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等級1 2020-10-21
189 瀏覽
Delicious food but sometimes long wait times unless you book in advance. I recommend booking one week before - to save time - eat at the counter instead of a table then you can cut the queue as many ppl are waiting for a table. Check out my full English below which was great but I only got a few small beans with it - not very English I will definitely be coming back on a regular basis as breakfast food is my favourite food. Oh one thing you might find inconvenient is having to order everything through your phone and adding all your cc details etc, its a bit of a pain but the service is generally speedy and good. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-06-29
279 瀏覽
Had my birthday lunch here after seeing a lot of smiling emoji reviews. Was greeted with good service by the staffs. Ordered two English set. One with scrambled egg. Another with poached egg. Taste not bad. But not really that nice. Nothing special about it. Their eggs was soft and smooth though. The bean sauce was nice and sweet. Hotdogs was a little bit pepperish and have to eat it with other food. Potato was nice. Tomatoes was really juicy and the ham was really nice too. Overall, not bad. Maybe can visit once in a while. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-05-19
145 瀏覽
Want breakfast for dinner? Wild Honey’s for you! Wild Honey has gone from strength to strength, opening a second outlet at Scotts Square and expanding its Mandarin Gallery branch. The restaurant serves all-day breakfasts, inspired by different parts of the world.Wild Honey has a mishmash country cottage sofas and wooden school chairs. The slightly uncoordinated decor has rustic appeal, making it a lovely place to hang out with family and friends. Like people watching? Get a window seat which overlooks the busy streets. However, do note that the tables by the windows lack privacy as they are close to one another. I was charmed by New England ($38), a posh rendition of the ubiquitous Egg Benedict dish. Sitting on toasted brioche rounds, the large spicy crab cakes were crowned with brilliantly poached eggs, blanketed in creamy citrus Hollandaise sauce. The crab cakes were superbly moist and packed with generous chunks of succulent crab meat, with corn and capsicum included for crunch. Jab at the poached eggs and a river of sunshine bursts forth, seeping into the crab cake, adding a touch of creaminess to the sweet flesh. Avurga Caviar ups the luxe factor. This is absolutely heavenly!Skip the Aussie ($30) if you must. We requested for medium rare beef but it arrived well done. Other elements of the dish include fried egg, dry breakfast potatoes, dad’s baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, bell pepper, onion confit, spicy tomato chutney and grilled ciabatta. Nothing exciting. Skip the Aussie ($30) if you must. We requested for medium rare beef but it arrived well done. Other elements of the dish include fried egg, dry breakfast potatoes, dad’s baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, bell pepper, onion confit, spicy tomato chutney and grilled ciabatta. Nothing exciting.The Tunisian ($22) is a refreshing change from the usual big breakfasts and egg centric dishes. Served sizzling in a skillet, the Tunisian is a medley of robust flavours consisting of spicy shakshouka and chorizo, completed with a single fried egg, accompanied with fragrant sesame flat bread and Isreali salad.Avoid the expensive Red Velvet Cake ($10). One word-dry!Made from Valhorna Chocolate , the Paris Iced Chocolate ($7) was thick and rich, yet not too sweet. I also love the invigorating Wild Iced Tea ($7), a blend of peppermint, wild verbena, rose hip and hibiscus tea.I found the service wanting more. Although the young servers had a friendly demeanour, they missed out some of our requests and one of our orders. To makes matters worse, the staff who organises table seating at the entrance has a snobbish attitude. How off-putting! If you’d like to dine here, do make reservations or be prepared to queue for ages. Prices at Wild Honey are steep, hence I do not foresee regular visits. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-19
198 瀏覽
Wild honey is one of the popular brunch spot and it offers all day breakfast. I had heard many great reviews about this place and decided to try with my friends! It has two outlets, Mandarin gallery and Scotts Square. I decided to order the Parisienne as it is one of the recommended dishes. It comes with french toast with fillings (ham and cheese) and two sunny side eggs. The toast together with the eggs really complement well and its quite a big portion! Overall, i love the ambience and service at Wild Honey. Although its quite expensive, but its totally worth it for a great breakfast meal at any time of the day 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-02-15
225 瀏覽
Being a brunch person, this all-day breakfast concept enticed me greatly. The interior is cosy and quietly-elegant, complete with brick walls and cushy seats. It feels like one of those European cafes.I had the Scandinavian Breakfast set - comprising of grilled salmon fillet on crispy potato rosti, asparagus, tomatoes and Hollandise sauce. It was very delicious. The salmon was superbly grilled so that it was still tender, and the rosti was crispy as the description in the menu. For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-wild-honey.html 繼續閱讀
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