10 Cafe Hangouts in Singapore
With so many cafes popping up in Singapore, we now have a lot of choices on where to have a good meal with friends. Good news, right? But the downside is that it can get pretty confusing on where to go when you’re in need of a place to take a break from the busy city life. To make life easier for you, we give you 10 cafes and the reasons why they’re worth visiting. 1. Group Therapy | Duxton Road
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Drop by for the: Quirky décor, art for sale; and of course, the food and drinks! Its charm definitely comes from its quirky vibe. Group Therapy’s interior exudes a youthful ambience with a lot of artsy décor (some of them, you can even buy) on the walls, books and magazine you can read; as well as mismatched furniture with comfy chairs you can relax on. While your eyes feast on the whole look and feel, your grumbling tummies can also be satisfied with the delectable food and drinks on the menu. 2. Book Café | Robertson Quay
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Drop by for the: The homey ambience. It’s very peaceful and relaxing at the same time. You can do whatever you like without being bothered or chased away by the staff. On first impression, The Book Café seems more like a living room. The walls are lined with shelves stacked with books, magazines, and other reading paraphernalia which you can browse. Surrounding the place are comfy seats which you can plop into when you want to chill or do your work. If it’s the latter, the café is equipped with Wi-Fi and sockets where you can plug your laptop and other gadgets. So while you’re working or just hanging, the staff will also make sure that you never go hungry with what the café has on its menu. Talk about convenience, huh? 3. Commune Cafe | Raffles Boulevard
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Drop by for the: The aromatic coffee plus that cool-old-school European vibe. The not-so-crowded Millenia Walk is home to many good dining places such as the Commune Café & Bistro No. 5, the café branch of the furniture shop called Commune. Though it can be considered fairly new in the market, it’s been drawing in crowds due to its strong and aromatic coffee drinks. You can enjoy a cup or two (if you can handle all that caffeine) within the European-inspired café decorated with bricks, giving it that homey vibe. Lamp posts situated just outside make this café more visible inside the mall. 4. Department of Caffeine | Duxton Road
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Drop by for the: Sustainably-sourced coffee beans plus hearty food items on the menu. Another café established by a barista, you’re already assured that this quaint place at the corner of Duxton Road serves excellent beverages. FYI, the beans used in its coffee drinks are sustainably- sourced so we’re pretty sure environmentalists would patronise this fairly new coffee place. Now, these won’t be complete without ordering dessert and savoury items – they’re pretty decent too! You can’t really leave D.o.C. without paying attention to the décor which seems to be tailor-fit for the hip and young crowd. 5. Chye Seng Huat Hardware | Tyrwhitt Road
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Drop by for the: Strong coffee fix which will keep you up and running like the Energiser bunny. On first look, the Chye Seng Huat Hardware doesn’t seem like a café with its old-looking façade similar to a hardware shop (hence, the name). Step inside and the view will completely change to a bustling café with coffee bar, roastery, coffee school, and even a private tasting room. Evidently, coffee is the main highlight of this place. Though it can get pretty crammed inside (especially during weekends), you can enjoy signature coffee drinks amidst this place which gives off a hip and cool feel. 6. Strangers’ Reunion | Kampong Bahru
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Drop by for the: Cheerful ambience and a spacious interior to help you enjoy your food and drinks. Stranger’s Reunions seems to be your home away from home. It has that warm and cheery ambience most cafes aim for – white washed walls to bring in more light inside, wooden furniture for that cosy vibe, and colourful throw pillows inviting you to come and chill inside. Since this café is owned by Ryan Kieran Tan, Singapore’s National Barista champion for a few years, expect some pretty good coffee drinks to cap start you off on a cheery mood when you visit this cafe. 7. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier | Mohammad Sultan
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Drop by for the: Chocolate fix which you can’t get out of your system. There are more than just chocolates at this café and chocolate bar established by renowned French chef Laurent Bernard. Even though these are the highlight of the menu, you can expect more beverages, desserts, and other items to choose from. These can be best enjoyed in the al fresco area where you can find rattan sofas and chairs. Should you decide to dine inside, be mesmerised with its bakery style interior where sweet treats are displayed everywhere – counters and shelves lining the walls. 8. Orange Thimble | Tiong Bahru
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Drop by for the: The art gallery where you can admire the artworks while sipping a cuppa coffee. See one you like? Then buy it! Orange Thimble is not your usual dining place. It’s a cross between a café and an art gallery. As such, the interior is very simple but highlighted with edgy décor . There’s quite a warm touch to it with the use of wooden chairs as well as an edgy look with steel furniture. The whole cafe also serves as a gallery where art pieces are displayed. If you want to buy one of them, check with the staff! Most of these are for sale. 9. Dutch Colony Coffee Co. | Turf City
Photo by Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
Drop by for the: Wide range of coffee beans you can try, plus the different ways the baristas can prepare your coffee. Located inside the very busy Pasarbella marketplace is a hidden gem we like to call Dutch Colony Coffee Co. Inspired by the Dutch people who helped spread coffee in other parts of the world, the whole concept revolves around different roasted beans. You can brew them via the different machines this coffee place has. Occupying only 2 stalls in Pasarbella, tables and seats are limited so you might have to squeeze in the communal counter or the family-sized tables and share your seats with strangers. Buy hey, like what they always say: share a seat, win a friend. 10. L'etoile Cafe | Farrer Park
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Drop by for the: Peaceful atmosphere if you just wanna hang. Or, if you’re looking for artsy fartsy cafes, this is the place! The Japanese and French influence has resulted into a quirky place at Farrer Park we know as L’etoile Café. What makes this stand out among other places is the overall look - the use of mismatched furniture, vintage decors, as well as random stuff you would often see in your grandma’s house (old school typewriter, sewing machine, etc.). It’s also very spacious enough that you can enjoy your meal or read books in peace without the loud chattering of people sitting beside you. See Also: More cafes to chill and relax at Enjoy delectable desserts here
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