Arriving by public bus: #7,36,77,105,106,111,123,132,174,174e,502,502A (09179 - Royal Thai Embassy) Arriving by Train: Exit A2 - (NS22 Orchard) Nearest Carpark: Shaw Carpark 繼續閱讀
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tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto is the leading chain of art boutique caffès boasting a comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages. 繼續閱讀
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烤雞腿肉配芝士鬆餅 烘烤三文魚配花椰菜奶油醬 炭蝦沙拉 本地風味明蝦叻沙意麵 海鮮健康意粉 牛漢堡包配竹炭麵包
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等級4 2015-01-03
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I love their cake offerings! I always want to try them all! Located on the second floor.. It is a good chill out place before watching a movie at shaw.This is the matcha azuki latte  for $8.. Pretty pricey for an overly sweet green tea latte that has a heavier taste of coffee than green tea and the red beans are very sweet!! So I don't recommend you to stir it before you drink it.. Taste it first.. It can get quite heaty... Probably gonna need some water to wash this done. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-29
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Came here for part 2 of a birthday celebration and was lucky to get the last indoor table available. The space is quite packed as I believe the cafe is open 24/7.The cream puff was served 3 in a row with chocolate icecream in the middle (comparable to awfully chocolate). We asked the waiter for a candle and he was very fast in delivering it and lighting the candle.The Rose milkshake was very fine without too flavorful and sweet, yet with the scent of rose dominantly there.We saw that tables around us were ordering courses and the smell of pasta cooked on the spot was very aromatic and made our stomachs grumble. Would like to try their hot food sometime. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-11-25
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In a country where mediocre service in restaurants is all too-common, it takes a really special place to win the award for the worst service and TCC at Shaw House certainly wins, hands-down. But the bad service wasn't from the waiters, who were actually exceptionally attentive, fast and polite. No, the atrocious service was from the kitchen, where the staff seemed to have taken a long break and abandoned their duties. How else could we explain the fact that after more than an hour of placing our orders, the food still had not appeared? They served water and our drinks and an appetiser but the main courses were nowhere in sight. We kept asking the poor waiters who kept apologising and telling us "another two minutes!" but the two minutes multiplied and nothing appeared. And this was at 1130pm, and the restaurant was not even full. all around, diners played with their cutlery and sipped their drinks and waited. And waited. When the two main courses finally arrived, they were so mediocre and tasteless and lukewarm you kicked yourself for waiting so long for food that was so lousy and yet costs so much. I had ordered a baked white fish with yuzu sauce and my friend had the beef pasta. Really, how could two relatively simple dishes like that take 65 minutes to prepare? It was just jaw-droppingly absurd. The waitstaff, ever polite and nice, were embarassed but could offer no explanation. They just kep apologsing and you felt so bad for them because you knew they were getting crap from irate diners because of the kitchen staff's incompetence/sabotage. Total cost for two diners: $89. Really. $89. Not worth it even if the food was delivered within 6 minutes, never mind 65. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-04
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Came here to utilize my tcc member birthday treat at 50% off. i must first say i hv been holding on to this members card for so long but hv always failed to utilize it. Anyway this outlet is accessible via isetan itself on level 2. I chose a seat near the glass window, great view overlooking the junction of Ion/ck tangs/wheelock/shaw, perfect for people watching and a quiet lunch. Not wanting to waste my 50% offer, i ordered the following1. almondo frappe ($8.50, nutty and toasted flavours of almond makes up this ice cold frappe, topped with bitter choc chips, not so much to my liking though)2. wafu beef spaghetti ($20.50, beef slices marinated in wafy dressing with jap soy dressed spahetti. the beef was nice and tender and the spaghetti sauce is similar to cream based type and perfect to go with the pasta and beef, it actually leaves a novce sweet/salty after taste)3. buffed up buffalo wings (chicken wing tossed in homemade sweet and spicy sauce, fortunately its not too spicy, nice to eat without feeling the oiliness of fried chicken wing.My bill actually works out to be $41.80 in all, paid just $24.60 since i had the 50% off. Standard svc and gst charges applies. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-03
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went to had some high-tea session with boyfriend, we wanted to go the international building outlet but choices of cakes are not plenty. so we went to TCC @ Shaw house level 2. when we reach the place is already full and had to queue, was given a seat near the entrance around about 5 mins time. we ordered one ti-rum-misu (S$6.90) and one hazelnut latte (S$7.30) don't really like the coco powder on top of the cake but overall taste is not bad. hazelnut latte doesnt have much hazelnut taste but they gave one piece of biscuit along. overall spending after service charge and gst S$16.20. 繼續閱讀
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