Where to Indulge in Japanese Desserts
Japan seems to be taking the world by storm with all its culinary offerings – from sushi, sashimi, ramen to desserts. Here in Singapore, there has been a steady growth of cafes which serve a wide array of these sweet treats. Here are 10 of the best places where you can indulge in Japanese desserts!
1. K ki Patisserie Simply put, K ki (pronounced as K-ki) means cake in Japanese. Tucked in the corner of Ann Siang Hill, this quaint little patisserie specialises on Japanese-inspired French desserts. As such, offerings here are the perfect blend of traditional dessert recipes from France with a burst of unexpected flavours. Yet, the taste remains simple and pure – but leaves a mark on your taste buds.
Photo credit: K ki We Recommend: Little Red Riding Hood. This has that distinct flavour of the dark chocolate mousse which is complemented by the raspberry centre. Expect to Pay: Since one slice won’t be enough to satiate your appetite, why not order one cake to yourself? Pricing is at $55 (14cm), $72 (16cm), $108 (triangular), and $195 (24 x 24cm). 2. Tampopo Deli
Tampopo Deli is better known as a pastry shop where you can find delectable Japanese desserts. It has made a name for itself for whipping up a variety of chiffon cakes which is light and has that melt-in-your-mouth texture. But over the years, its Japanese Cream Puff has also taken centre stage as one of its signature delicacies.

Photo credit: web.stagram.com We Recommend: Japanese Cream Puff. If you want to get your hands on these goodies, better drop by Tampopo Deli early for these can run out pretty quickly. Yes, that’s how good they are. Expect to Pay: The chiffon cakes cost about $5.60 per slice, while the cream puff go for $2.60 for 1 pc and $5 for 2 pcs. 3. Ootoya
Trust Ootoya to dish out authentic and home-cooked Japanese fare. Aside from its extensive offerings, the restaurant is also famed for its desserts such as the parfait (French word meaning “perfect”). Made of ice cream, fruits, and other ingredients, this is served in a tall glass and makes for a cooling dessert especially on a hot weather!
Photo credit: umami.typepad.com We Recommend: Matcha Green Parfait, a perfect blend of green tea iced cream generously topped with adzuki (red beans), whipped cream, and drizzled with sugary syrup. Expect to Pay: About $6 for one order of this sweet and refreshing dessert. 4. Dolce Tokyo
It’s Japan meets Italy at Dolce Tokyo - the newest café established by Ministry of Food early this year. Even with a wide range of savoury items, we gotta say that the desserts are the highlight of this establishment located at 313 Somerset. Here, you can find Japanese classics such as the Zenzai (red beans), Kaikigori (shaved ice), and Mitsu Mame (jelly). For a taste of Italian, have some Crème Brulee or Panna Cotta.
Photo credit: Dolce Tokyo We Recommend: A unique creation is the Matcha with Goma Cake, a green tea flavoured cake with black sesame paste surprises hidden within the layers. It’s elegantly presented, too, and is served in a bird cage. Expect to Pay: One cake slice is about $11.50, but it’s big enough for 2 people. 5. Nana’s Green Tea
Nana’s Green Tea, better known as the Japanese Starbucks, has finally made its way to Singapore with the opening of its first outlet at Plaza Singapura Extension. The menu boasts an impressive list of green tea desserts which has made the restaurant a popular destination in Japan.

Photo credit: Nana's Green Tea We Recommend: Matcha Azuki Shiratana fully loaded with red bean paste, mochi, and whipped cream! One glass is enough to keep you full and satisfied. Expect to Pay: About $9 for one tall and full glass of this green treat. 6. Tsujiri Tea House
Matcha or maccha – however you spell it…it doesn’t change the fact that it’s slowly becoming the latest food craze in Singapore. One of the places where you can find authentic matcha desserts is Tsujiri. A tea house in Japan which was established 150 years ago, you can be assured that the quality of its offerings are deeply rooted to the Japanese tradition of making these sweet and healthy desserts.
Photo credit: OpenRicer dtan10 We Recommend: O-Maccha Float, ice blended made richer with ingredients and topped with Tsujiri’s signature soft ice cream. Expect to Pay: $6.50 for a glass of this refreshing drink/dessert 7. Patisserie Glace
This Japanese pastry shop aims to bring the simple yet satisfying art of creating these delectable desserts. And just like all the sweet treats in Japan, this shop makes cakes and other pastries with the use of only the freshest ingredients. Trust us, they’re the closest thing you can get to the pastries you can find in Ginza or Hara-juku.

Photo credit: Patisserie Glace We Recommend: Earl Grey and green Tea Tiramisu – though the combination may sound weird, the chef has managed to whip up this masterpiece which complements both flavours. Expect to Pay: Each slice is about $5.40 8. Flor Patisserie
Flor Patisserie was started by Chef Yamashita, who has over 20 years of experience of whipping up pastries. With his latest venture, he brings to Singapore his take on Japanese-inspired French desserts. And boy, are we in for a treat with his collection of too-pretty-to-eat pastries which are all made from natural ingredients.
Photo credit: Flor Patisserie We Recommend: Strawberry Souffle, a melt in your mouth soufflé which is generously topped with fresh strawberries. Expect to Pay: $6.60 for a slice of this cake
9. Maccha House
It’s the destination in Singapore for all your matcha cravings. Hailing from Kyoto, this ever popular café serves matcha desserts, beverages, and even ramen (for those who want a full meal here). The offerings here are pretty much similar to what is being offered in its outlet in Japan. You can expect authentic tasting sweets and drinks which are prepared fresh – and with love.
Photo credit: Maccha House We Recommend: Matcha Parfait with Mochi Expect to Pay: $9.49++ for one tall glass of this drink/dessert
10. Azabu Sabo
If you consider ice cream as desserts, then Azabu Sabo is the place for you. Originating from Japan, this ice cream place introduces Singaporeans to healthy but tasty cool desserts. Apart from the usual chocolate or vanilla ice cream, it also brings to our country unique creations which will surely be a treat for your taste buds.

Photo credit: foodpoof.wordpress.com We Recommend: Green Tea ice cream—it’s light and definitely refreshing to the palate. Order it with other ingredients for the complete experience! Expect to Pay: About $4 for one scoop of ice cream See Also: Discover the best Japanese food in town More sweet treats for you
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