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The Bravery Cafe is a muslim-owned cafe in Singapore serving coffee, brunch and dinner. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-16
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The Bravery is a new cafe that treading a fine line between brave and suicidal. The owners are so confident of their products and service, they did not even put a signboard on the door, and let their presence spread through word of mouth and social media.Located near the hardware shops across Jalan Besar Stadium along Horne Road, you can identify this shop by steel red chairs and sturdy tables which looks made the left over of industrial steel shelf and thick plank of wood. The glass windows are covered with bright and attractive films such as red, blue and yellow. The interior inside are not much different, however the square communal table with piñata as the centre piece really represent the character of this place.We ordered Pancake Stack ($15), with my Latte ($4.50) and San Pellegrino ($6) for Little Devils. The pancake the thick version, similar to what we had during our days in Melbourne. Served with Bananas, Ricotta Cheese, Honey and Crushed Pistachio. The thick pancakes are moist and crumbly however the banana is not ripe. The honey is very sweet, while the ricotta cheese and crushed pistachio provide a contrasting flavour and texture. LD gave her seal of approval for the pancakes.For the coffee, The Bravery used the beans roasted in Melbourne Australia, by Genovese. It is smooth, with mild coffee flavour and not acidic. The type that I like.The service staff are bunch of people that enjoy their work here. They are nice and friendly and knowledgable about their coffee. Check out the photo below.Overall, The Bravery Cafe is the place where you can chilled and relax. The atmosphere is just awesome and they serve good coffee and food as well. We'll definitely return in the future. Cheers!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala experience, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/12/the-bravery-cafe.html 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-06-01
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A true hipster cafe with no proper signage, door, nor renovation – just some cellophane looking plastics to act as walls; I’m surprised how they got discovered in the first place, but that’s how hipster places function. Lavender Latte Of all the flavoured coffees, this ‘Lavender Latte’ hit the jackpot. It leaves you picturing yourself wandering in a lavender field, and it didn’t taste syrupy at all.{Visit lazyfoodies.com for a full review with pictures} 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-04-23
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Original: Watch out Tiong Bahru, Jalan Besar is the up and coming cafe area with its current mix of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Windowsill by the Woods and also The Bravery Cafe. Brunch called for a trip to The Bravery at Horne Road and i was hopeful that it'd be as good as The Plain and Ronin as it's opened by the same folks.Typical sign-less cafe but this time I even had a hard time finding the door! As for the decor, well it's one thing to be minimalist, another to be 'can't be bothered' and this seems to fall into the latter category.Unfinished wooden planks on DIY metal frames and concrete slabs make uncomfortable tables and chairs that are also potentially hazardous and the electrician obviously wasn't paid to do his job with the lights. Tables are wooden planks on top of simple metal frames and concrete slabs. The general environment felt make-shift and the noise level was deafening despite the 60% capacity when i visited. Not quite a place to hang around for long.Coffee is made using the same Genovese blend from Brazil, which is robust but not acidic. The Lavender latte ($5.50) had a fragrant aroma and was lightly sweetened but there's a light bitter aftertaste that wasn't present in the flat white. Perhaps that came from the dried lavender.Great Flat White ($4.50) with superb crema. Drinks like a dream.The food menu is rather limited, as with the usual The Plain and Ronin style but the regular eggs on toast, pancakes and some savory mains and sandwiches were available.The Brave Begedil ($17) was a Bravery recommendation. Poached eggs with Turkey Bacon (wert no real bacon?!!) and Avocado on Corned Beef Begedil Hash. If you don't know what Begedil is, it's a Malay potato patty with onions and coriander. I was looking forward to digging in and that was when I noticed my missing avocado. And it was only after i asked about it was i told that they ran out of avocado and the replaced it randomly with another slice of turkey bacon. I was really frustrated that did not ask me before they did that. Oh the same thing happened to the customer next table too.It was a further slap in the face with the overdone poached eggs and papery whites. Nothing in this dish stood out and the bacon was terribly dry and sweet. I should have ordered the Beef Steak Ciabatta ($13.50) which had good reviews on the juicy