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Are you curious why are we called ta-da!? Well, do you remember those days when you were young and your parents surprise you with a gift and the word 'ta-da' came from their mouth? That's right! This is how we got our idea from! TA-DA! 繼續閱讀
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Ta-Da!'s Signature Honey Miso Wings XXL Chicken Yuzu Mint Mojito
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Presenting a new bistro in Singapore where you can enjoy gourmet delicacies such as caviar and ebiko (shrimp roe) at accessible prices. Ta-Da! The Bistro has recently opened at Bras Basah and boasts gourmet dishes such as Seaweed & Caviar Cold Pasta ($16), Iberico Pork ($23.90), and Wagyu Striploin ($24.90).The man behind the cuisine, Mr Ta Da, has been trained in France and hails from the kitchen of Joël Robuchon. He brings his vast culinary experience to create a menuwith dishes featuring his unique spin on classic bistro flavours.All the dishes are prepared in-house even bar grubs such as the Triple J Wings ($12) accompanied with a blue cheese dip. The Basilic Chips ($10) are a clear winner with their fluffy texture and gnocchi-like shape, and can only be found at TaDa! The Bistro. Pair these starters with the Happy Hour drink promotions and you’vegot the perfect after-work hangout spot.Casual date nights have never been easier. The chilled ambience is welcoming toanyone who loves a gourmet meal without having to worry about fine diningetiquette.Secret DJ with theirDigital JukeboxTo add to the atmosphere, The Bistro is surrounded with black chalkboard walls thathave been decorated with hand drawings by their very own friendly staff. In onecorner you’ll find the menu and sights of Singapore, while on the other side, you’llfind funny quotes and anecdotes from the owners, explaining the story of the cafe.Bacon n Egg 10” Pizza $9.90, probably a hit with the kids, according to the cafe. They held a private birthday party for a 10 year old girl and this was the crowd favourite. Which leads me to wonder, if this is a casual dining cafe that offers alcohol, and also wants to captivate parents to hold children's birthday parties here?The Salmon & Ebiko Pasta ($18) is made with a homemade sauce and topped withtobiko. Highly recommended, the al-dente pasta, served with my favourite tobiko and salmon was just so good! The pasta were evenly tossed to provide each mouthful, a flavourful and aromatic experience. The salmon was sizeable but a tad too sweet for my liking. Nevertheless, substantial portion and a flavourful note was definitely worth the indulgence. The combination of tobiko, seaweed and salmon was a wining factor and pleasant sensation to my taste buds.Served with broccoli purée, edamame (green soybeans) and spice-infused tomatoes, this huge serving of salmon ($21.90) is sure to satisfy your salmon cravings. The end result of pan frying this salmon, crispy, thin salmon skin along with tender, melt in your mouth salmon. The flavour from the homemade edamame (green soybeans) sauce.Corn Fed Chicken $17.90, glistering brown chicken leg skin is what made this dish look so irresistible. The chicken was so tender, that even the breast meat did not taste dry! A dish worth recommending!Wagyu Striploin $24.90, served with whipped Potato, Grilled Onions and Beef Jus. Melt in your mouth texture is guaranteed here!Poke You $16.00- Truffled Salmon, flavoured Mix Rice, Pineapple cubes, Salad, Corn, Pumpkin seeds and Ebiko. Additional Cherry tomatos at $1.00 per portion.With all the hype with numerous poke bowl shops, Tada offers this menu item to cater to the working crowd and students in the vicinity. The truffle salmon was ingenious and delicious, I was abit confused with the pineapple cubes and lack of other substantial ingredients for a price tag of $16.Overall : Ta-Da is trying hard to offer gourmet delicacies at reasonable prices. Their Roasted Chicken and Pan-Fried Salmon are definitely worth coming for! I'll be back, and I was told they would be serving over the top milkshakes soon!! YAY! 繼續閱讀
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Had dinner at the bistro with dishes from the new menu which released about a week ago. The bistro was decorated quite uniquely with hand drawn drawings on the blackboard walls. Quite a surprise to find a digital jukebox mounted on the wall, where one could select song to play through mobile application.If you are looking for a drink after work, check out its Happy Hour promotion which happens from 3pm to 7pm dailyWine S$8++/ glassStella Artois/ Corona S$40++/ bucket of 6 bottlesAsahi S$45++/ bucket of 6 bottlesPoke You (S$16++)Truffle salmon, flavoured mix rice , salad , corn , pineapple , pumpkin seed and ebikoTopup S$1++ for cherry tomato for additional condiment(Note : if you LIKE & SHARE its Facebook page, you will get a free condiment)The dish was of the 2 poke bowls created for office ladies who wish to grab something healthy on the go. It was an crunchy, nutty and juicy combination. If you do not like the 2 poke bowls available, one could also create your own poke bowl.Salmon And Ebiko (S$18++)The pasta dish smelt great of seaweed when served. Simple looking pasta dish but mixed together it tasted yummy.Corn Fed Chicken (S$17.90++)Green sauce, spiced poached tomato, salad and chicken jusThe chicken was tender and moist, served on a bed of broccoli purée, with sweet pickled tomato wedges by the side. The tomato wedges were quite a peak me up. For one who did not really eat greens, it was interesting to see broccoli served in puree.Pan Fried Salmon (S$21.90++)Green sauce, spiced poached tomato, salad, edamame and chicken jusServed in a similar style as the former dish. Unusual having a salmon dish served with chicken gravy.Wagyu Striploin (S$24.90++)Whipped potato, grilled onion and beef jusThe meat was tender and chewy, served with milky and buttery mash.Bacon And Egg (S$9.90++)All-time favourite with bacon, egg and mozzarella cheese10" pizza with super thin crispy crust which one could roll the slice up easily to eat. The dish was created with kid diners in mind.Prawn Twister (S$12++)Marinated prawn wrapped in pastry skin.The dish was made in house with crunchy prawns in it. It was served with sweet chilli sauce.Triple J (S$12++)Tender and juicy wings accompanied with made in house blue cheese sauce and vegetable sticks.The chicken pieces were pretty flavourful on its own.Onion Ring (S$10++)Served with homemade garlic mayonnaise.One could seldom find onion rings made in house these days.Basilic Chips (S$10++)Basil infused potatoAnother made in house item. Buttery smooth mash, encased in thin crispy crust. A quite addictive item that one can't stop with just one piece.Washed down the meal with a glass of refreshing Yuzu Mojito (S$10++) or milky Chendol (S$10++). 繼續閱讀
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