Using only authentic recipes dating back to the '50s and '60s, this colonial café lets their customers savour the taste of the yesteryear, while being surrounded by toys and knick knacks from days forgotten. continue reading
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Level1 2017-07-08
步入店舖,就像進入時光隧道,走進新潮老店,帶有古老氣味,但又能品嚐充滿新式的精品美點。在新加坡點多士配蛋套餐係基本(無論早餐,下午茶都好想食),通常也是兩隻烚得半熟的蛋! 另外點了些蛋糕仔。蛋打出來都係蛋白有少少啫喱狀的蛋打出來,學習當地人食法,加醬油加白胡椒粉,簡單的配熱烘脆脆多士,咁又一個大滿足的下午茶。這裡的蛋糕也做得可口!朱古力球狀蛋糕,味道濃滑!配飲品一起食唔覺會甜和膩。另一個撻也食落感覺清新的。我坐在一張用康樂旗加上玻璃面的枱上享受美食,在想,如果這康樂旗能夠供顧客享用玩樂就好了!樓底高係舊樓的特式,坐下周圍環境唔會迫迫的。很舒適的一個小休地方。 建築物外觀也是很有舊日的風格特色。 continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-28
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comCafe Hopping? Perhaps we should not forget about our origins by visiting such nostalgic cafe situated in Arab Street with some old school pastries and cakes or even a cup of coffee. Using the authentic recipes back dated into the 50s and 60s centuries, Dong Po Colonial Cafe allowed their customer to have a good feel back dating to the past and savouring the taste of then, surrounded by old school items around.The old school interior were pretty well retained, just take a look at the rusty zinc roof like material under decking up below the cashier counter.Head deeper to somewhere near the cashier and you will see the nostalgic items all tucked in one corner - the old school movie deck, type writer, plates, photos, amplifier, lamp, coca cola etc.Not only that, you get to see sentimental stuffs like the old school magazines, old school cameras with bulbs replacement too.Too tempted with all the cakes and pastries on the shelves? There were set options to assist diners on the selection through their Menu Set. We got ourselves a Set D whereby we have the option to select 2 pastries with either Teh or Kopi.The first bite of Rum Cake was like travelling back in time via time machine into the 80s days when such cake would make my day. Such feelings were just indescribable. The almond flakes over the medium soft sponge cake with its middle brown portion gave total de ja vu for my childhood. This is perhaps the best rum cake I had right now.Strawberry Mousse Cake which was most likely replaced by the Strawberry Cheese Cake nowadays, lookalike. With a beautiful red top layer covered with Gelatine Jelly with alternating mousse and sponge cake. Though it may taste a tad sweet but having such sweet treats is definitely heavenly once in a blue moon.The coconut tart had a sharp coconut taste however, it tasted abit dry on its pastries even though the buttery fragrance was good.Another old school item for the sweet tooth. The top layer of almond flakes were coated with honey sweet stuff and the bottom layer was like short bread filled of buttery fragrance. Yummy!An unusual sight of Pineapple tart! These days Pineapple tarts were either in rectangular or round sizes, never in a little boat shape of this size. Its big and beautifully baked, stuffed with sweetened Pineapple.Having tried its cake few times by taking away, I have never knew and appreciate its history. Through this visit, I had learnt about its environment and the old fashioned recipes. It makes it a point to be back once a while for such old school indulgence. continue reading
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Founded in April 2013 by 4th generation baker and former graphic designer Kelvin Soh, Dong Po Colonial Cafe harkens back to the early days of Singapore's coffee culture. With authentic Hainanese pastry family recipes passed down from the 50s, and a colonial style, nostalgic atmosphere, stepping into Dong Po Colonial Cafe is like taking a trip to the past!Ambience at Dong Po Colonial Cafe is reminiscent of olden style coffee shops along the waterfront of Singapore. With tiled flooring, sturdy and quaint wooden furniture, warm lighting, and knick-knacks strewn about the place, Dong Po Colonial Cafe is a blast from the past. The nostalgic bakery atmosphere is heightened by the sight of attractive pastries and confectioneries within the clear display, and the aroma of roasted coffee beans.Service at Dong Po Colonial Cafe is partial self-service. Ordering and payment is done over the counter, but staff will assist to serve some orders to your table. If asked, staff are able to provide basic descriptions of each pastry / confectionery available, and the place is a good local introduction to Singapore breakfast culture for tourists. Orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently, as is clearing of empty / dirty tables.Food at Dong Po Colonial Cafe is all about traditional Hainanese European pastries and breakfast items. Think sweet tarts, cream cakes, fresh toast, and aromatic coffee. Taste is generally good, staying true to the founder's recipes, which were handed down through the family. Portions