Where to Buy Your CNY Goodies
As the Year of the Horse gallops nearer, it's time once again to stock up on our favourite CNY goodies. Trust us, you won't have a hard time finding them for they can literally be found everywhere - from bakeries to malls to restaurants. But what are the new items to look forward to for this year? And what are some of the old time favourites we want as part of our CNY feast? Here are some bakeries where you can find these treats that you're looking for: 1. Bakerzin

Photo courtesy of Bakerzin

What’s Available: For the Year of the Wooden Horse, Bakerzin has unveiled its Chinese New Year Sweets Collection. Some highlights are the tangy Yuzu Yuan Bao Pineapple Tarts ($26.80/20pcs per box) and Classic Yuan Bao and Golden Leaf Pineapple Tarts ($23.80/20pcs per box). As for their freshly-baked cookies, new flavours to watch out for are the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies ($23.80/30pcs per box) if you’re a chocolate monster or the Sesame Cookies ($23.80/ 30pcs per box) for a more traditional flavour. These aren’t the only offerings from Bakerzin, you have a whole lot of choices when you check out their website or drop by their outlet. How to order: Customers can place their orders at bakerzin.com or at any of Bakerzin’s nine outlets. Available from 30 January to 14 February 2014 Price Range: A box of pineapple tarts cost about $23.80 to $26.90; while a box of cookies can cost between $23.80 to $25.80 (not including GST) 2. Thye Moh Chan

Photo courtesy of Thye Moh Chan

What’s Available: With over 70 years of heritage under its belt, you can say that Thye Moh Chan has perfected the art of creating pastries – just like their offerings for this year’s CNY. If what you’re truly looking forward to are Pineapple Tarts ($22.80/ 8pcs per box), have their version which comes in Longan, Walnut, and Original flavours. Aside from pineapple tarts, they’re also selling Tau Sar Piah in assorted flavours (these come in sets too), peanut candy, and egg rolls. For the ultimate gift idea, Thye Moh Chan’s festive hamper is an ideal option. How to Order: Customers can drop by their outlet at Chinatown Point. Available throughout the CNY period Price Range: Pineapple set tarts cost $22, while the other items are $20 and below. The gift hamper is $138. 3. BreadTalk

Photo courtesy of BreadTalk

What’s Available: Breads for CNY? Hell, yeah! Good thing BreadTalk has come up with a cute selection of treats to usher in a prosperous New Year. Something unique and adorable is the Horseperity ($2.30 per pc) which is made with Bak Kwa strips and shaped like a horse. If you can’t get enough of this sweet pork, have more with the Bak Kwa Treasures ($2.30 per pc). Other CNY offerings are the Prosperity Polo ($2) made with a crispy boluo crust, Lucky Charm ($2) in the form of a horseshoe, or the Mandarina Luck ($1.60). BreadTalk is also offering Lunar New pastries which are must-have snacks for family gatherings. The Pineapple tarts and the Horseperity Cookies Sets are reasonably priced at $22 and $33 per box. How to Order: Customers can drop by the BreadTalk outlets to purchase these CNY goodies. Price Range: One piece of bread costs about $2 per piece while CNY sets are priced around $20 to $33. 4. Crystal Jade My Bread

Photo courtesy of Crystal Jade

What’s Available: Get goodies like the Oats & Raisin Cookies, Almond Puff Cookies and of course the perennial Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tart in four different gift pack sizes (Abundance, Double Happiness, Classic Happiness and Happiness Quartet). These little tarty bites come with a savoury Bo Lo crust and a sweet-as-heaven pineapple filling. And before shuffling those tiles, gobble up some “Sure-Win Mahjong Cupcakes” ($29.80/ 14pcs a set) for luck. Choose from these three variations – 十三幺 “Shi San Yao”, 大三元 “Da San Yuan” and 大四喜 “Da Si Xi”, or their stunning Carps of Fortune Cutie Cupcake ($13.80/ 6pcs a set). The Lunar New Year spirit doesn’t stop there. Joining the line are new products like ingot shaped pastries in pineapple ($3.80 each) and red lotus & salted egg yolk ($4.80 each) flavours, as well as an ingot konnyaku jelly with chrysanthemum & wolfberry ($8.80/ 8pcs). How to order: Customers can place their orders at any of Crystal Jade My Bread’s outlets. Available from now till 30 January 2014. While stocks last. Price Range: Gift packs of goodies range from $9 to $33.80, while 6 pieces of cupcakes cost $13.80. 5. Din Tai Fung

Photo courtesy of Din Tai Fung

What’s Available: This Chinese New Year, freshly baked Taiwan Songshan Pineapple Cakes 凤梨酥 have returned in selected Din Tai Fung stores in time for your due indulgence. The best thing about these sweet treats? They’re trans-fat free and do not contain any preservatives! Unlike its butter-filled cousin, the pineapple tart, these pineapple cakes are guilt-free and there’s no need to worry about how many kilometres to run to burn the calories off. How to order: Available for takeaway only at Din Tai Fung at Paragon, Resorts World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, BreadTalk IHQ, Suntec City, Tampines Mall and Jurong Point. From now till 28 February 2014, while stocks last. Price Range: $7.50 for a box of 3 pieces of pineapple cakes and $23.80 for a box of 10. 6. Da Paolo Gastronomia

Photo courtesy of Da Paolo Gastronomia

What’s Available: Brandishing quirky twists to the traditional New Year goodies, the Italian gourmet deli’s auspicious delights include Bak Kwa Pizzas ($.9.90 per slice) and Gold Coin Crodos ($5.80 each) for fortune and luck in every bite of Da Paolo Gastronomia’ys version of the cronut, which are dusted in gold with a rich egg custard filling. Then there are Horse Stick Cookies ($6.80 each) that both kids and adults will relish upon. Get a pair at $12.80 and you can even reuse them as chopsticks later! To the pineapple tart lovers, you might want to get your hands on their new pineapple tart flavour, Homemade Pineapple & Parmesan Tarts ($13.80 per jar, $25.80 for 2 jars) that features a pastry brushed with Parmesan cheese. And while you might think it weird to find Mandarin Oranges on their pastry counter, look again. What they really are: homemade orange and almond pound cakes ($6.80 for a piece, $12.80 for a pair) infused with a tangy orange flavour. How to order: Available at all Da Paolo Gastronomia outlets now. Price Range: Pastries like the the Gold Coin Crodo cost $5.80, while a jar of homemade pineapple and parmesan tarts are $13.80. See Also: Find the best dining oppoutunities in Singapore with OpenSnap Love Chinese food? You have to try these places!
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