rump steak silvers or that Ricotta Cheese Pancakes.Spotty service was yet again displayed with our second order. We ordered the Crostini ($7.50) shortly after the Begedil and it was only served when we were way done with the first dish. I think I spent a good 10 mins playing with the leftovers and the crostini still didn't come.Well at least it was a huge portion when it finally came. Well sauteed Aubergine (aka Eggplant aka Brinjal aka that mushy plant) cooked with Chickpeas, served on on Sourdough Toast with Mint Leaves and Crumbled Feta Cheese. This Vegetarian Greek breakfast is a departure from my regular brunch items but I found it rather refreshing with the sharp kick from the feta.For full reviews, visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.com 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-04-13
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The Bravery has a very nondescript exterior, in fact the panes metal and reflective glass doors made it deceptive - one wouldnt know it was a cafe if not for the tables outside; and looking for the "door" was another challenge. No, I never knew its existence if not for my friend *Celine suggesting it.Interior-wise, a very "hipsteristic" and relaxing ambience of non-fussy wooden tables, simple chairs and a fully function bar counter filled with bustling baristas hard at work. Music was blasting and we took a seat in the rustic cafe with their cement floors, and bare furnishings. The highlight in decor was probably this ornamental horse situated right smack in the middle of the cafe.It was not hard for us to make our selection and place order with the friendly staff here. I knew I had to have the Lavendar Latte that was their signature - imagine sweet milky froth that comes with a strong flavor of Lavendar. The only catch was having to chew on the tiny little lavendar seedlings that we give credit to, for the strong aroma. The marriage of lavendar and milky-coffee was surprisingly good, even blissful.Hungry little me was prepared to wait 30 minutes to 45 minutes for my food, which the staff had informed beforehand. But they exceeded expectation (for waiting time) by alot, since my food came within 15 minutes, and I took the recommendation by the waitress - Raunchy Eggs - two fried eggs with spicy beans with anchovies, Parmesan with shredded cabbage on tortilla. I added crispy fried bacon that I believe was responsible for the dish being extra tasty. The eggs would've been lovelier if the edges were brown, the way I like it. But nonetheless, it was a nutritious and tasty treat especially eaten with the shredded cabbages, cheese and thin slice of tortilla at the bottom. What a hearty brunch.For more detailed information and photos, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/brunch-at-bravery-cafe.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-16
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Search The Bravery on instagram and you can see many shots featuring a slanted horse in the middle of a communal table surrounded with pretty fairy lights. The vibes that The Bravery gives is something different to what most cafes typically offer. The industrial-looking interior is a brave choice and the uneven surface of walls, tables, and ceilings reminds me of an industrial workshop. Iced Chocolate $6.50It was not a wise choice to get this instead of my usual cafe latte as this was a disappointment. The iced chocolate was too sweet for my liking, eventually blurring out the richness of a good chocolate drink. I did not manage to finish it. Lavender Latte $5.50It was my first time trying Lavender Latte and it was good. I am loving the floral notes infused in this cup of latte. The lavender taste was not overpowering and was balanced well with the taste of the latte. They could do better with the latte art though. Pancakes Stack $15There was very minimal crushed pistachio and honey was quite bare on the other half of the plate. I wish they could be more generous with the honey (maple syrup?) and pistachio. The bananas were sweet and went well with the warm pancakes. The ricotta cheese had a powdery texture and did not taste like it was a perfect match with the pancakes. The pancakes were not thick but were fluffy enough. This dish is nevertheless a hit for me because I am loving the winning combination of warm pancakes, bananas and honey.Brave Begedil $17Poached eggs with turkey bacon and avocado on corned beef begedil hash. We ordered this because it was recommended on the menu (besides the pancakes). Not a fan of their mash which was supposed to be the highlight of this dish though. The thin slices of the bacon strips were not salty and had a really crisp texture. The poached egg was not perfect as some parts of the yolk were overcooked and did not flow out smoothly. The combination of mash, bacon and avocado was a dry one. Thankfully the yolk gave it moisture and made it more enjoyable to eat.Service was amiable and friendly.If you love The Plain (their sister cafe), you should check out The Bravery. I will stick to The Plain for now. 繼續閱讀
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