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Ichiban Sushi

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Approx. S$2.10
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SEP 11

Ichiban Sushi's photo in Boon Lay )
The golden catch is one of the many unique sushis that Ichiban Sushi has to offer. It consists of dory fish, potato slices, tartar sauce and lettuce. It was pretty surprising to see tartar sauce in sushi but I like the whole concept of sushis with special combinations so I have absolutely no complaints!

It was unexpectedly good. I'd never expect tartar sauce and potato slices to taste good in sushi but it does. The dory fish is very moist and soft, just like the dory fish Ichiban Sushi serves in their main set meals. It costs only $2.10 for 4 small rolls of the golden catch and I can see myself eating it again in near future.
Ichiban sushi at Jurong Point's basement japanese food street perpetually has a very long que outside, even on weekdays. We arrived at 6pm hoping to beat the evening crowd on a thursday and ende...
The tori maru cheese wazen is a set meal consisting of chicken with assorted mushrooms topped off with cheese, soft shell crab tempura, chawanmushi, miso soup, rice and watermelon. It was my second...