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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has grown into one of the largest privately-owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in the world. Along the way, The Bean, as it is affectionately known, has become the model for a successful coffee and tea company. The coffee is roasted fresh daily in small batches in a manual European roast style, then packed using state-of-the-art equipment for shipment in the roasting facility and delivered fresh daily to the stores. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-08-27
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huffy:This evening we go to this restaurant located at Downtown East Hub. I order the Kid Pasta for the children.The Pasta contains of Red Pepper chili, mushroom, potatoes, fish, macaroni and gravy with milk for the children. After tasting it, I get shock that the macaroni is not fully cook, as hard as a stone and the milk is so creamy thick. The taste is not acceptable at all that even a kid who is a Pasta lover and also not picky on food reluctant to accept this plate of pasta. This is the worst pasta that we ever have before.The price is $6.00 per plate for kid. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-07-15
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For tea today, I decide to go to my favorite outlet at Downtown and ordered my usual coffee and a cake - Carrot Cake to go for tea at home.As the cashier took my order, I was fiddling with my coins to get the exact cash for it, when the supervisor recognized me and asked me about my coffee bean card. I told her I didn't think it was necessary to pay for it by the card as there was no promotion with it for cakes. She then patiently advised me that for every dollar spent, I earned 5 beans and that a 100 beans is equivalent to a $1. Thus, although I had no discount I could collect beans to exchange for cash on my next orderI was very impressed by her service and that certainly made my dayThe carrot cake was a big slice and I could not finish it in 1 sitting. I still have some left in the fridge now, going to have it soon as dessertOne of the best carrot cakes Ive tasted around definitely. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-04-25
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One of the earliest Ice blended coffee that I know of. I bought my first cup of Ice Blended Mocha from Scotts many years ago. It became my favourite Ice blended drink. I remembered whenever I went to Orchard, I will surely visit the branch at Scotts to have my Ice blended Mocha. It is very nice, cooling and refreshing. I love the finely-blended ice. There is also Ice blended Chocolate drink, flavoured fruit tea. I like the Ultimate Ice blended Mocha and the Blackforest Ice blended. They serve sandwiches, muffins, cakes & biscuits as well. A great place for a cup of coffee, cake with friends. They have lots of outlets located all over Singapore. You can also purchase the Coffee beans card that comes with rewards points that you can redeem for rewards later on. You can top up amounts into the card as well. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2010-12-31
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Hazelnut ice-blended coffee is one of my favourite drinks at Coffee Bean. It tastes extremely sinful when whipped cream is added. Definitely something to refresh me after a long day of shopping or just hanging out with friends. At times, I'll add chocolate powder to get that whole chocolatey and nutty feeling. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2010-11-25
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im not sure is this promotion still on going as i haven't been there for breakfast for months. i do frequently patronize coffee bean for their ice blended drinks. the 1 for 1 breakfast is on mon-fri except saturday and sunday and public holidays. any breakfast 1 for 1, you can have the item at both same price or pay the higher priced item, it comes with coffee or tea. i love to go there for breakfast during holidays.. it's peaceful, not noisy. good place i enjoy studying and doing work there. quite a number of people study there, and what good about it is that they won't chase their customers away if they caught us studying. and for nebo members... YES!!! we are given 10% discount or food and drinks as long as we present nebo card upon purchasing.. i'm so loving their new ice blended drink, honeydew. i used to love their caramel milk base ice blended. this both drinks are my boyfriend and my favourite!!! 繼續閱讀
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