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The union point of eastern & western cultures. A home where all friends come together, for good food and great times. continue reading
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Level1 2015-10-20
Went to my awesome cafe yesterday, on a monday night, and the place was buzzy.Had heard a lot about this cafe, and now I understand why.Charming, chic, vintage, attention to details, service, food, I can name many aspects of this cafe / bar, everything was spot on, including the toilets that are usually not the best aspect of a restaurant.We tried their cold cut platter and their duck platter, one word to describe them, awesome.We were served by Surech, a very good man who cracked jokes, and made us try a range a brand new liquors. One that I remember is a hand-made flavored vodka by the shot, fireweed if I remember well, a delight.All in all, a superb experience and such an instagram-friendly cafe as every corner has a meaning and is beautiful.They have a lot of vegetarian options too. continue reading
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Level3 2015-04-12
Occupying the space of the previous Chung Hwa Free Clinic, a place that I have passed by numerous times but failed to notice that it is actually a cafe within even though the bright coloured lights did catches my eye.This place is so different from those modern cafes. With no fanciful renovation, this nostalgic looking cafe gives you a comfortable and down-to-earth feel.Love the quote displayed at the corner "ANYONE CAN BE COOL, BUT AWESOME TAKES PRACTICE".The staff, led by a team of caucasians, displayed the fun factor in them who are also warm and friendly making you feel so at home.As the menu isn't presented in the way that we are so used to, it did took us quite awhile to figure it out.Other than ala carte order, they do offer set lunch priced at S$24 which includes any soft drinks, any wrap, hot coffee or tea and a scoop of ice cream/sherbet.We didn't go for the recommended and popular My Awesome Salad as we wanted something to be able to fill our hungry stomachs.So this is what we ordered instead.Beef Lasagna, Bread & Salad Leaves (S$17)Wasn't really a fan of lasagna but my dining partner wanted to try this. To my pleasant surprise, this is totally different from what I have tasted elsewhere. The texture is soft & creamy with loads of ground beef and it doesn't make you feel greasy. Some may find it too moist though.My Awesome Sandwich (S$17)This comprises of Smoked Salmon, Herbs Chicken Breast, Duck Rillettes and Parma Ham. Choose between soft or crusty bread for your sandwich and I opted for soft bread this time round. Salmon is fresh with the perfect smoky taste. Chicken breast its surprisingly tender and the herbs spread complements it. As for the duck rillettes, it taste good but is a little salty. In my opinion, this would taste better with crusty bread instead.Awesome Hot Choc (Hand-Crafted Swiss) S$5.50Hot chococlate is my must try beverage when I visits cafe. The one they serve here has a strong milky taste. Definitely for milk lovers.Mocha (S$6)Aromatic strong coffee taste. Coffee lovers will know how to appreciate this better.The pricing might be a little on the high side but it balances off with the quality of the food they serve. Will return to try their My Awesome Salad. continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-28
Having read so much about My awesome cafe, having seen many posts on my faebook's friends, I finally decided to go all the way to Telok Ayer to visit the cafe.I could not find it at first, as they have no logo outside, but the Chung Hua Free Clinic inscitpions on the facade instead.They have kept the old facade and brought inside the shophouse vintage items belonging to the history of our country. Hats off for the Frenchman behind this unqiue concept.There, you dine on what used to be our primary school tables, and if you choose one of their communal table, you eat on 100 years door! How awesome is this? As soon as I arrived, they brought a little hook for my wife ot place her handbag on the side of the table, so thoughtful.We were greeted with a "welcome to my awesome cafe", and given a table on the spot. The place was pretty packed.We ordere their famous awesome salad and a chicken breast sandwich.The salad is truly awesome, a big portion of green that comes with smoked salmon, duch rillettes, chicken breast, tomota and avocado. Not to forget the slice of bread with a super yummy basil pesto dip that they spread on top, very clever, as it adds a great taste to the overall salad. Salad dressing was very, very good.The chicken sandwich also had the basil pesto spread, a superb combination with the chicken and salad leaves. Bread was warm and crispy, one of the best we have had in Singapore.As it was Christmas period, we were offered a wine by the bottle at happy hour price ($35) instead of 2 glasses ($12 each), as suggested by our waiter. That was sweet as we usually drink 2 glasses each, we did finish the bottle.We finished our meal with cut watermelon with lychee sherbet, and a coconut ice cream with a shot of Patron coffee liquor. Man, the desserts were only $5 and it was so refreshing and tasty. A very good lunch or dinner venue for any occasion, we will back, for sure. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-27
Designed a la a vintage Chinese medical hall literally, this place gave me the chills at first. I don't know why - but I did some reading up on it (including reviews), and realized it was a pretty cool place.Furnished with school desks, workbenches and other interesting ornaments strewn around the cafe, this place had a class of its own literally. Plus the dim interior with its red lighting, one tends to feel they've been tossed back in time literally, if it a morbid sense.My Awesome Salad (SGD$15.00) came - complete with greens, smoked salmon, herb chicken brease, duck rillettes, avocado and tomato; and a slice of bread spread with avocado paste. I added Brie Cheese for SGD$4.00.Well, how shall I describe the salad other than "awesome"? The smoked salmon was springy and not overly salted; the herbs chicken breast were very finely sliced and tender, and the vegetables were fresh. Half an avocado was simply delightful, because I love avocadoes. The duck rillette was very tasty too- somehow it tasted like minced luncheon meat in my opinion. I love luncheon meat, so the rillette definitely won me over as well.For drinks, I had the Chocolate with Mixed Berries and Milk Iced Protein Shake (SGD$10.00) - whoa, pricey for an non-alcoholic drink! The drink was thick and creamy, a lovely blend of chocolate and berries. There were real berries found within the delicious concoction as well.For full review and more photographs / info, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/lunch-at-my-awesome-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-07
For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-awesome-cafe.htmlForget about looking for "My Awesome Cafe" signboard.. Instead, the enlarged chinese characters (中华医院) are the ones you should be stretching your neck for Menu is clipped to a board with chinese wordings, meaning I am hungry and a little thirsty Drinks: Orange Juice ($5.00), and Mixed Berries Smoothie ($8.00). The latter drink is disappointing because it is almost bland to taste I had to force myself to drink it so as to justify the $8.00 spent!Main: Croissant + Scrambled Eggs + Smoked Salmon and Cheese ($8.50). I love their fluffy croissant and runny scrambled eggs Main: Herbs Chicken Breast Sandwich ($12.00). I thought it would be like chicken breast mixed/marinated with herbs.. Served on 4 slices of baguette, it consists of a pair with chunks of sliced chicken breast, and another pair with herbs "jam" spread on it.For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-awesome-cafe.html continue reading
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