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Grilled Sausages
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等級4 2014-05-29
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Interesting to find a rather authentic German sausage stall right smack in the outskirts of Chinatown.I had their sausage with cheese and I love it! Though I must say that the price is quite steep for the sausages. I also had the soup which I would say 'nevermind the soup' the next time. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-25
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Wuerstelstand? Remember the stall that run by an Ang Mo dressed in Chef Uniform selling sausages along the street at chinatown? I bet many had seen the stall while doing CNY shopping and enjoying Mid-Autumn Festival all these years. In fact Wuerstelstand had actually moved into the coffeeshop located nearby the stall."The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator", I bet that this eye catching sentence had drawn lots of curiosity from whoever who passed by and read it. Enjoy the open air dining of authetic Austrian and German Sausage without stepping into any restaurant paying exorbitant pricing. Although it was located in a local coffeeshop, Chef Erich had decorated his space beautifully and filled of festive mood. It just reminded me of the 12 days of Christmas I had over in Europe last year. A total facelift of the typical Singaporean Coffeeshop stalls.His working space, his kitchen was neatly arrange and looked very equipped. Having bought the bratwurst (sausage) and compared to those I had in Germany and Austria this year. I will highly recommend this place if you are game for sausage especially when the price is so attractive. I'm kind of hooked to sauerkraut paired with sausage as well as mustard, chilli and ketchup. They were simply a good reminisce of my Europe Trip. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-11-03
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I have heard of this wurst stall in Chinatown. It is small but full of good food. This stall is run by an Austrian chef who is popular in Singapore. Not only is he known all over the island, the sausages he prepared are enjoyed by many in Singapore. I have never been there for a long time, so I thought of coming there, saying "Guten Tag" to the chef and then trying out the sausages from this stall. I had this mini combo the stall sells. It is a mix of cuts of two types of sausages, spicy pork which is red and chicken which is white, served on a small paper box with a toothpick. I ate the sausages with mustard and tomato sauce, something that Westerners will do. The pieces of sausages looked charred on one side. Inside a piece of sausage, the meat looks bright. There are even bits of chili in a piece of spicy pork sausage. The casing is soft but crispy and the inside is tender and springy. The spicy pork sausage is peppery hot. The tomato sauce looks like barbecue sauce but has the sweetness of tomatoes. The mustard adds a salty spicy flavour to the sausages. Not only is there wurst from the stall, the stall also sells traditional Austrian bread. I had this small loaf of bread the stall calls "Crispy Roll". The bread is hard and crispy on the outside as the name goes but soft and chewy on the inside. It somehow looks and tastes like baguette. Not only the bread tastes good with the wurst, it can quench any bit of spiciness from the spicy pork sausage and the mustard. I really love this small platter of sausages with the bread from this stall. The food is "lecker", which means delicious in German. 繼續閱讀
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