The Healthy and Tasty Meal Option for Busy Professionals
Let’s face it. We all want to eat good and healthy food. However, our busy lives make it hard for us to prepare our meals for lunch or dinner. As such, we resort to packed foods, which we can just pop in the microwave. After a few minutes… voila! We have something to eat! It may be delicious, but the question is, is it nutritious? Yes, it can.
A subsidiary of KCK Food Catering, Esymeals has created YeYeah Delights, a range of chilled food items which provide tasty, healthy, and affordable meals to its customers. Unlike the usual microwavable food you can easily buy in grocery stores, these ready-to-consume meals are prepared fresh daily by a team of skilled chefs in its safety-certified kitchens. They follow the strict policy of not adding preservatives to their food and closely monitoring the salt, sugar, and fat content to meet approved food quality standards. To date, they have come up with over 40 lunch and dinner options for everyone to enjoy. Some of the choices available are the Family, Post Natal, School, and Weight Loss menu. In keeping with the traditional three-dish, one soup meals Chinese families are accustomed to, each packed food consists of a meat/seafood dish, vegetable supplement, side dish, rice, and soup.
Every week, the menus are updated to make sure that customers have something to look forward to. Once the chefs have checked on the taste and food quality, these are stored in eco-friendly packaging and blast-chilled to keep the nutrients and maintain freshness for a maximum of 3 days upon delivery. To prepare for eating, all you have to do is heat in the microwave for 2.5 minutes or steam for 10 minutes. With Esymeals, it’s all about YOUR convenience. When you don’t want to be burdened with preparing healthy meals every day, take advantage of the YeYeah Delights! You can order your one month’s supply of lunch or dinner at a very reasonable cost. Depending on your preferred time and address, these will be delivered to you every day. As for the choices, the menus will be sent to you a week in advance so you can choose what you want to eat. Now, it’s oh-so-easy to eat good and healthy food anytime, anywhere. Interested to try these YeYeah Delights? Check out the pricing below:
If you want to place your orders now, you can email Here's your chance to WIN a Family Set for 2 from YeYeah Delights and get to sample the food for yourself!
Simply leave a comment below this article telling us the dish name and how many calories you think the featured YeYeah Family Set of the week contains. There will be a new Family Set photo uploaded every week and we will choose 2 winners with the closest guess each week. Week 1 (17 June - 23 June): **Contest for this week has ended** Chicken with Bell Peppers and Baby Kailan with Rice
The Week 1 Winners(17 June - 23 June): Jingeileen Joannehmm Week 2 (24 – 30 June): **Contest for this week has ended**
To participate, leave your comment below telling us the dish name and the number of calories you think it has. Eggplants, fried chicken and fried shishamo with peppers and rice. The Week 2 Winners(24 June - 30 June): happygolucky100 qinmin Week 3 (1 – 7 July):
To participate, leave your comment below telling us the dish name and the number of calories you think it has (total calories of all 3 soups). Wolfberry Chicken Soup Salted Vegetable with Tomato and Duck Soup Pork Rib with Garlic Soup The Week 3 winners (1 – 7 July): Doriscky X2dino Week 4 (8 – 14 July):
To participate, leave your comment below telling us the dish name and the number of calories you think it has (both the soup and the rice dish) One bowl of Salted Vegetable with Tomato and Duck Soup + Chicken Karaage, steamed fish with peas, corn and carrots, and stir-fry baby corn with vegetable with rice. All entries must be submitted within that particular week to qualify. Contest ends 14 July 2013, 2359hrs. Please note that pictures and labels are used as reference only. Actual calorie content may vary depending on the supply of raw ingredients. See Also: 10 Places to eat clean Stand a chance to win attractive prizes here
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