7 Old-school Style Delights in Singapore
In recent times, we have assimilated into the modern period of technology, but sometimes we also find ourselves missing how things were like back then, especially the food. The good old days can be preserved in ways other than photography, including dining establishments.

Let these 7 eateries take you back in time to relive the old days through the traditionalism of ambience and food!

The vintage style of LJJ Café will give you a rewind of your earliest memories, all the while taking you on a nostalgic journey through food that will be familiar to your taste buds since your childhood. The menu humbly reflects old-school delicacies, such as kaya-butter toast, nasi lemak, scrambled egg and the well-loved kopi-o. 

This retro-styled café is everything baby boomers would love! Aside from the simplistic interiors and the unique ambience created by dim lights, the food is, of course, another noteworthy thing about them. Coffee here is high-quality as it’s made from beans that are sourced all the way from Indonesia, Columbia and Brazil. They put the awesome in their job indeed!

You’ve probably heard of Sinpopo Brand if you’re a fan of Awfully Chocolates as it’s run by the very same people. A variety of Western dishes are served here, but it’s hard to miss out on the local elements incorporated into these dishes that will speak volumes of familiarity to you. You’ll be screaming nostalgia before you know it!

This eatery is more than 75 years old. Would you believe that? The food here is simply superb; they will remind you of the old-school kopitiam you used to frequent with your friends after class. A specialty here is that there’s a kaya-butter toast that’s toasted 3 times in total, making it extra crispier than the usual toast.

The kaya-butter "toasts" here are unique — unlike other toasts, they’re served in the form of buns instead! These cute little buns have kaya slathered all over them before being topped with some butter, offering the same ol’ flavour but in a different form. Other specialties they offer include the custard puffs and egg tarts. 

6. Colbar 

Short for “Colonial Bar”, this was a kitchen formerly used by British soldiers and has since been transformed into an old-school style café by the owners. The extremely retro designs give off the feeling of a school canteen while still managing to serve an ambience akin to ones you’d get in a traditional kopitiam. The food selection here is comparatively wide as well.

7. Dong Po Colonial Café 

If you’re looking for that fusion taste of Hainanese and European flavour, Dong Po is the place you must visit! Traditional cakes can be easily found here as well as a good ol’ cup of kopi-o. Traditional Singaporean confectioneries are brought to life and given personalities at this café, made with homemade recipes passed down generations in the owner’s family.
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