15 Seafood Restaurants for Every Budget (Part I)
Here in Singapore, one of the greatest things is having your favourite seafood just the way you like it – be it prawns covered in sambal or crab swimming in some creamy, buttery concoction. The second greatest thing? Being surrounded by countless seafood joints fit for any budget! Whether you wanna splurge, spend a little more than usual, or scrimp and save, you can count on these seafood restaurants: “I wanna splurgeeee!”

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1. No Signboard Seafood Restaurant | VivoCity

Signboard or no signboard, this famous seafood restaurant is known for two main things: their delicious white pepper crab – which has been around since the late 1970s – and the exorbitant prices of their seafood dishes. Many say it’s extremely worth it though, so you might wanna consider breaking the bank for a memorable meal here at No Signboard.
Must-try: White pepper crab Expect to pay: More than $100 for 1kg of crab, $30 to $50 for other side dishes to share

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2. Crystal Jade Seafood BBQ Restaurant | East Coast Parkway

Crystal Jade boasts numerous dining concepts under the same name, but one truly worth checking is the outlet at East Coast, which specialises in seafood. While indulging, don’t forget to take note that every little thing here is pretty pricey e.g. one man tou bun costs about a dollar.
Must-try: Chilli crab, BBQ Tilapia Expect to pay: More than $75 for nearly 2kg of crab, $21 for 300g of prawns (approx. 9 pieces)

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3. Chen Fu Ji | Clarke Quay

Chen Fu Ji is actually well known for its legendary $25 fried rice. Yup, $25 for a bowl of fried rice. However, many aren’t aware that they also make excellent seafood dishes. No matter how expensive their creations are, it seems like patrons can’t get over signature dishes like the deep-fried baby squid and of course, the size of the crabs they’re selling!
Must-try: Deep-fried baby squid, ‘ginormous’ crabs Expect to pay: More than $60 per person for a group of 4 for approx. 5 dishes (not including crab)

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4. Todai | Marina Bay Sands

It’s an all-you-can-eat seafood and sushi buffet here at Todai. The fab thing about Todai is that it’s not just about seafood; there’s a great selection of food from all over the world, like smoked duck and even macarons. Good news for the minority who might get sick of the free flow of juicy oysters and meaty snow crab legs!
Must-try: Snow crab leg Expect to pay: Anywhere from $50+ to $70+ per person for the buffet

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5. Sin Huat Eating House | Geylang

Would you pay more than a hundred dollars for a plate of crab bee hoon? Apparently plenty of local foodies wouldn’t mind; even celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has given the nod of approval to this iconic dish created by Chef Lee aka the “food Nazi of Geylang”. This has got to be the most expensive tze char seafood stall in Singapore! Note: it’s a long wait for good food so be warned.
Must-try: Crab bee hoon Expect to pay: $130 for the crab bee hoon alone “I can fork out a bit more but not too much.”

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1. Jumbo Seafood | East Coast Parkway

Whether you’re a local or foreigner, you’d definitely be familiar with Jumbo. The uber-famous seafood restaurant has several outlets in Singapore and is the place to go for black pepper crab. Seriously, through word-of-mouth it has managed to outshine the chilli crab!
Must-try: Black pepper crab Expect to pay: Anywhere from $30 to $40+ for 1kg of crab

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2. Owen Seafood Restaurant | The Grandstand

At Owen Seafood you can dig into fresh seafood (handpicked by no one else but you) and have it prepared your way. Of course, if you’re not too sure, the staff would be more than glad to give their recommendations. Freshness aside, you’d definitely appreciate the affordability of the seafood at Owen’s.
Must-try: Salted egg crab, drunken prawns Expect to pay: Around $40 per person, crabs cost approx. $40+

Photo by Fremantle Seafood Market
3. Fremantle Seafood Market | Clarke Quay

For a little taste of Australian seafood, there’s Fremantle Seafood Market. The menu’s pretty extensive – there’s a range of fish, shellfish, crab, lobster and even sides to pick from. You’ll also find uncommon fish types on the menu; these guys are from the world’s greatest seafood hotspots, such as Alaska.
Must-try: Oysters, Hearty Platter (good for 2 to 3 pax) Expect to pay: $26 for 1/2 dozen oysters, $88 for Hearty Platter

Photo by The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill
4. The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill | One Fullerton

The Pelican is all about good ol’ comfort seafood imported from all over the world. One specialty creation you can’t miss out on is The Pelican Platter – which consists of the best stuff of the season such as raw oysters, clams, Dungeness crab, poached prawns, steamed whole Maine lobster, marinated conch salad, and swordfish cerviche.
Must-try: The Pelican Platter (good for 2 to 4 pax) Expect to pay: $99 for The Pelican Platter, $38 for 3-course set lunch

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5. Mellben Seafood | Ang Mo Kio

You’d be able to spot Mellben from a mile away, thanks to the snaking queue just outside the coffee shop. Lucky ones wait for about 30 minutes during peak hours, unlucky ones – 60 minutes. That doesn’t seem to be stopping these folks though, who return time after time for signature items like the crab bee hoon and well... crab-anything!
Must-try: Crab bee hoon (good for 3 to 4 pax), laksa crab Expect to pay: $45+ for crab bee hoon
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