The Simplicity of Somethings
Simplicity of Somethings Welcome to Simplicity of Somethings. Here’s where you shall go on a weekly healthy, natural adventure with me and Chef Clement, owner of Eden Sanctuary, a homely café specializing in healthy, natural delights.
Smoked Salmon Pani Puri anyone?
Let’s find out more about the man himself. Before that may I ask if there’s anything that you want to do but didn’t have the time to? Or the courage to just abandon your comfort zone and step right on to do what you wanted? Chef Clement’s career change from a design consultant to a chef was triggered over a bad experience with dessert and tea. “That chocolate cake is obviously post-processed! This tea tasted like hot water! What a rip off! Where is the standard?” he says, “Is there not some way that the commercial can be challenged?”
How do we use one ingredient to compliment another?
That experience sparked much emotion and ideas begin to spin in Chef Clement’s mind. His creative mind starts to wonder. “How do we use one ingredient to compliment another, how do we harvest what is natural and yet appeal and satisfy the processed-food-influenced audience?” One month later, his cafeteria was born. Chef Clement’s focus was on service and food quality. It started off with just dessert. The simple cheese cake, getting the basics right, lunch set of one or two dishes. People were happy with what they eat and it got on to made-to-order meals in his humble adobe. Having done with the basics, Grandma’s adventure for floral therapy got Chef Clement interested and so begins his research on Floral Cuisine. Upon watching a documentary, Chef Clement realised that while other animals sat under the tree waiting for fruits, monkeys were up in the tree eating flowers! So, if evolution was true, then what more us, humans having flowers in our cuisine? Truth is there are many cultures that use flowers in their cuisine. Do you know that the Indians use Roselle for detox purposes?
Chef Clement tried, Chef Clement experimented.People got interested. Diners got happy.
Inspirations flow as the buds bloom in the heart of Chef Clement. As the researches begin, he found people who are able to cultivate the flowers for him. One of the more interesting flowers that Chef Clement likes to use is the Costus flower. It is rich in Vitamin C and looks extremely good when matched in his cuisine. Another all-time favourite is the charming rose. Roses are more than just fragrant, they help the body to balance the hormones and gives the user beautiful skin when consumed. For something exotic, Chef Clement suggest Ginger Lilies. This light texture flower provides soothing therapy for those with digestive and asthmatic issues. Indeed, Eden Sanctuary has been faithful in their Floral Cuisine and next week we shall introduce the bigger pie. Bacon, Butter, Chocolate, think they are unhealthy? Let the Colour Cuisine, change your mind. More on Colour Cuisine here! By the way, the upcoming OpenRice Tasty Union will be hosted at Eden Sanctuary! Want to come? Check out this article for more details. Hurry, we only have 5 seats available! Always spoilt for choices, find out where are the best Asian food Find restaurants that serve clean, organic food as their staple
Simplicity of Somethings
Chef Clement
Eden Sanctuary
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