Arriving by bus #67, 75, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852, 961, 961#. Bus-stop no. 42091. Bus-stop name; Opp Bukit Timah Shopping Centre continue reading
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Al-Azhar is different in providing great quality cuisine and warm service to their customers. They expect nothing more than great customer satisfaction. continue reading
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Open 24 Hours
Mon - Sun
Open 24 Hours
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Pork Free
Open 24 Hours
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Signature Dishes
Cheese Naan Mee Goreng Murtabak Roti Prata
Review (16)
Level4 2014-12-07
Along the stretch of road opposite beauty world, there are a lot of variety of food choices to choose from in the late hours. One of which include the Al-Azhar restaurant which is very popular as it has the most crowd during the night. The good point about Al-Azhar is that not only does it have a wide range of food ranging from prata, thosai, naan, mee goreng to even western food. The waiting time for the food to be served is also very short which took about 5-7mins. We ordered several dishes which includes chicken chop, prata, masala thosai as well the chicken and mutton murtubak. The serving of the chicken chop is sufficient for one person and the presentation is quite appealing as well. As for the masala thosai, the size is bigger than what I expected. The thosai also contains a generous amount of the potato fillings. A total of three gravy is given with the thosai and one of which is slightly spicy and salty. All the three gravy goes very well worth the thosai and I can say that it is the best thosai that I have eaten so far. Lastly, the chicken filling for the murtubak is slightly towards the bland side. But with the curry chicken gravy provided, it enhances the bland taste of the chicken. As for the mutton murtubak, the mutton has a chewy texture and is lightly seasoned. Overall, I can say that this is the best thosai and murtubak that I have tasted so far. Price wise is very reasonable and the waiting time is also very short. Will definitely come back to try their other dishes !! continue reading
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This stretch of restaurants along Cheong Chin Nam Road has a shadow of the roadside stalls in Malaysia or Indonesia. It has a distinctive and refreshing style as compared to the usual restaurants situated in shopping malls. The most popular restaurant and famous supper place is Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant where you can get your pratas, murtabaks and thosais.It was one of those unforgiving Singapore sunny days. The afternoon heat was almost unbearable, but luckily, the milk tea ($1.60+) I ordered arrived quickly and quenched my thirst.I ordered a chicken murtabak ($6+) to satisfy my cravings, and it tastes exactly like how I expected it to be. Fantastic job with the balance of crispiness and fluffiness of the prata and chicken, to which I mopped up with a good dose of the mildly spicy curry. I love how it tastes very traditional and hit the right spot just as I imagined it to be.For more food reviews: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/07/al-azhar-eating-restaurant.html#more continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-08
I came here with a few friends this afternoon for tea break as we were craving some pratas and one of them recommended this location just opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. A detour had to be made because of the construction going on, but my friend assured us that it would be worth it.They had signboards after signboards of fancy drinks, but I decided to play safe by going with the Teh Tarik, but the iced version of it. It tasted smooth and not too sweet, so it was good Teh Tarik.The main highlight of the day was supposedly the prata. It did take quite some time for the prata to serve, so I was kinda disappointed when the pratas arrived cold. They weren't thick or soft enough, and they were difficult to cut, so I didn't like the prata. The curry was not hot either, but the taste was decent and it comes in three forms, Vegetable, Fish or Mutton Curry. While the food was not to my liking, the service was better as they offered to give us the different forms of curry to try when requested and even refilled the plates for us.Feeling hungry, I decided to try the Chicken Roti John (or you can choose to eat it with mutton). I enjoyed this more than the prata as this one was at least warm when I tucked in. The sauce was only mildly sweet and the bread was soft. I would have preferred if they could add more chicken as it was very limited and it was mostly egg within the buns. Or maybe, it was a good thing that there wasn't alot of chicken because it was quite tasteless and bland. Comparatively, this dish was still alot better though.I'm not sure I'd say that it was worth it, but my friend claimed that the prata was alot better on his previous visit, so the standard might not be consistent. Overall, the Indian food was decent. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-02
I had a plate of nasi goreng pattaya for $4.50. The pricing is quite reasonable. I was really hungry so it tasted quite yummy to me. The service here is quite slow but since I was with a group of friends, we were chatting and all so it did not really affect us. The chilli sauce was not a lot and the omelette wrapping the rice was a thin layer yet did not break easily. The grains of rice were moist and and sweet. Their menu is quite extensive with many choices. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Prata has always been my top priorty pick for supper. And this place always comes to my mind first whenever I’m in the area with supper timing.We ordered Prata Tissue, Egg Prata,Plain Prata, Cheese prata It gets messy, and crowded especially on weekend nights, I lost count how many times we’ve (group of friends) changed our minds whenever it looks like we’re not gonna get a seat anytime soon , let alone food. After queued for a while, the staff was kinda going at a slow pace and when our orders finally came , the plain and egg prata was cold and stale, like the ones left on standby. However the cheese prata was hot and delicious as it's made only when you order. The tissue prata was crispy and sweet, always my favourite to see an outstanding cone shape on a plate.Overall, I think this place has inconsistent standards of service/food, sometimes it's great sometimes it's so easy to hesitate this option. Usually we all come here only as a "Central" option for location. continue reading
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