15 Salted Egg Dishes Worth the Extra Calories
Salted egg dishes are sinfully delicious – and they’re sprouting up in increasingly new-fangled forms: think salted egg ice cream, waffles and even cupcakes. From the classic to the contemporary, we’ve compiled a list of must-try dishes in Singapore for you die-hard salted egg lovers.
1. Salted Egg Yolk Cupcake
gourmet carousel
First off: a salted egg yolk cupcake is pretty genius. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s deconstruct it: what looks like yolk on the top is what they call “mango ravioli” – made using molecular gastronomy spherification techniques, it’s nothing like typical ravioli. It tastes like fruit from birthday cakes, but with a less solid texture. The "egg white" that the mango ravioli sits on is whipped cream, and below you have two layers – salted yolk and potato mousseline and a fruit cake with raisins. The salted yolk layer is what we’re gunning for and this hits the nail on the head. Delicious, and spot on. Price: $6 Gourmet Carousel, Royal Plaza On Scotts, 25 Scotts Road Lobby Level, Singapore 228220
2a. Salted Egg with Deep Fried Fish Skin
fish skin
This was one of our favourite dishes of the lot. How can you go wrong with an addictive serving of crispy fish skin, paired with a salted egg yolk sauce that’s both salty and spicy at the same time? We polished off the entire plate within seconds. Price: $9 2b. Salted Egg Pork Rib Rice
pork rib rice
The same spicy salted egg yolk sauce is used in New Station Snack Bar’s salted egg pork rib rice. This dish looks humble, but is delicious. Price: $6 New Station Snack Bar, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #05-95, Singapore 228213
3a. Sautéed Prawn and Diced Chicken with Salted Egg yolk
prawn and chicken
This dish comprises of three prawns and three pieces of chicken meat, all fried to a golden-brown perfection and topped off with a delicious coat of salted egg yolk. The prawns are large and extremely juicy, and the chicken succulent and slightly fatty. We could feel the calorie count going up rapidly, but it was worth it. Price: $15.80 3b. Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun
custard bun
The liu sha bao, as termed in Mandarin, is a must-order whenever you go for dimsum in Singapore. Crystal Jade’s rendition comes with a bun that’s slightly sweet, and this only serves to further emphasize the richness and saltiness of the salted egg yolk filling within. Two thumbs up. Price: $4.90 for 3 Crystal Jade Kitchen, The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West #03-54/55, Singapore 129588
4. Salted Egg Yolk Sweet Potato Fries
sweet potato fries
This dish is an east-meets-west situation, done to perfection. What could be better than crispy, freshly deep fried sweet potato fries, topped with an extremely generous serving of salted egg yolk mix? We also love the heaping amount of curry leaves on top, sprinkled with paprika. The devil’s in the details – and by jove!, Sin Lee’s got it right. Price: $12 Sin Lee Foods, Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-164, Singapore 162004
5a. Salted Egg Crispy Calamari
This is one of the more atypical salted egg dishes – the salted egg sauce does not carry a distinctively “salted egg” flavour, rather, it tastes like a marriage of salted egg and cereal prawn flavours. Having said that, we did enjoy this unusual spin on a tried-and-tested dish. Plus points for the large serving size as well. Price: $14.80 5b. Salted Egg Season Beans
season beans
Salted egg season beans is a simple yet classic dish that you can’t go wrong with. For people who like their salted eggs in measured amounts, this is your best bet. The dish is well-balanced – the tiny, powdery chunks of salted egg are a perfect accompaniment to the season beans, which carry the slightest hint of bitterness. The overall effect is an extremely pleasant one, with the crunchy texture of the season beans giving this dish an addictive character. Price: $8.80 Lu Gang Xiao Zhen, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #B3-22, Singapore 238801
6. Golden Custard Lava Cake
lava cake
The Golden Custard Lava Cake at Five & Dime is the dessert to end all desserts. The technical aspect of the lava cake is nailed to perfection. Cut into the cake and watch as the chocolate and salted egg yolk mix come oozing out in all its glory. The combination of sweet and salty really hits the spot. Don’t miss out on this one. Price: $12 Five and Dime Eatery, 297 River Valley Road, Singapore 238338
7. Salted Egg Prawn
salted egg prawn
We’re not gonna lie, this dish is pretty pricey. But the salted egg yolk gravy that the prawns come in is 100% on point. Rich, salty, and spicy, all at once. It’ll leave you licking your fingers (and the prawn shells) wanting more. Price: $20 for 6 pieces Nana Thai, Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road #01-51/52/66C, Singapore 199588
8. Salted Egg Prawn Pasta
salted egg pasta
The salted egg gravy at Eighteen Chefs carries perhaps the most intense and thick flavour out of all the dishes we’ve tried. However, the taste isn’t purely of salted egg but rather a combination of salted egg and a slight curried flavour, which tastes really good. Pro tip: share with a friend, so that your tastebuds aren’t overwhelmed. Price: $13.80 Eighteen Chefs, Ang Mo Kio Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #04-02, Singapore 569933
9. Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Sauce
charcoal waffles with salted egg sauce
These waffles are crazy good-looking, but aesthetics aside, they don’t disappoint on the taste front either. The waffles are done just right – crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Same goes for the salted egg sauce, which is full-bodied without being over the top. Pro-tip: if you’re wondering what ice cream flavour to match with your charcoal waffles, pistachio is a good bet. Price: FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25, Singapore 460416 Image: Peh Yi Wen
10. Donuts with Salted Egg Dip
donuts with salted egg dip
These donuts are light and fluffy, but the salted egg yolk dip steals the show. We love its delicious flavour, which is palatable without being overwhelming. Perfect for a spot of afternoon tea. Price: $7 Fix Café, HomeTeam NS-JOM, 31 Ah Hood Road #01-06, Singapore 329979
11. Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream
salted egg yolk ice cream
For the uninitiated, salted egg yolk ice cream is both sweet and salty at the same time. It tastes like seasalt and caramel ice cream upon first taste, followed by a distinctively eggy flavour thereafter. Certainly a bold move taking such a traditional ingredient and putting it into ice cream, but hey, it works. Price: $4.70 Tom’s Palette, Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road #01-25, Singapore 189702
12. Salted Egg Pork Ribs
salted egg pork ribs
This place is really popular, so if you’re coming during peak hours, do ensure that you have made a reservation. They’re famous for their fish head steamboat, but have a whole range of zichar items for you to choose from. One of which is the Salted Egg Pork Ribs that you can’t go wrong with. The salted egg sauce is rich, satisfying and a perfect accompaniment to the pork ribs. Price: $15 Nam Hwa Chiang Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant, 35 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 544733
Written by Cherie Foo, Images by writer unless otherwise stated. Header image by Peh Yi Wen See Also: Enjoy Salted Egg dishes at these places we have curated for you Love icecream? Here are other must try ice-cream parlors
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