are nicely sized for individuals, and cost about the same as other similar coffee places. Budget about SGD $5 per person for a set meal with a shared dessert.Loved the Coconut Tart (SGD $2) here! The aroma of toasted coconut is enticing, bite into it, and you get a strong toasted coconut flavour, with only a light sweetness. Texture is grainy and crumbly, not too dry. Among the better ones I've had!The Chocolate Butter Mint Cake (SGD $2.60) is above average. The chocolate sponge cake has a soft, moist texture, with a solid chocolate flavour, while the thick, smooth cream has a refreshing mint taste. Lively on the palate, quite good.Full Dong Po Colonial Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/dong-po-colonial-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-05
When you think of nostalgic cafes, the ones that come to your mind are probably Sinpopo Brand, Tian Kee, Sin Lee, CMC Confectionery. There's no reason to miss out Dong Po Colonial Cafe, which specializes in so much cake, you can stuff yourself silly and still keep your wallets happy.One of the most amusing non-cake items: 3-hole cookie!The Lamingon Orange Cake (left) had a surprisingly strong orange flavour, which reminded me of the childhood Fruity orange candy infused in the old-school sponge cake. The light coconut flakes around it made for a more textured mouthfeel. The Apple Aloe Slice Cake (right) on the other hand was much sweeter, with the same sponge cake, but with aloe vera bits stuffed in between. I wished the apple puree could be more generous though.By this time, I realized that all of the cakes were made of the same sponge cake as their base but permutated with different flavourings and toppings. The Good Old Lemon Roll (left) is by far my favourite, the lemon-infused flavours made it the most distinctive and full of its own character. Some may find it a little sour but I really like it that way. The Strawberry Mousse Cake (middle) was a little too sweet, though it makes for a pretty picture. The Chocolate Truffle (right) tasted like chocolate but not really chocolate truffle. I shouldn't have expected more given that it's only at $2.20 a piece, but well, I guess it's indeed the whole experience that is interesting.There were a lot of old artifacts on display around the cafe, including this pair of phoenix candles encased in the table. It's worth a shot to visit this cafe, but go easy on the cakes and splurge on the coffee, then go on cafe hop elsewhere with so many cafes in the region!Dong Po Colonial Cafe56 Kandahar StreetSingapore 198904 continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-24
If you grew up in the 80's and would like to have a taste of the past to reminiscent, then you cannot give Dong Po Colonial Cafe a miss. The cafe sells a wide variety of impressive old school pastries that will "wow" people. Let me tell you why.The cafe is popular for the butterfly cupcake - such an interesting shape, isn't it? Taste wise, it is not that impressive as compared to the other cakes. The Lamington with dessicated coconut on the other hand, fared better. It comes in 2 flavours, so pick your favourite!Ah, chocolate cake! What's not to love? Both cakes were soft and moist, however, the Chocolate Sweetheart had a tad too much butter cream for my liking. Makes me feel very "guilty" after indulging in it. Haha! Get the Chocolate Butter Cream Cake slice instead. All chocolate, all perfection.Hot Milo. Nothing outstanding. Nothing beats my Milo Kosong from Toast Box!These 2 pastries are to die for. The portion of the Chocolate Eclair is considerably huge for its price of $1.90. Also, Dong Po is very generous with the cream filling within. The chocolate ganache was made from dark chocolate, which helps to tone down the sweetness from the chocolate cream filling. An eclair very well done! Moving on to the Three Hole Cookie! If you like biscuits with a strong "buttery" taste, then yes, you MUST get the Three Hole Cookie! Crumbly and oh-so-delicious. The jam on the biscuit is a bonus treat too Of course I will never leave the cafe without ta-pao-ing some of their famous pastries!Presenting to you... The Chocolate Cupcake and Apple Aloe Vera Slice. Chocolate cupcake was delish, however the only imperfection is that I find the frosting-to-cake ratio a little off. Perhaps the cupcake could do with lesser frosting.The Apple Aloe Vera Slice is perfect! Soft and moist cake with the correct amount of butter cream frosting and apple aloe vera jam. Worth a try, but not worth $2.20 per slice. It's too tiny for its price tag.The above 2 pastries are the most disappointing. I disliked the too-strong almond taste that was present in the Almond Macaron Tart and the Optical Case was too dry. Kudos to the cute name, though.  continue reading
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