10 Restaurants for Some Delicious Supper!
Our mothers always told us, “Don’t eat when it’s so late already ah!” But night owls can relate to how we just can’t control our midnight cravings! What’s better than feeding your stomach at 2am? Not to mention, we get to enjoy the peace and quietness of the night, the breeze that sometimes passes by — there’s a lot to enjoy when it comes to midnight snacking. Here are 10 places to ease your late night cravings!

P.S. don’t tell our mothers about this.

Yong He is a very good choice for some midnight snacking because they serve Taiwanese finger food! Little snacks that are fulfilling enough without giving your tummy a hard time the next morning. Yong He is known for their fragrant soy milk. Over here at Yong He Eating House, you can savor the Taiwanese delicacies that are tau fu fa and stewed pork buns.

Like its name suggests, Boon Lay’s nasi lemak is powerful. They’re famous for how fragrant their rice is and how savory the meal is. Upon a first glance, it looks simple in presentation and it’s certainly not the most eye-catching thing, but it will be sure to take your taste buds on a pleasant journey! 

The best Korean fried chicken is now in town! Their Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings will give you the whopping experience of your life. They’re perfectly marinated and cooked to utter crispiness, juiciness, and deliciousness. Some Korean dishes you love are also re-invented with a Western touch — some of them are Bulgogi Fries and Kimchi Fries.

Al-Azhar’s menu is culturally diverse as you could find many kinds of Southeast Asian dishes here, ranging from Malay to Thai. It’s one of the best places for local and a dash of non-local food. The Superpower Chicken is one of their specialties — they’re actually satays but the “superpower” is the name for a reason; they have basically made themselves a legend amongst their patrons with this peculiar dish! 

Hai Di Lao has made a myth out of themselves back in China, not only for their attractive food selections and efficient services but also the CEO’s heart of gold. Appealing choices in this restaurant includes four soups in one pot. Their soup selection is also quite big, including mushroom, Sichuan spicy, chicken, and laksa. Ordering is made convenient via an iPad and dining is made safer with the option of aprons for patrons.

Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu has attracted much positive attention from locals, reputed as one of the best places to get bak kut the in Singapore. Fans of bak kut teh are truly missing out if they have never been to this place as they serve some of the tastiest pork ribs we’d been fortunate enough to experience. You should be the next one to taste them!

Fish ball noodles aren't just a good, it’s a way of life. Song Kee dishes out some of the tastiest fish ball noodles Singapore has ever seen. Let’s start with the fact that their fish dumplings are handmade, generously filled with minced pork. You can even ask for extra fish dumplings, which we HIGHLY recommend doing. Do it, you can thank us later!

For 24 hours, Tim Ho Wan serves the best of Hong Kong dim sum. It’s impossible to be disappointed by Tim Ho Wan’s offering seeing as how they’ve been awarded as one of the best dim sum establishments out there! The food here is attractive, alluring you to give it a try and ultimately seducing you with the variety of flavors they have to offer.

Ramen Keisuke has taken the market by storm with their newest branch, dubbed ‘Lobster King’, which strays from traditional ramen by featuring ramen with broth made from lobsters! Only fresh lobsters imported from France are used and the broth is produced via the usage of French cooking techniques. A lobster-based broth is an entire experience on its own and we wholeheartedly recommend Ramen Keisuke’s newest innovation!

A selection of more than 60 dishes, a hungry man will pay anything for good food and when we say the food here is good, we mean it! They have gained themselves a big amount of positive reception and we’d say it’s worth splurging a bit just to get one hell of an experience with their Teochew porridge.
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