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When you dine at OTTO Ristorante, what you get is not just divine Italian food, but the "Pavenello Experience" as well. To call it the "Pavanello Experience" is only befitting considering the skills and creativity of Chef Michele Pavenello. Chef Michele's distinguished culinary career has brought him around the world and has worked in restaurants in South Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore, including previously helming the kitchens of Pontini and Il Lido. Chef Michele, who hails from Treviso, Italy, been taking reins of the kitchen of the two-year old Italian fine-dining restaurant. His signature dish has got to be the Maialino da Latte Croccante Laccato al Miele d'Acacia e Balsamico Stravecchio, simply put, Crispy "Suckling pig" lacquered with "black locust" tree honey and aged balsamic vinegar.
Crispy "Suckling pig" lacquered with "black locust" tree honey and aged balsamic vinegar
When one thinks of roasted suckling pig, the Chinese rendition that usually makes its grand appearence during the Lunar New Year immediately comes to the minds of many. The sight and sound of crispy crackling skin instantly flashes through my mind. While that rendition is a joy to eat in its own right, OTTO's rendition takes something familiar and elevates it to a completely new level. This dish is so good that it has remained on the menu, despite quarterly reviews of the ala carte menu. One reason for customers to keep returning is its policy to change a majority of the menu to ensure that different ingredients (based on the seasons) are used each time the menu is changed to ensure that the dishes that the customers are enjoying are similar to the one available in Italy. To cite an example, during the recent White Asparagus season, not only did Chef Michele bring in the spargels, he came up with a menu consisting white asparagus cooked in 9 different ways. Cooked slowly for 12 long hours, the meat retains its moisture and remains succulent, literally melting in your mouth. The suckling pig is then pan seared to give the skin its crispy texture. When that is done, a glaze of a reduction of "black locust" tree honey and aged balsamic vinegar is brushed on. I shall interject here and mention that the combination of sweet and sour complements the suckling pig perfectly. The honey lends a bittersweet flavour to the pork, while the acidity of the balsamic vinegar cuts through the decadence, commonly associated with roasted meat. The end result is nothing short of a heavenly creation and is without a doubt, deserving of the title of being OTTO's signature dish. If you've been here before, do share your experience at Otto Ristorante here! Try other top rated Italian restaurants Look for favourite Italian desserts
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