Arriving by Bus: #36/531, Bustop Name: Suntec Twr Three, Bustop No.: 02149. Arriving by Train: Esplanade MRT Exit D, City Hall MRT Exit A. Nearest Carpark: Suntec City Carpark. 繼續閱讀
Swiss Culture is closed since 2012 due to renovations of Suntec City Mall. The folks behind Swiss Culture is running Beer Alley located at Toa Payoh Safra. 繼續閱讀
11:00 - 22:00
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Cheese Fondue Chocolate Fondue Mixed Grill Combo Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Pasta
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等級4 2012-07-27
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Cheesy very very cheesy meal but no doubt wonderful! Especially if you are a cheese lover, I am sure you will welcome a place like this. But let me warn you, no matter how much of a cheese lover you are, please do sure with someone, do not be greedy, do not order too much. We were too greedy, that we got a little sick after the meal. Too jerlat with all the thick, molton cheese. The fried chicken was good, warm and crispy. The many ingredients that were used for dipping. I love the sausage and the cubes of beef. The pot of cheese fondue 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-02-03
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We got a deal to pay only $10 instead of $21.50 for Swiss Pork Sausage with Rosti at Swiss Culture, Suntec City.The pork sausage was quite long, nicely grilled topped with onions and savoury sauce. It was served with a small portion of salad and a rosti. Rosti is a Swiss dish consists of mainly potatoes. The grated potatoes are nicely fried, giving a nice fragrance. The outer layer of the rosti was slightly charred and tasty. Love it!Heard of their award-wining Cheese Fondue as well, will be back to try their rosti and cheese fondue. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-01-10
13 瀏覽
I got to know Swiss Culture from Groupon as they always have promotion deals there. I ordered a Swiss pork sausage, which is an Award winning by Food entertainment ($19.80). The dish consists of a large pork sausage, topped with sauteed onion sauce and served with rosti potato. The pork sausage is gorgeously grilled. The taste of the sausage is very yummy too, especially when eaten with the special sauce. However, the rosti potato is a down-side! Very oily and not even crispy from the outside. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-09-05
8 瀏覽
Bought online vouchers for their Pork Sausage & Rosti Set and went there to eat with our girls in tow. The girls shared their kid's meal which is 3 roasted chicken wings and fries. They loved it of course! I mean...fried food + kids = happiness! Actually, big girl loved our sausages so much she had almost one whole sausage by herself!! I found the sausage quite nice but hubby said it's a little too porky for him. The rosti were nice too. Overall a good meal but hubby said he won't be likely to return but I'm open. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-07-11
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Fancy a ” sky garden dining ” experience? Suntec City has a Sky Garden which housed many restaurants, sample Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese or even Swiss cuisine here. I happened to walked past Swiss culture resturant and the friendly waitress introduced the Swiss cuisine to me. I looked at the menu board and was interested to try their food.Sits are available outside the restaurant as there isn’t any tables in the small restaurant interior.Upon seated, the friendly waitress handed me the oven. She further explained the signature dishes and her recommendations.Swiss culture restaurant offers award-wining cuisine at affordable prices. The must-trys are the Cheese Fondue, Chocololate Fondue and the Swiss Sausage. These 3 dishes are award-wining and has received commendations and awards.Caesar salad topped with seared prawns ($11.90+)I had the Caesar salad through the recommendation and chose the seared prawns as toppings (extra $4 charge). The waitress recommended the caesar salad as The Green Salad was a little boring and their caesar salad is quite popular too.The Caesar salad comes in a huge bowl of ice-berg and romaine lettuce, lots of bacon bits, mashed eggs,topped with 5 seared prawns and separate caesar dressing at the side . The lettuce were crisp and I like the bacon bits, which is made from real bacon. The Casear dressing is home-made, I can taste the strong flavour of anchovies and bits of bacon in the dressing.The prawns were lightly seasoned with some black pepper and lightly seared, the texture was bouncy and not tough.Chilean Codfish with cajun spice & mixed herbs ($28.80+)The codfish is supposed to be seasoned witth cajun spice & mixed herbs but I couldn’t see or detect any spice or herbs in the fish . The chilean cod is served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and they kindly replaced the mashed potatoes with lots of vegetables for me.The chilean cod was over-cooked, resulting the texture to be firm, rubbery and chewy. It reminds me of eating dried scallops. The fish was not properly de-scaled and there were some fins remaining on the skin. The fish is then served with a creamy sweet butter sauce. They were really generous with the vegetables, serving a huge portion of carrots, brocolli and tomatoes. 繼續閱讀
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