though! Service is quite good, the staff is quite friendly and made sure to double confirm with us the orders to make the drinks exactly the way we want it. Prices are definitely affordable at this outlet and I'd recommend getting a drink here if you want more beverages choices than the coffee shop next door offers! 繼續閱讀
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